It's ironic really. His last name, di Angelo, means angel. But he knows he's no angel. More likely the Devil or better yet, the devil's son. It's like a curse of fate or something. He's destined to be something, he knows, but what?

Nico di Angelo. That's his name. He'll wake up to a world where mortals don't know who he is, demigods ignore his presence, and ghosts fear his very being. He's called the boy in black, the Son of Hades, the Ghost King, but never, will he be called an Angel. Never.

He laughs. No wonder why his father preferred Bianca over him. Bianca could have been an angel. She was graceful, kind, gentle, smart, and absolutely perfect. She could light up a room with her smile and make any one feel sky-high. She was everything he'll never be.

Maybe if he was born normal. Have normal parents, normal siblings, a normal life. He could have friends and a lot of them too. He wouldn't have to worry about dying at the hands of a blood-thirsty monster or fight off evil Titan Lords. He would have everything he ever wanted. He could be an angel.

No, that wouldn't do. He may have everything he wanted if he was normal, but would it be everything he needed? Angels don't look out for themselves, they look out for others. Is he doing that if he craved only to be normal? Is he trying to help others, or himself?

He ponders this as he sits in front of the Elysium gates watching the souls in the Fields of Asphodel. Some spirits near him cautiously, like they're afraid he'll send them to the Fields of Punishment if they get to close. He is, after all, they're lord's son.

A little girl comes closer. She's about seven, and she's wearing a night gown. There's a teddy bear dangling in her hands. Her voice is innocent, childish, but so dead. She's dead. His heart breaks a little bit. "What do you want?" It's a little harsh, but he doesn't care. Doesn't want to care.

"I'm lost. I can't find my mommy."

"You're dead. You're mommy's not coming."

"I'm not dead!" The girl's so innocent. He wishes he could go back to those times.

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not!" she says with a pout.

He sighs. He reaches his hand out as if to slap the little girl, but he knows he'll hand will just pass through. He does it anyways.


The girl's lips tremble as the truth comes crashing down on her. She's so young he realizes. Then she's bawling her eyes out and he can't do anything to comfort her. There's nothing he can do. After a while of just watching the girl cry, he gets up.

"Where are you going?" she whimpers.

"Somewhere," he replies.

"But don't you have to stay with me? You're my guardian angel right? Mommy always said that my guardian angel would follow me when I died. She said that my guardian angel would help me everywhere I go. You're my guardian angel right?"

He scoffs. "I'm no angel, kid."

"You're not?"


"Then what are you?" He grudgingly admits she's persistent.

"Let's just say, you don't need to know."

"Mommy says liars go to Hell." If only you knew. If only you knew.

"And where did you're Mommy say you'll go?" he asks the child.

She looks up proudly and says in a matter of fact tone, "I'm supposed to go to Heaven."

Elysium. That's why she's trying to head to here, he realizes. But there's an invisible force keeping her away from Elysium. She's stuck in Asphodel. "How did you die, kid?"

"I don't know," she replies. "I've been sick for a while so Mommy and Daddy took me to the hospital. The doctor said I had cancer. I don't know what cancer is, but it hurts. Mommy cried, and Daddy punched the door. Then I had to go in to the hospital again, and they poked needles through me."

He feels sick. How could his dad let a little kid that died of cancer stay stuck in the Fields of Asphodel? Someone so innocent and sweet denied the privileges Elysium. It's not fair. But then again, when is anything fair?

The girl stops talking and rubs her arms as if she's feeling scars left by the needles. "But it's okay!" she says brightly. "I'm going to Heaven!"

His stomach tightens. She's not going to Heaven. She's too young to have been considered a hero, but she's persistent on going to Elysium, or Heaven. He doesn't want to break the girl's heart, but he has to. Like he said, he's no angel.

"You're not going to Heaven." His voice cracks as he says it.

The girl looks at him quizzically and says softly, "I'm not?"

He shakes his head. She's crying again, and his heart is breaking. Pretty soon they'll be nothing but pieces if his life continues like this. He turns his head, but the girl's voice stops him from moving.

"Where do I go?"

He checks his watch; he better hurry. Hades does not like it when he's late to dinner, or as he calls it, torture sessions. He sighs. "Come on kid, I'll show you."

As they wander the Fields of Asphodel, he searching for the suitable place for this child, they talk. Well, mostly the child talks and he listens, but he learns a lot from this seven year old. He learns that life is supposed to be embraced. He learns that God always forgives. He learns that everyone has faults. He learns a lot from this kid.

Finally they reach an area where it's not too crowded, and there are trees and flowers and a lake. It's like a mini Elysium. The girl's eyes widen, and she tries to grab his hand. It passes through. He follows her in to a mini cottage, maybe the size of the smallest cabin at camp.

She's jumping up and down, excitedly. Then she picks up a picture frame. In it is a picture of a family. There's the little girl holding hands with an older boy, maybe his age. Behind them is a smiling woman and man, they're hands on the children's shoulders.

He checks his watch. He's late. With a slight nod, he starts to exit the little girl's new home. He stops when the little girl says, "Nico, thanks. You got me to Heaven. You really are an angel."

He smiles slightly. He waves good bye. The little girl smiles and he's running. It's weird, he thinks.

Whether he thinks so or not, Nico di Angelo is an angel.

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