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Usually I would update this story every once a year, around Halloween, but it was about time to burst this little cat in the bag.


"How was trick or treating Yuki?" Kanata seated himself on the usual couch, but the furniture was positioned differently this time of the year.

"You should know, you were with us to get candy. The kids were really excited that you were able to accompany them this year. They love it when you spend time with them!" Yuki replied with a content smile. Kanata dressed up as classic Dracula this year. He converted to Kanata with an elegant and sexy attire when he brought Yuki home to do their usual story time. But Kanata had something else in mind for this year.

Kanata returned the smile. He leaned forward. "But what about you? How did you feel?" Kanata beckoned Yuki closer. Yuki hesitantly shuffled over towards Kanata and seated himself next to the man. He wasn't sure what bothered him to say he was quite happy himself to be able to spend time with him. He felt complete when they were altogether. The kids, Kanata and Yuki...

"I..." Yuki began, but Kanata held up a finger to stop him.

"Since the children were doing something that they wanted with me, let's do something that you want to do with me." Kanata said with a teasing smile. Yuki instantly felt his cheeks flush with a bold color.

"I-I don't know," Yuki shied away. Kanata chuckled and reached for the big pumpkin basket next to him. It had plenty of candy and he selected a round sour lemon candy. He popped it in his mouth and rolled the candy in his mouth for a moment.

"Let's bob for the candy in my mouth," Kanata said. A small smirk formed on the corners of his mouth. Yuki was about to voice his objection, but Kanata sealed his mouth his tongue. Yuki's eyes dilated then slowly he was overwhelmed with the heat in his body and the insane heart beat inside of him. The candy was sour and sweet. His eyes mellowed and the feeling of Kanata's hands disrobing his costume which was a mushroom. He took off the headdress and most of the costume off when he arrived at Kanata's humble abode.

"Mmnn!" Yuki tried to pry away Kanata's hands. His body growing hotter as Kanata's touches had more affection behind them.

Kanata kept the pressure on Yuki by pushing the candy against his tongue. Yuki automatically had to push it back and their kiss lasted until the candy melted. By then Kanata had Yuki's top exposed before his eyes.

Yuki covered his face in shame. "K-Kanata, this is so embarrassing!"

Kanata pulled Yuki's apart from his cowering position. "Yuki, listen to me..." Yuki's eyes widened when he heard those words. He had never been told that his entire life. "..."

"Kanata..." Yuki muttered.

Kanata smiled and he reached Yuki's pants and slipped them off. Yuki was still flustered from revealing his naked body. He thought it wasn't fair to be the only one exposed.
"Kanata, you should do it too..." Yuki curled up his legs.

"Yuki..." Kanata had a small amused smirk. He unbuttoned his dress shirt. Yuki worked on his pants. He was treating the process gingerly. His heart was not ready for this, but if it was with Kanata, he was willing to do it. "Well, I have to admit...this is my first time." Kanata said. Soft chuckles were heard from both parties.

"I-It's okay, we just..."

"Make each other feel good." Kanata completed.

"Y-yes..." Yuki nodded. His blush had not disappeared. He gasped when Kanata reached for him. The touch landed on his shoulders. He had to uncurl his legs because Kanata wasn't scared of being naked in front of Yuki. He embraced it in fact.

Kanata pulled Yuki close and their lips was engaged in a tender kiss. The feeling of Kanata's cartilage against his was welcoming and filled with carnal warmth. Yuki loved it. He was beginning to love the fluttering feeling inside of him.

Kanata's hands grazed his back which left a ticklish feeling that sent a thrilling response through his spine.

Yuki gasped when he felt Kanata's fingers trailing downwards where he thought he would never use for anything except for its intended purpose. "K-Kanata!" Yuki choked out when he felt a finger graze its entrance and slowly it slipped in like a sneaky snake.

"Relax Yuki, I won't do anything...I just want to touch you." He inserted his finger deeper and he held his member against Yuki's. He began stroking and thrusting his fingers (he inserted a second one) in and out. Yuki cried out from the strange sensations that invaded his body. He arched his body and felt so weak from the rush of feelings.
"K-Kanata!" Yuki clung to Kanata's shoulders. He felt peculiar and enamored by the sensation that sent strange shocks through his chaste body.

"Y-Yes..." Kanata engulfed Yuki's lips. He could feel the younger male tremble. He was close to climax and this encouraged Kanata to increase his pace. As expected, Yuki came first. He shook like a flower against a frivolous wind.

Kanata smiled as his hand and stomach was filled with Yuki's semen. He released Yuki and stroked himself to a finish. However, Yuki felt guilty and pried away Kanata's hands.

