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Yuki was walking down the streets with the orphanage kids while they were trick-or-treating. It was the last house of the night and Yuki was ready to throw himself in the sacks. The kids were excited by their orange buckets filled with various types of candies. Yuki had a bucket for himself as well and he got to admit that the once-in-a-year holiday experience was quite exhilarating.

"Yuki!" One of the children called out to the older brunette boy.

"Yes?" Yuki answered with a smile as usual.

"Um…nothing." The child closed her mouth with a spilling smile. Yuki chuckled a bit at the adorable sight.

They reach the orphanage and everyone strolled into their rooms. Yuki went to his room and sighed from exhaustion. He placed the orange bucket on his desk and plopped down on his bed. He wondered where Kanata was right now…the older man was probably sleeping in his own adult world…how envious.

Yuki curled up in his bed; he didn't wear a costume while the others did making him stuck out like a dull thumb.

He didn't notice the looming shadow, until something warm crept up his shirt. He shivered, unaware if it was the October chills or just his inner chills coming on to him.

The door clicked and Yuki shot up, he clicked on the lamp light and stared glumly at the door. Then the door creaked open and there stood a rather tall black haired…ghost? The person was dressed up looking like a ghost, a white simple robe that hung on its body and that same pale luminance… Yuki froze instantly when their eyes met. Hair draped over the ghost's face creating a rather wanted effect and Yuki wanted to run out of the room when the ghost approached Yuki…slowly…and carefully, closing the door and locking it behind.

Yuki started to hyperventilate…he was pinned down on his bed. Yuki struggled against the grasp and the ghost swiftly tied Yuki's hands to the bed post. Yuki could feel his heart pound relentlessly against his ribs.

Apparently, this ghost wasn't a woman…had rope somewhere prepared in his body…and well his scent was fairly familiar. Yuki hurriedly ripped off the wig that his assaulter was wearing before having his second hand tied as well. The article was slightly pulled off, but not enough. Nevertheless, the assaulter completely pulled off the wig. Yuki widened his eyes…and the lamp lights were clicked off and the whole room was enshrouded by that unsightly darkness.

Yuki can feel his pants ripped off and his legs were held down. He squirmed around making grunts and he felt the strong covet to scream. But his voice didn't allow this…

Yuki gasped when his member was slightly stroked by a warm hand. He had never touched himself there, nor did he even bother to pay any mind to it. He clenched his eyes shut and stifled all the persistent noises that were dying to come out.

The pace quickened…and Yuki squirmed even more. His legs were numb and a slippery tongue slither around his sensitive part.

"S-s-stop…please…nn…" Yuki gasped out and he swore he could see his assaulter smile. He didn't heed to Yuki's pleas and instead engulfed Yuki completely. Those same pair of hands that fondled his member was spreading Yuki's thighs and caressing them…Yuki felt an unwanted incited excitement as he was on the brink of bursting. But he didn't want to agree with his body that he was feeling pleasure from this hot mouth around his member. He held down his release and thought of something unpleasant…but it was no good. Yuki panted and the sounds of slurping danced in the air. Yuki felt something wet against his cheek, evidently he could not hold back anymore.

"Go ahead and release it." The voice made Yuki tremble and he felt everything pent up, go forth to where the oxygen and carbon dioxide were infused in the open atmosphere.

"Then that was the end!" Kanata clapped his hands together, whilst guffawing.

"That wasn't a ghost story…it was a rape story…why would a ghost wear a wig?" Yuki said making a sulking expression. "And you used my name to tell the story…"

Kanata lowered his guffawing to a mere chuckle. "Oh, well…it's a ghost story alright…because the next day Yuki found his little genital gone...the ghost ate it away after the boy fainted from shock. Oh, and that ghost was special. He wore a wig to hold in more hair." Kanata arched his eyebrows at Yuki, who suddenly jolted up from a disturbing thought.

"Urgh…your story doesn't make sense…Kanata tell me a proper ghost story please…I want to get the right chills not the…" Yuki choked on his own spit and started to cough. Kanata reached for a glass of water by his side and handed it towards the hacking Yuki. Yuki grabbed it thankfully and gulped it down. Maybe, a bit too fast and recklessly…but it did the trick to make his coughing to a minimum. The liquid made his head woozy and he wondered what Kanata handed to him. It tasted sweet and rather fruity…

"Kanata…hic! Wh-what did you give me?" Yuki's face turned red and he fell backwards on the couch. His sight was spinning uncontrollably, making him feel the strong desire to throw up.

"Luckily, you're not under aged anymore…" Kanata chuckled to himself diabolically…he reached for his pumpkin bucket filled with candies and took a candy corn out of it. He ate one and savored the sweetness of the candy.

He peered over at Yuki's fallen form and was quite surprised how Yuki's body was dealing with the alcohol effects. Yuki was panting and breathing heavily. Kanata unbuttoned some of those buttons of Yuki's white shirt, seeing pink flustered skin. He reached for a newspaper and started to fan Yuki's flustered face with it. It was quite an amusing sight…rather an adorable image popped into Kanata's head.

"Kanata…you're such a trickster…" Yuki said very slowly…he could feel his consciousness slipping away.

"Yes I am…Yuki." Kanata said, a smile appearing on his face. "Happy Halloween…" Kanata said before Yuki closed his droopy eyes.

The next morning, Yuki found himself in Kanata's bed. He was naked and he was ready to point accusing fingers at Kanata. But Kanata wasn't there…strange.

Apparently, Kanata was sleeping with his bucket of candies.

Yuki being naked remained an unclear mystery…guess Kanata wasn't such a big pervert after all? Yuki remembered what Kanata told him yesterday and looked down…

"Good, everything is intact after all…"

So...guess what? HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It's 10/30/10 and I'm one day early...but oh well...

Guess I got yall going OMG rape! gonna get ready to kill me...but it's all in yer head! No, I mean all in a story!

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