From Kunoichi to Get Backer

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Chapter 1 Part 1: The Initials are G and B Rewrite!

3 years later

The sun had finally risen, starting a brand new day in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Birds could be heard chirping and crying in the city.

A lone crow was circling above in the air lands and sits on a light post over looking a street in Shinjuku before giving a cry and launching back into the air again.

As the crow flies, it seems to be heading into what appears to be a park.

On the ground in the park, was a sign saying 'Get Backers - this way" and the crow before over shadows the sign for a brief moments before it starts to descend and lands on hood of small bug car (you know ones of those lady bug cars) that has signs covering the windshields.

Inside the car were two people, one was a man and the other a woman, both seemingly asleep and covered by some blankets.

Soon after a few seconds the man in the drivers seat shows signs of waking up and soon the tiny car is turned on and the crow, startled from the noise of the engine, flies away with a massive flock of crows behind it and into the city.

The sun was gone and late into the night.

The streets of Shinjuku were crowded with people in no hurry…except for one girl. Said girl appeared to be a high school student with the matching school uniform - a white shirt, red tie, green school jacket, a tan skirt and white socks with black shoes. This high school girl had long black hair tied in a low ponytail and matching gray eyes.

"Oh no! I knew I shouldn't have gone movie hopping." the girl said with a worried look on her face as she looked at the time on cell phone which was covered in different cat charms. "I just know dad is going to be furious with me"

As she continued along she bumped into a couple, and was forced to turn a 360, which showed off her school bag that also had different cat charms on it.

"Sorry" she said to the couple before continuing on her way home.

As she went on her way, she gasped and exclaimed "I'll take a short cut." and went into an alley way on her left. When she went into the alley, a rat jumped out in front of her, scaring her badly, but then a cry from a cat was heard and the girl looked at the cat with a gleam of happiness in her gray eyes.

"Aw. How cute!" she said as the cat stopped in front of her.

"Hold on a second kitty," she said getting out her phone to apparently take a picture of the cat in front of her. "Don't move a muscle OK. Smile for the camera kitty, OK" and "Flash" went the camera.

The camera flash not only scared the cat, but it also scared the group of men down the alley way, especially the policeman, who turned quickly to see where the flash came from.

The girl not realizing what she has done, was soon caught off guard as the policeman announced himself to the girl, who quickly jumped up and immediately began running from the police officer confused as to why he was chasing her.

Soon the police officer caught the girl, but she fought off the officer by flashing her cell phone camera at the man's face, momentarily blind him and was able to push him off of her, but not before the policeman grabbed one of the girl's cat charms, a white cat with a cuff for a bell, and pulled it from the girls school bag.

The girl was able to get away and the policeman to tired could not run after her. The men that were with the policeman gave the him a pat on the shoulder and a package before leaving.

However, not know to them all, was a street camera filming all the events that have happened in the alley way.

The next day

The girl, now to be known as Natsumi, seemed rather down. School just ended and she was walking with a few of her friends, not really paying attention to what was going on around her.

"What's wrong, Natsumi? You seem kind of down today," one of her friends asked while the other two seem to be in their own discussing about something.

"I guess I am. I lost something really important to me." Natsumi said.

"What, like your student ID. Did you report it to the police?"

"Well" Natsumi exclaimed, "not really." then she stopped as turned to look at her other two friends, realizing what they were talking about came to mind.

"Tell me! Who are these people you are talking about" Natsume asked to the other girls with a somewhat hopeful expression on her face.

Somewhere in Shinjuku a cafe by the name of Honky Tonk, was an older man standing in front of his shop looking at a flier that was taped on his door. A poster with the Get Backers on it.

Said man appeared to be in his 30's with orange red hair, blue glasses that cover his eyes completely, wearing a white shirt, tan pants, shoes with a matching blue bandana on his head and a black apron on also.

The man sighed, "Can't take my eyes off those two for a second can I?" he said to himself, while pulling off the flier.

As he was doing this, Natsumi just came up behind the man.

"Excuse me sir. We'll I be able to meet those people by waiting in there?" Natsumi asked the man, who turned around to look at the girl with a slight frown on his face, before making a 'tsk' sound.

A few minutes later, Natsumi was sitting at the counter with a cup of coffee in front of her, with the man in the corner reading a newspaper.

Time goes by and the sun was beginning to set and Natsumi was still waiting at the counter. The man soon sets down a plate of pizza in front of her.