"Yuki..." Kanata was surprised that he still had energy flowing inside of him.
"I-I want to make you feel good too." Yuki said with a deep crimson blush forming on his cheeks. He lowered his hands and then his mouth onto the shaft.

"It's okay Yuki," Kanata tried to say, but when he felt Yuki's warm mouth, it made him breathe sharply.

"Mmmph..." Yuki wanted to take in Kanata as a whole, but he knew his gag reflex would be triggered. He didn't want to embarrass himself as much as he did already.

"Just use your tongue on the tip Yuki," Kanata instructed gently. Yuki did as he was told and placed a gentle kiss on the glans. Kanata sighed as he felt the cartilage trigger his sensitive skin.

He bit down on his bottom lip as Yuki grazed the top with his tongue. Kanata moaned softly. His hips bucked forward slightly. It took him some willpower not to thrust his genital into Yuki's mouth. He want to torture himself a bit, feeling the pleasure, but not to indulge himself too much of it. Yuki stroked the member and sucked on the tip gingerly. He felt the hard penis throb and pulsate with such carnal heat.

He just came, but he was slowly becoming aroused. Kanata's moans became a melody, he leaned back with his eyes focused on Yuki's flushed face. His expression intense and lovely...

"Yuki...I'm about to..."

"Mmph!" Yuki sucked on the tip fully which caused Kanata to ejaculate. Some of it shot into Yuki's mouth. The taste was sweet and automatically, Yuki swallowed.

"Y-Yuki, are you alright?" Kanata looked concerned seeing how he wasn't able to prevent Yuki from swallowing his seed. He wasn't sure how his semen tasted like, but judging from Yuki's expression, he did not grimace at least.

"K-Kanata...I swallowed it..." Yuki chuckled and smiled at him. "It's sweet,"

Kanata chuckled too. "Well, must've been all that fruit I've eaten recently." Kanata looked away, wearing a flustered expression. Yuki hugged Kanata. He thought Kanata was acting quite cute.


"Hey, Yuki? Wake up!"

"Hmmm...wah?" Yuki opened his eyes and saw Kanata shaking him.

"You fell asleep; you must have pulled an all nighter on some project or your studies." Kanata said with a mellow smile.

"Oh! Sorry," Yuki bowed his head. He was lethargic, but he could feel something energetic...it was rubbing between his thighs.

"You must've had a really good dream...a cute girl perhaps?" Kanata said. Yuki instantly felt his body burn.

"Ah!" Yuki covered his aroused member.

Kanata chuckled and pried away his hands. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about; we'll just get rid of it." Kanata said. He pulled the box of tissues closer and slipped his hands into Yuki's pants to pull the clothing low enough to expose Yuki's curious part.

Kanata didn't seem too fazed by the sight. He seemed to welcome it and that caused Yuki to feel something stir in him. Kanata gripped the shaft and stroked it slowly.


Kanata opened his mouth as he dipped lower to take Yuki's member into his caverns. Kanata had no experience at all, but he did pay attention to health class. Focus on the glans and he would pour all his affection to the targeted location. Yuki shuddered and released a strangled cry. He tried not to sound so lewd, his heart fluttered. This was intense and so vivid.

Like a dream...


"It's okay Yuki; you don't have to be so reserved." Kanata whispered. A smile crept on his face as he took the tip again. His tongue twirled in a fast and long pattern. Yuki felt his genital throb and twitch from the need of release. He never felt like this before, he was so unfamiliar with his own sex organ that this was definitely a first for him.

Yuki tried to push Kanata away from his before he ejaculated. However, Kanata persisted; he even began fondling his testicles. Yuki could no longer hold it in and felt the orgasm hit him as he climaxed.

Kanata was able to withdraw his mouth before too much poured into his mouth. He stroked Yuki's face before reaching for the tissues to clear up the mess.

Yuki tried to help, but Kanata stopped him and told him to rest for a bit. Yuki's heart was beating quite rapidly and it was hard telling what was left or right. His head felt woozy and light. Everything that had happened...

"So, what was your dream?" Kanata asked after he disposed of the dirtied tissues. He appeared exactly like the Kanata in his dream.

"Um...I forgot already!" Yuki laughed.

"Well then, it must've been a very good dream." Kanata reached for the pumpkin basket and popped a lemon candy into his mouth. He winced from the extreme sourness of its content.

"I'm really sorry!" Yuki apologized. His embarrassment was still overtaking his body language.

Kanata smiled and rolled the candy in his mouth, until it was sweet. He tipped Yuki's chin towards him and planted his lips onto the younger male's small mouth. He pushed the moist and currently sweet candy into Yuki's mouth. Yuki accepted it on reflex and he could feel his blush increase by tenfold.

