Chapter Two: One-Word Summary: LOST

Musical Inspiration: I Wanted Your Love by Alexz Johnson


Dick and Logan:

Dick smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. He was home, figuratively speaking. He continued to grin as he waded though the sea of hot chicks and dudes looking to score to the bar.

Logan not wanting to be a complete prude, tried to at least lose the look of misery and contempt as he followed Dick.

Simultaneously, Dick handed him a beer and a girl with an easy grin and little clothing walked up to him.

"I'm Candy." She smiled.

Logan sighed, this was going to be an epic fail.

"Hey, Candy. I'm Dick." Dick smirked.

"Wow, you're both named after things that people like to suck, you should have a lot to talk about." Logan's voice dripped with sarcasm, and he planned an exit strategy.


The Newly Formed Fantastic Four:

Wallace had to admit it felt weird hanging with Piz, Parker, and Mac without Veronica. But, when Piz got that puppy dog look about him and Wallace knew that Veronica was busy sulking about her father and her arm, he couldn't say no.

Veronica was still his best friend, that was never going to change, but he needed to hang out with other people...occasionally.

"Isn't this fun?" Parker asked, sipping at some brightly colored drink.

Mac looked slightly miserable. Wallace mirrored the feeling as he and Piz drank non-alcoholic beer (out of fear of Keith Mars).

"Tons." Piz replied gulping down his 'beer' as though he wished it would have the same effects as the real stuff.

Wallace felt kind of pathetic with the surrounding pathetic, but he had no other plans for the seemingly endless Friday night. The saddest part to him was that because there was four of them, two guys and two girls, all the girls in the bar assumed he was on a date...at least that's what he used as an excuse for the fact no girls had approached him.

"Well, screw Logan!" Parker slammed her glass down, sloshing a bit of the pink drink onto the table and Mac's hand, "I'm going to dance!"

Piz wanting to feel as good as Parker looked like she felt, "Me, too!"

They looked stupid. Not really dancing together, but sort of near each other. Mac watched with wide eyes and Wallace could barely see from his position of bent over with laughter.

Parker was a good dancer, moving with precision, her hips to the music. Piz on the other hand, looked as though he was having a seizure. And like every crappy movie, Wallace couldn't help but notice the way that they looked at each other when the fast music died and a slow one filled the speakers.

"Oh no." Mac murmured.

"Oh, hell." Wallace replied.

The laughter and mocking dead from their eyes as Piz slid his arm around Parker's waist and she grinned up at him.

I drift away to a place

another kind of life

take away the pain

I create my paradise

Everything I've held has hit the wall

What used to be yours

Isn't yours at all

Falling apart in all that I'm asking

Is it a crime

Am I over-reacting?

Oh, he's under my skin

Just give me something to get rid of him

The words fell over Wallace and Mac as they watched Parker's mouth move slightly, and they both chuckled. The two on the dance floor moved closer as more people joined.

"We gotta do something." Wallace said, not taking his eyes off the dancing two.

"Veronica is not going to be happy about this." Mac was nodding her head, even though the gesture was lost on Wallace.




He was on the bottom of the totem pole now. Keith had put him on the crap duties like manning the station during the graveyard shift. Lamb didn't really care though, he was back, from a coma and into law enforcement.

But as the clock read two A.M., even Don couldn't control those thoughts that flooded. Maybe he shouldn't be alive. Maybe Bitando should have killed him. Maybe he should stop being such a pussy and accept the fact he was alive. He sounded like a whiny mess when he started all the self-hating shit, and he knew it needed to stop. But it was late at night, and his legs were shaking slightly.

He wasn't expecting Veronica Mars to come walking in at 2:35 A.M. Especially when it wasn't because she was under arrest.

"Deputy." She greeted, heading straight to the coffee table.

"Mars." He returned, getting up and slowly on tense legs walked over to her.

She was drinking the coffee straight, something he hadn't started doing until his twenty-ninth birthday, "You didn't have to get up, I was going to go over to your desk." She didn't look at him when she spoke, she looked at the floor, surveying his feet before moving her gaze to her own feet.

"I'm not a cripple." He said, more bitchy than he had wanted, but he didn't wanted to be treated any different than before.

She rolled her eyes, and finally looked up at him from under her lashes in that coy way that made him want to punch something and kiss her at the same time, "I know that, Lambie Pie, I just know a fine man like yourself shouldn't have to move for a dame like me."

"That's closer to the truth than you'd like to admit, Mars." He leaned against the way in that way that made her want to slap him and knee him at the same time.

"Call me Private Investigator Mars, my father is Mars." She knew it was a lame comeback, but she really couldn't conjure anything better because it was late and she really wasn't in the mood.

This whole 2 A.M. being awake thing was starting to piss her off. The ceiling of her bedroom was getting boring. She had decided to go on an adventure. A rather lame adventure to the Sheriff's Department, but anything was better than lying in bed thinking about Piz, Logan, Lamb's apology, her rape and the fact that her father had banned her from investigating. Her train of thought went exactly down that path, but she wanted to investigate, she was going to the FBI, it was going to be her life.

