My name is William FarHart, I lived in an underground bunker inside Cleveland, Ohio in the United States of America. By now your probably wondering why I lived inside the bunker, it's all because of what happened in a secret facility that was created underwater. They named it Rapture, at first it seemed like a wonderful place to live, you were away from all the idiots of society. That was until IT happened, they started live testing on humans, created some kind of liquid juice stuff, that the later, used to rewrite a person's genetic code, and created a type of magic. At first the experiments or splicers as they became known as, followed the laws and lead peaceful lives with this overpowered, overrated, illusion. But after awhile, they discovered what they could do with the power. This lead to riots. Within about a month all of Rapture was a mess, it was in ruins. After many years the splicers found a way out of Rapture and up to the surface, then this mess happened. A community built a bunker for us to avoid the crazed splicers, and although it was an excellent way to survive, many members of the community wanted their old lives back. Me personally I didn't care, I was a Jazz musician, and business was dieing out. The worst part about the bunker, We didn't have a stable position of power, with your leader changing every other day, chaos was soon to start. The weak would become strong, and the strong would die. I was tired of what was going on in the bunker, so I grabbed my gear... and I ran as soon as and as fast as I could away from the bunker.

The equipment I carried was light, and I was able to sprint for longer periods of time. I took with me, A basic bullet proof vest, my revolver, and a baseball bat. This was the best survival gear I could find, as soon as I got out of the bunker, I went to the local food mart. I grabbed some bottles of water, and some canned food. I thought to myself about how stupid my actions were, the bunker was safe, plus it's were I was raised. It was all I had ever known. And I left it. But there is no sense in mulling over the past. I looked for a safe place to stay for the time being, I spotted a decent sized building. It had three stories. As I closed in I saw four splicers crowding around a body.

"I call this one's ADAM." The one that could easily be distinguished as the leader of the group had said.

"Well you better hurry 'fore the Lil Sister comes for it," another said looking around

"Yeah Boss we don't wanna deal with one of those Bid Daddies," Another said shaking

I moved to a spot where I could get a better view at the little group I was about thirty or so feet away, hiding behind a small piece of metal, with luckily a small hole just big enough to see through in it, I sat there for a few seconds catching my breath and examining the chambers of my revolver. Six shots. All I needed was four. The group moved out of view, I slowly moved to the right a few inches. When I moved I hit the metal with my leg.

"Did ya hear that boss?" One of the splicers asked as he turned facing my direction.

"We gots some company." Said another pulling his pistol.

"Come on out, Scumbag!" The leader exclaimed pointing at me.

I stepped out of my little cover with my hands raised over my head. I looked at the group. There were four of them, two had metal pipes in their hands and the other had a pistol, aimed directly at me, the leader however oddly carried no weapon, this surprised me, until I noticed him reach inside of his jacket and pull out his own pipe.

"Look at that boss, he's just a wee scally wag, not even an ounce of ADAM in 'em" The one with the gun had said with a laugh.

"Let me at 'em," One of the pipe carriers said as he drew his pipe.

"If he ain't got no ADAM, I don't care what happens to him." The leader said as he turned putting away his pipe.

"You act as though, I'm just gonna stand here and die." I said reaching for the bat.

The one with the pipe moved first. He ran towards me pipe raised, I swung the bat. It connected with the pipe, the force of the blow sent the pipe flying out of the splicer's hand. I swung again, bringing the bat down on the splicer's head... hard. He stumbled back, and spun around, giving a motion for the other splicer to take a shot, by the time he spun around, my revolver was already drawn. Within a few seconds the splicer's head was in pieces. The other splicer aimed his gun at me, I rolled out of the way of a bullet and fired, one shot in his chest. He fell with a thud. I sat and looked at the leader for a few seconds... aiming my gun, when I realized, There's four of them, I turned only to get hit across the face with a pipe. Blood flew from my mouth, and the taste lingered for awhile. I pulled the revolver up and pulled the trigger. Sending the splicer to it's grave as well. I stood, wiped the blood from my mouth and smiled.

"I'll give you a choice, you either die here, or you answer my questions and walk away, which do you choose?" I asked aiming my revolver at his chest.

"I'll give you whatever info you need." He said as he fell to the ground, one of my shots must of bounced off of a surface and hit him in the leg, for there was a bullet hole and blood in his leg.

"Okay," I said closing the gap between us. "What is this ADAM you and your friends were talking about?"

"This city, me, the air we are breathing, everything was made because if ADAM. It was what created the plasmids, is that all?"

"Nope, that red liquid-like stuff is that ADAM?

"Yes but, your not getting any of mine."

"Okay now explain to me these plasmids."

"That my friend I can't do. They say the only way to explain them is to use them, and I haven't"

"So you've never used one?"

"No but I have one in my bag here, you can have it if you want. Just be careful, the say it stings."

"Okay thank you, now what are these Little Sisters?"

"The little sister is what the richer people created as a way of getting ADAM."

"But wouldn't one carrying ADAM be an easy target for splicers?"

"Exactly what the Bid Daddy is for, she collects the ADAM, he keeps her safe."

"I see, now one last question how do I use this, plasmid?"

"Take the syringe from the container, insert into your body... and it'll work for you."

"Okay your free to go."

And with that the splicer stood, shook his head and walked off. I headed towards the building