"Well, Yuki...are we ready to continue our story from last year?" Kanata asked.

Yuki was too stunned to answer, but Kanata went on. "Well, we're going to add some adjustments to the last story and this is what happens..."

Yuki finds out that this man was a new teacher in the school. He was quite a catch and all the ladies loved him for it.

The teacher avoided contact with Yuki and Yuki didn't quite know if that man was the strange one from the night before. He didn't want to be reckless, so he was cautious with everything that involved the new teacher.

Yuki had a class with him, but he was seated in a spot that was quite hard to caught sight of.

After class though, the teacher would exchange a brief word with Yuki. There wasn't much to it, but Yuki suspected that it was definitely him. His body shook and shivered in a fever when he was close to the teacher. It was like the flesh inside of him desired release and it was willing to carve itself out of Yuki's body to reach the man.

Yuki was afraid and had the urge to request for an after school session with the teacher. He had to confirm it, no matter what the cost.

Once it was Friday, Yuki was prepared to keep the teacher after school. He had questions and everything needed to set up the situation safely.

The teacher didn't appear surprised by it. In fact, he welcomed the meeting and had a scheme laid out for Yuki.

Yuki wasn't sure of what he would ask, but he had to think of something.

Yuki asked questions in which he knew the answer to. The teacher had him on the edge as he answered the questions. Sometimes, the teacher would lean down and hover over Yuki to explain. Yuki felt the heat inside of his body rise higher and higher. His body felt like it was burning fever, screaming for release.

"Yuki," The teacher whispered and slowly Yuki would close his eyes and fall into the teacher's arms.

The teacher carried Yuki to the nursing office. Everyone had left the school and the janitor was busy cleaning the first floor. The teacher had plenty of time and the nurse office was the perfect place to continue their business without interruption.

The lock clicked and Yuki slowly opened his eyes. His head felt light along with his the rest of his body. He felt like he was floating on a cloud.


"Hah...your body is flaring up...those things can't stay away when you're around this age." The teacher ripped apart Yuki's uniform shirt and pulled down his pants. He winced at the sight of the ghastly apparitions. They were wailing and screaming. The teacher almost shattered against the sight. Yuki was struggling again. This time he was trying to refuse the heat within his body.

The teacher could only do one thing, he stroked Yuki's face. He tried to calm Yuki. Yuki couldn't quite see what was looming over him. He sighed when he felt the cooling hand stroke his flesh gently. The hands worked all over his body and soon his sight cleared. It was indeed teacher...Yuki's lips parted and he smiled. The apparitions stopped their cacophony.

Yuki wrapped his arms around the teacher's neck. And then...everything went completely quiet. The teacher did nothing and held Yuki for a while.

"Well, that's for today...and I guess I should stop telling you these stories," Kanata chuckled and urged Yuki to straddle his lap.

"K-Kanata, um..." Yuki hesitated. A blush crept on his face.

"Hm? Ah...you're worried if I'm going to do what I did before." Yuki nodded briskly. Kanata laughed and pulled Yuki either way. "I won't do anything, unless you want me to." Kanata had a smirk on his face. "Now, come,"

Yuki obeyed and positioned himself on Kanata's lap awkwardly. His heart beat was quite rapid and he was so afraid that Kanata might hear it.

"Why do you want to treat me like a child?" Yuki inquired when the moment of silence prolonged for too long. He felt his body heat up from the direct gaze of Kanata. He squirmed slightly to not entangle himself in too deep with Kanata.

"Huh? Do you want me to treat you like an adult instead? You know, in this situation, I think you would want to be treated like a child." Kanata leaned back and a wide smile decorated his features. Yuki shifted a bit and finally nodded.

His heart fluttered when Kanata pulled him to his chest.

"Eh, not yet...Yuki, I want to keep you pure." Kanata closed his eyes and hugged Yuki. Yuki sighed and indulged in the shared body heat. It was soothing and slowly lulling him to sleep.

It was kind of like the story, everything becomes calm and an open hole is left. Kanata and Yuki's path was unknown.

Yuki raised his head and stared at Kanata's face. His breathing pattern had displayed that he was immersed in a deep sleep. Yuki blushed at what he was doing, but didn't care much at the moment. He gave Kanata a kiss and shifted his body so he was not longer straddling Kanata.

This is the really bad ending...however, this story does end on a good note.

:) Softcore PWP is quite fun to write. I'll probably re-type Lonely Ice (into a separate story called something else) to have more of a plot and more graphic sex! Oh yeah! Not going to shy away from all that penis action...heh.