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John and mickie hadn't seen each other for about 3 hours they had been to busy mingling in the party they were having after the wedding breakfast.

"ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, please welcome your bride and groom for there first dance"

John went to the dance floor but there was no sign of mickie John looked at randy who shrugged and looked around.

Mickie was then seen to be dragged on the dance floor by john's elder brother

mickie looked at John who held his hand to her she took it and they started slow dancing to westlife unbreakable "missed you" John whispered in her ear

mickie smiled "sorry, the baby decided it didnt like the food"

John pulled his head back to look at her

"im fine I had some peptobismol to settle my stomach brushed my teeth, im fine"

John smiled "cant believe your pregnant"

mickie chuckled "all bell's spoke about is how she's getting a sister"

"best hope your having a girl then"

"i sure do" mickie said the couple then proceeded to kiss for the most part of the song.

"they look so happy" Nicole said leaning into randy

"that could be us one day" he said softly to her

"hope so" Nicole said

"aww look there getting the kids" they heard the all to familiar voice of melina not so far away

The couple looked and John and mickie were sat on the floor whilst the kids were standing and they were encouraging them to sway. The song soon ended and for the first time since the ceremony it was quite randy nodded at John who whispered in Harry's ear "mama pwetty" he shouted straining himself "mama pwetty" he shouted again mickie smiled and kissed his cheek as the aww's yet again were heard.

John's point of view

I tucked harry into bed "night buddy" I kissed his cheek picked bell up and put her into her bed tucked her in "night princess"

"daddy" she said she could barely stay awake


"me no I say I want a sister but me no be angry if it boy again"

"well between me and you, I think mummy wants a little girl to"

she smiled at me

"night princess" I turned the light off "i love you"

"love you to daddy" bell said

"ov oo" harry said

"get to sleep now you to" I said closing the door over "they should be off soon" John said to his brother and maria who were having the kids over night in there room

"get back to your wife john" liam said

"yeah, go consummate the marriage" maria chuckled

I smiled and made my way up to honeymoon suit, sadly me and mickie couldn't have a honeymoon just tonight and all tomorrow is our honeymoon.

I opened the door and closed it behind me "mickie" I said there was no sign of her

I sat on the bed and took my shoes and socks of and was about to start unbuttoning my shirt when the bathroom door opened I smirked

"you like?" she said as she stood in the doorway in her special lingerie

"why don't you come here so I can get a better look" i said

Mickie was soon straddling my lap her arms loosely draped over my shoulders "the kids get off ok" she said

"yeah fine now let's turn that baby into twins" i said picking her up and laying down on the bed with me on top

"john that's not how you make twins" mickie said as i kissed her neck

"i know im trying to be sexy so sh" i said

"oh wow, that was so sexy, I love it when you shush me, its a real turn on" mickie said sarcastically

i sat up kneeling looking at her as mickie chuckled

Mickie knealed in front of me

i ran my hand over mickie's bare skin "you look so sexy in that" my lips were soon attached to hers as we lay back down again.

The end!