Keith disagreed and wanted her to pursue something different. She was going to try and find a medium, but now, she was upset about it. She would have to go back to small time and payout since he had shut down the office building.

Lamb smirked, "I hear that the Private Investigator title had been dropped."

"For the moment." She looked down into the bitter coffee, Lamb might be stupid but he had made it a point to exploit her weaknesses in the past, why should now be any different?

He gave her a stern look, "Your father is right, it is too dangerous."

"I'm used to dangerous."

"What happened was mild, compared to what can happen."

"Can being the watch word. It doesn't mean it will, I know what I'm doing."

"I did, too."

She fell silent. His words were harsh, but that didn't faze her. He had been a decent sheriff, though she would never admit it. Her father had said that he hadn't even seen the bat coming, that Bitando had attacked from behind.

A satisfied smirk ran across his face, ending as quickly as it started. He walked back to his desk, she tried not to focus on the slight shake to his walk.



When she finally woke up at four in the afternoon, she didn't expect it too be to insistent pounding on the door. She didn't expect to see Dick Casablancas on the other side of the door, either.

"Dick?" She raised an eyebrow, suddenly caring that she had fallen in bed with a cut-off tank and boy shorts last night.

He looked at her "clothes" and grinned, "Not right now, we've got business, but maybe after."

"UGH!" She left the door open and stomped back into her room to grab a robe.

He was still standing in the threshold of the front door, smirking, when she returned.

"I need a new driver's license." He said, pulling out his wallet.

She headed straight towards the coffee machine, it was too early in the afternoon for this, "Why?"

"Because I can't find mine, and I'm pretty sure it's gone for good, I kinda lost my wallet."

"Go to the DMV."

The coffee was just beginning to drip into the glass pot. Her eyes were more interested in looking at the small stream of coffee than the stupid expression that no doubt was on Dick's face.

"I'm going to, but I want one with a older age."

She looked back at him. His hand stretched out with cash, the top bill was a hundred.

Well, she needed to make money someway.



"Dick Casablancas?" He was finally waking up. Emma Deel was extremely happy about it, she was a sucker for a happy ending and at Franklin Memorial Hospital, waking up from an accident like Mr. Casablancas was a very happy ending.

"Huh?" He looked lost.

"You're Dick Casablancas, right?"

"Wh...What?" He started to panic, probably realized he couldn't move his left hand because his right was moving frantically checking out the multitudes of cords attached to his body.

"Sir, you've had an accident. You've been out for almost 24 hours, we were getting worried."

He must not have really understood, "What? Accident?"

"Yes, Mr. Casablancas."

"Who is Mr. Casablancas?"

"You are."

"No, I'm not."

"Then who are you?"

"I...I-I uh...uh...I don't...don't know."

"Well, you had a credit card in your pocket that said Dick Casablancas."

Slight recognition crossed his face, "It sounds familiar."

"It's all going to sound, different, until you regain your memory."

"When will that be?"

"We can't say for sure, every patient is different."


Piz and Parker:

The best part about Sunday breakfast at Hearst's cafe was that it was surprisingly busy. Piz had felt weird asking Parker for breakfast in the first place, but all these people around made it not as awkward.

Nothing had happened on Friday, other than the dancing, and despite Wallace's lecture when they got back to their dorm, Piz felt nothing other than friendship for Parker. They both had been the rebounds of the 'epic' Logan and Veronica relationship.

Parker clearly wasn't over Logan, more so the way Logan wasn't in love with her that she wasn't over. And he was no where near close to over Veronica.

Wallace didn't believe him and had drove off on early Saturday morning. He hadn't texted or called, but Fennel was Veronica's best friend, so her habits undoubtably rubbed off on him.

"I love eggs." Parker sounded stupid when she said it. Piz thought how Veronica would never say something like that, and the weirded out look that Piz had, reminded Parker that that is exactly how Logan would have responded.

Piz smiled to himself, Wallace had nothing at all to worry about.



"Morning, Deputy." She grinned, handing Lamb a box of donuts, "I figured a fine officer like yourself would need a pick-me-up."

"What do you want, Veronica?" He asked, seeing right through the donut act.

He was stuck on the crappy Sunday shift as well.

"I need to use the laminator for a moment." She grinned and batted her eyes as if that would work in her favor.

"Fine." Lamb didn't protest.

That wasn't like Lamb, he had to suspect she was doing something illegal, hell before when she went to the restroom, he thought it was terrorism or something being planned.

"After I'm done with that, I need to use the Lamb-inator." She winked.

He just rolled his eyes, returning to his seat with the donuts.

She gave him a moment...nothing.

"Come on." She said in her faux-Italian accent, "Give me something to work with here."

"Uh...the Lamb-inator is just like a laminator, plastic required and hot?" He replied in the blandest tone, she had ever hear him use.

"Once more, with feeling."

"Go do what you need to do, Mars." He rolled his eyes, taking a bite out of a powdered donut.

His lips were covered in powdered sugar, and something in Veronica compelled her to stare longer than she should.

She shook whatever that was away and hurried to laminate Dick's new driver's license. That boy might be dumb as hell, but he paid well.



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