Did I ever want to grow up?

Hi, it's SS19! (_) I like writing Pokemon Special stories, so this just popped into my mind! I'm dedicating this one to AquaTales, who was the first to favorite Fin and Zoey's Adventure! Also, AquaTales wrote a story about Emerald becoming a girl, so, I thought that was genius! Read Fin and Zoey's Adventure! I'm Zoey, Pokespefan is Fin!

On a dark, drizzly morning, Yellow got out from her 'bed'. She was in Pallet Town, and was staying at the Pokemon Center. Red offered to let her stay, but the thought of him being in the same house, sleeping, was too overwhelming.

"Ugh," she muttered, wiping the sleep out of her eyes.

She didn't have to change, because she was already in her traveling outfit. She raced to get her pokemon back from the Nurse Joy. She had insisted in healing them for the young pokedex holder, even though Yellow could manage herself in the healing department.

She decided to go say 'hi' to some of her friends, so she started walking around, grabbing a bite to eat.

She turned out the door of the Grocery in Pallet, and then-WHAM, she was on the ground.

"I'm sorry," apologized the person that had bumped into her.

"It's okay," she muttered, making sure her hat was still on.

"Wait-Yellow? What? I thought you were at the Pokemon Center?" asked the boy, who looked up, and was actually Red.

"Red! Uh, ah, um, the center had no food."

"Oh! Yellow, uh, my aunt is coming over, and I would like you to stay for a bit-please? She is unbearable, she says sweetie and munchkins, but you can tell-she's Agatha's worst arbok waiting to pierce. She comes round every year, to see if I've 'progressed'. She thinks if she comes often enough, I'll marry. How crazy, huh?"

"Y-yeah," Yellow mumbled, thinking how her worst nightmare has been confirmed. She had to stay at Red's, or what would Red do? His aunt sounded mean, and how could Yellow leave him?

"You mean, you'll stay?"

"Well…yes," Yellow blushed.

"Ok! Uh, you should come now, cause my aunt is coming tomorrow."


After walking a few blocks to Red's house, Yellow made sure that Red's mom thought that she was Red's guy friend, the boy that helped find Red.

"Why'd you not want her to know you were a girl?" asked Red after Yellow was settled into the extra bed in Red's room.

"Er, wouldn't it be, ah,weird if your mom knew it was a girl sleeping in your room?"

Red let that sink in. In fact, he never thought

Yellow as a girl, so to speak. He first thought she was a boy until the battle with Pryce, and since she was usually dressed like a boy, and was so, erm, small and childlike, he never really thought of her as a girl.

"Yeah, that would be bad," cringed Red.

"So, uh, bathroom on the right, and you can put your luggage there," said Red.


This isn't a one-shot. (^o^)

I need you to know now: Yellow wears a bra. Sure, not that it's obvious. I'm thinking maybe a junior one? This is a side-note!

Yellow changed into her jim-jams; a light blue tee with long pants with embroidered pikachus.

Red wasn't really peeking, but Yellow had forgotten to lock the bathroom door, and when it creaked open a bit, Red saw Yellow in only her night pants and bra. Who knew she wore one? It was a junior bra, but Red was a bright red and almost had a nosebleed. Then, having the decency to walk away and act like he saw nothing, walked away and acted like he saw nothing.

When she came out, she called Blue (the girl, since most people complain how they thought Green was the guy) on her pokegear.

"Hi, Blue!"

"Hello, Yellow," grinned Blue evilly.

"I'm at Red's. I'm staying over until his aunt leaves."

"At Red's, hmm? Well, the first sign of growing up Yellow, is the fact you are facing your fears! Now, hurry up and confess! You're getting way more mature now."


"Realized the truth, right?"

With that, Yellow hung up. She was glad Red wasn't in the room, or else he might have heard. She was breathing heavily, and was flushed.

'What does Blue mean?' thought Yellow.

Yellow quickly made sure she had her hat on. Yellow was used to sleeping with her hat on, too, but Red had made sure the lock on his door was secure and if Yellow needed, could use the bathroom's other exit, which led to the kitchen. Yellow took off her hat and put her hair in a bun, so that even if Red's mom came in, from the front view, it would just be another boy.

Red brought her a blanket, and he said not to worry. Still, she was still a crimson color up to the time it was light's out.

As she was drifting to sleep, she was thinking about if she were to grow up, would Red like her better? If it did, then, she wished she would grow up.

'I wish I could grow up, so Red would like me better,' thought Yellow, 'If he likes me better grown-up, then, I wish I could grow up.'

Why couldn't people tell if she was a girl? Not that she was mad, but she was almost seventeen!

The next day, she was still sleepy, so she decided to sleep in for a bit. Red's aunt wasn't supposed to show up until ten, so why wake up at six?

That was until Green and Blue came. As the gym leader of Viridian, he shouldn't have been there, but he got his hologram to work without breaks so he was actually allowed off.

Blue, as usual, had a grin and had stories about how she was having fun, doing stuff.

Yellow was still in bed, and hadn't greeted them yet. Downstairs, Red's mom was absolutely delighted. Then, Red's mom left for groceries. Red's aunt loved meeting his close-knit group of friends.

"Hi, Green, Blue," greeted Red, "Yellow is tired, still, so maybe you should stay here."

"Oh, ok," sighed Blue, probably thinking about how she could tease Yellow.

"…" Green's face was blank, but he occasionally 'accidentally' brushed hands with Blue.

"Well, Blue, if you want to see Yellow really badly, then you can go upstairs. She's probably awake by now," said Red.

Blue climbed upstairs and said, "Don't come in yet."

Red and Green were both pink, thinking Yellow was putting on her clothes or something like that.

When Blue opened the door to Red's bedroom, she saw something she hadn't expected. Something different. Something totally not the sweet, little girl, Yellow…

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