In Their Own Words

Interview Monolog from the Winx Kids

Summary: In order to help myself and my readers gain some more perspective on the characters in the round robin I'm doing with Rogue Scholar I'm going to be writing a few short chapters for each character I created. These chapters will be monolog style interviews containing answers to basic and not so basic questions. The characters will introduce themselves and talk about themselves- no one else. The entire chapter is dialog so I'll be ignoring some grammar by not using quotes. I hope you enjoy these.

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Chapter one: Samara of Domino

Hi, I'm Samara Vanessa from Domino. Yes, I know technically I'm the Crown princess of Domino since one day my brother will rule Eraklyon, but who cares about that? Besides, since you have me here in a chair and I was brought in via shuttle with the royal shield of Domino I'm guessing you knew that already.

How do I feel about my parents? That's a rather odd question but okay, I'll answer it.

I'll tell you about my dad first. I love him of course but he can be on the extreme side. By extreme I mean mushy and hyper emotional. I mean yes we get that you defied your parents to marry someone you love, but do you have to embarrass your offspring about that? He's so perky too it's like before my brother and I wake up each morning, dad downs a two kilogram bag of sugar and some Paxil. Eh, I guess it's better than being around my grandfather Elendor though.

My mom's a bit better, but she's pretty stubborn and once in a while she tends to act before thinking. Like the time she went off on one of my teachers even though I kinda was in the wrong… er anyways. My mom grew up on Earth as you all know, without powers and without knowing she was a princess. So she actually gives Talone and me chores because that's what her parents did. I guess she figures it'll teach us how to work for what we get. Oh it seems to have worn off on us, but not dad because he's a royal blue blood and there is no getting around it. He even freaked out the first time mom brought a vacuum cleaner into our summer home on Eraklyon. Mom and her friends still tease him about that. Well except for Stella, but I'll let someone else tell you about that.

Did that answer your question? I love them like most kids love their parents, but feel that they embarrass me equally in their own little ways.

Do I feel like there's a lot expected of me because of who my mom is?

Heh, why do you think I'm at Red Fountain instead of Alfea? My mom's Bloom, the fairy of the Dragon Flame and even if you're not her biggest fan that is a lot to live up to. I mean I quietly celebrated for a week when we all found out that Talone and not me had inherited the bulk of her powers and wanted to be a fairy. My mom and her friends saved the magical dimension and the not so magical dimension a few too many times for me to feel comfortable trying to fill those shoes. I'd rather play it safe with some sharp objects and take after my dad and his friends, thank you very much. Talone and his classmates can take over where the Winx Club left off in my place.

Do I have a crush or a boyfriend?

What kind of… that's just stranger than the one about my parents. No I don't. Outside of a cousin, royal guards, and my brother I don't even know anyone outside of the opposite sex. That's just too much. I mean we're not even that far into the school year, go ask Ailani if you want a question like that answered the way you probably want it done.

Do I have anything else to say?

I don't know what else I can say, it's still early in the school year and I'm just getting to know everyone else. I'm not even too familiar with my roommates. But I'm getting the hang of how things are done at Red Fountain and learning to dodge headmaster Cordatorta. So just keep reading and maybe you'll get some more answers to the questions you have left.

Danse chaque fin

Il a un debut.

So this is the end of my first chapter, all 700 something words worth of it. Leave feedback, except I don't want to really hear about how it's too short (looks at Spy46). If you want to hear about anyone else let me know.