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Ruby and Sapph behind the bush

"Ughhh…" Ruby rubbed his head. "What happened?"

"We were knocked out," growled Sapph.

"We should stay low."

They watched as the battle between Red and Toxin-Wing raged on. Finally, Yellow and Red confessed, and Ruby watched them kiss. That stirred some memories…that seemed he had forgotten when he had gotten that concussion. (R/S saga)



"Uh…I wanted to ask…is…what you said when we left that island…did you…mean it?"

"Of course I did!" Sapph grinned.

Ruby pulled Sapph into a hug, and whispered in her ear, "I love you."

"Ditto." Ruby kissed her. For their first kiss, it was short, simple, and sweet. Still, it got the point across.



That was short and a bit rushed, but they aren't the main characters. Specialshipping is the main, while oldrival and mangaquest support it. Frantic is there because I needed the dex-holders. Oh, and remember, the GreenxOC is a friendship one with hints.


Green Oak was alone on a very nice Saturday. Why, you ask? Well, Red was out with Yellow, Blue was out with Silver, Gold was out with Crystal, Ruby was out with Sapphire, and Daisy was helping out Gramps. He was bored just sitting on the bench of the non-existent park.

When he heard the ice-cream truck, he was glad for something to do.

"One scoop of green tea flavored, please," Green handed the ice-cream man some pokeyen.

"You like green-tea flavored ice-cream, too?" asked a girl who was licking her cone nearby.

"Yeah. It may make fun of my name, but I like it." Green took his cone gingerly, not wanting to waste his precious pocket pokeyen. (3 times fast!)

"How does it make fun of your name?" asked the girl.

"My name is Green."

"OH! The pokedex-holder, and Prof Oak's grandson?"

"Yes. You?"

"Oh, me? Emily Emerzantina Enders, great-great-great-great granddaughter of Emerzantina Emma Enders, owner of the Triple E earrings brand."

"Okay…you have the same name?"

"Well, since I'm the only girl for a long time, they named me sort of after her."

"I see…"

They stood in awkward silence for a while, until Green asked, "Want to 'hang out'?"

Emily looked up, surprised. "But don't you have friends you could hang out with besides me?"

"All of them are either on dates or are helping Gramps."

"Oh. Okay. Uh, sure…"

"Come with me," Green took Emily's hand and led her to the little pasture behind Prof Oak's lab. (There is one, right?)

"This place…is so pretty!" Emily's eyes chocolatey eyes sparkled in delight.

"I thought you might…like it," Green smiled.

Emily hugged Green. Green didn't expect it and tensed, but soon relaxed. Weird, how fast he could fall in lo-never mind.

He whispered in her ear, "If you want, we can meet up more."

She grinned, "Sure. Promise?"


"With green-tea flavored ice-cream on top?"

"With green-tea flavored ice-cream on top."

That was short and rushed, I'd say, but the sequel idea just popped up into my head, so I'm trying my hardest to make the sequel of best quality. I also need to work on Yellow's B-day fic.

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Much later, I came across this site when I was searching specialshipping on Google. I was so excited, I quickly whipped up as many stories as I could! Alas, one of them, 'Silence, Friends of Noosen Wald' was the lamest one you could ever read. Thus, I deleted it. If I hadn't found this site, then I wouldn't have met all my wonderful friends-Fan-chan, DS, X, and others-and all these wonderful stories I've read would have been invisible to me. I wouldn't have been able to write all these fanfics.

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*I've always like the name Zoey. The stories were quite horrible, as they were only about 300 words long.


Summary: Yellow may have been able to escape, but World Gorger still got some of her blood. His experiment is finally complete, using some pokemon blood along with a select few humans'. Meanwhile, the dex-holders are facing challenges, but not some you expect. Trust and ultimately, and their love is tested in this epically lame sequel!

"Guys," Red said, welcoming Blue and Green into his house, "How's it going?"

"Great," Blue smirked, linking her arm around Green's.

"Pesky woman," Green muttered under his breath, but didn't do anything.

"So, why'd you call us over?" Blue sat down on the couch, Green's arm over her shoulder.

"Well, it's been a year since the Toxin-Wing incident, right?" Green and Blue nodded.

"Well…Yellow came over since her little house is being rented out, and her uncle's away. Well, I woke up one night for a glass of water and she wasn't on her bed. I looked outside the window and saw her sitting on the grass, looking at the crescent moon."

Blue put her hands together in concern. "You think that Toxin-Wing might have somehow gotten her blood?"

"Well, she did lose a lot of blood on the floor. It wasn't full-moon-mature-Yellow-blood, but it was still blood," Red sighed, staring into space.

"Is she here now?" Green asked, taking his hand off Blue's shoulders.

"No," Red pointed to the fridge, "She's at the market."

"We shouldn't let her go off alone!" Blue protested.

Red glared. Over the year, he had matured and gotten less oblivious. "Of course she's not alone alone! I have the video camera that Ruby leant me in her purse!"

"You're very pervy, Red," Blue smirked at Red's scowl.

"Red? I'm-Oh! Green, Blue!" Yellow came through he front door with 3 bags of groceries.

"Let me help you with that," Red took the bags from her hands and smiled at her. She blushed slightly and smiled back.

Blue whispered to Green, "They're kind of lovey-dovey, huh?"

"Yeah," he agreed, "but then, so are we. And so are Crys and Gold."

"Huh?" Red turned to face the couple. "'You guys getting married already?"

"No," Green's face turned as red as the fires of the place underneath.

"Not yet," Blue added in.

Yellow smiled at them and asked, "If you get married and have kids, will you make us the godparents? Or the aunt and uncle? Along with the others?"

"Of course, Yellow-chan!" Blue teased.

"So, do you guys want lasagna or-"

"I forgot to tell you guys!" Blue gasped and grabbed Green. "You guys-and us-are all going on a trip to a beach resort!"

How do you like it? I thought it was pretty good. The sequel will be posted tomorrow! ^^ The sequel will be called, 'Did I Ever Want to Be Linked?' or DIEWTGL. (Dew-tuggle) I hope I will have a series! ^^

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