"One Honky Tonk Specialty Pizza, it's on the house. If you're feeling hungry dig in," he said to Natsumi.

"That's so sweet. Thank you very much," before grabbing a piece of pizza.

"So…um," Natsumi began to say, "what are they like? These recovery service people."

"Hm. Well there a strange pair," he answered.

"So there are two people that do it."

"Yeah, two people that make one giant pain in the butt. They run up a tab, hang up their fliers."

"Their business isn't exactly booming is it?" Natsumi said.

"You've got that right. Something tells me that they've ticked off one of the money gods and now there paying the price," he answered.

Natsumi just giggles and smiles as she hears this, and began to eat the pizza that was given to her.

The sun as finally set, and the Honky Tonk sign outside began to lights up, as the sound of a car's engine appears in front of the shop and lights of the car shut off.

A few seconds later the door to the shop opens and a man's voice speaks out.

"Yo. Hey, pizza!"

"Bang" and two people, one a man and the other a woman, were fighting over the piece of pizza that was on the counter.

The man appears to be in his early 20's, was about 5'9'', had unruly dark brown hair, and a pair of incredible deep blue eyes with transparent purple sunglasses covering them. He was wearing a white short sleeve shirt that was not tucked into jeans he was also wearing and a pair of brown shoes.

The woman that was with his also appeared to be in her early 20's, was about the same height and had a most unusually appearance. The woman had waist length blood red hair that was left down but a piece of the left side of her head was braided and a bird feather was tide at the end of the braid, with a pair of crystal blue eyes that were the color of the sky. That woman was wearing a sleeveless leather jacket that was left unzipped revealing the gray tank top that she was wearing underneath, a pair of fingerless gloves on her hands, with a pair of dark jeans that were tucked into black combat boots. On the woman's right ear was a pretty blue green crystal in the shape of raindrop hanging from a silver chain but on the woman's arms were the strange markings that looks strangely like tails of an animal and they appear to continue underneath the jacket and tank that the woman was wearing. Also on her right arm was a long blue Buddhist rosary, that was wrapped around her arm several times to keep it from falling off, that had many different symbols on each of the beads.

We're getting off track, so…..

The man and the woman were wrestling each other for the pizza, when the man finally got the piece was when the woman got rather mad and broke away from the man.

"Damn it, Ban!" the woman clapped her hands together and lightning started to shoot from them wildly, "You ass!"

The man panicked when the woman hands started shooting sparks and began to gobble up the piece of pizza in a second while trying to come down the woman.

"Wait! Calm down Sh-"

The woman wrapped her hands around the man's neck giving the man one hell of a shock, she was literally frying him.

"AHH! Cut it out you damn electric eel!"

"What you gonna electrocute a guy over a stup-"

The owner, who was just staring at the two with a nonchalant expression on his face, decided to stop the two from killing each other.

"Come on guys. Is this anyway to act in front of a client?" he said to the two.

They both stopped to look at the man, with a somewhat shocked look on there faces, while there hands were on each other still- the man's was on the woman's face trying to get her away from him, while the woman's were around his neck.

"How about minding your manners a little," the owner said.

The redhead hummed a "huh."

"A client?" the man said.

And both simultaneously turned their heads around and saw Natsumi in front of them wearing a somewhat nervous smile on her face.

"It's nice to meet you."

In the next few seconds, all three of them were in a booth, the man and woman on one side, while Natsumi on the other. The owner however was ignoring in favor of reading the newspaper.

"So you two are the recovery service guys?" Natsumi asked them both.

The woman grinned, "Yeah, we're..."

The man slammed the woman's head against the table.

"If it got taken, get it back," the man said to Natsumi, with his hand still on the woman's head but quickly removed his hand when the women slammed her elbow into his side hard letting out a quick groan, "We're the recovery service with the near 100% success rate. The Get Backers."

"My name is Ban Mido" the man now know as Ban said, and nodded his head towards the woman next to him who was rubbing her forehead, "and this here is…"

The woman dropped her hand from her head before smiling at Natsumi, "I'm Shiki Namikaze, it's nice to meet you."

"You too," Natsumi said to the duo, "My name is Natsumi Mitsuki."

Note: Yo decided that I wanted to rewrite some of the parts of the story! I kind of made Shiki like Ginji but Shiki will have her moments! More will be coming soon! I promise just having a bit of a writers block at the moment, my brain don't want to think!