In Their Own Words

Disclaimer: I change the world, the world changes me

Chapter Two: Raven of Melody

Couldn't we get this done later? I have other things I could be doing, like re-tuning my guitar and I have those songs for the dance I have to finish. Fine, I'll introduce myself, but you already know who I am. I'm Raven Iacono from Melody. Why did I even have to answer that when everyone knows who I am?

What are my feelings about my family?

Ugh, can I start with my sister first and then go around as I please? Thanks. Ryder's an interesting individual but I think she tries to hard to keep her emotions under control. It's not like someone's head would explode if she tried to have some fun once in a while. I mean I love her, but half the time she walks around like she has a stick up her butt. Yes, many people would attribute it to the fact that Darcy from the Trix is in fact her birth mother- don't look so shocked it's not the big family secret or even a big secret- but I… well actually I agree with that. But still you aren't confined to follow the path of your parents, right? Ry needs to stop worrying so much. After all, my mom raised her.

My grandpa Hoboe is another special person in my life and if you tell him I said that I will deny it. He's a tad out there as far as grandparents are concerned and is now convinced that any child who's fathered by Riven will become a witch, but I still enjoy his company and his Irish coffee. (1) Now if only I could keep him from asking if I'm gay because I'm not boy crazy like most girls my age.

Now for my parents, the only two people who completely make up my DNA. We'll start with my mom, you all know her as Musa from Melody especially since she's their guardian fairy blah, blah, blah. Mom's pretty cool, she's the main reason I'm so into music. Not only that but she gives me something to aspire to be since she's famous in two dimensions. Yes I know it sounds like insane hero worship, but it's not. She's a really talented lady and I feel pretty lucky to share in the musical genetics she has. Yes now I kinda feel like a total dork for admitting what I just said, but hey, it's the truth.

My dad on the other hand is some kind of over protective freak who believes that I'm going to succumb to my hormones at a moment's notice and fall for the first loser with a 'Y' chromosome. Not happening. No way, no how. I believe this feeling of his stems from occurrences between some friends of his and his own actions when he was a first year student. In his defense he was spelled. But who wants to deal with a messy thing like the truth right? Of course right. I guess I should just be grateful I don't have the same powers that Ryder has or I'd've never been allowed to attend Cloud Tower. My dad is also quite possibly one of the most skittish parents I've ever met. I blame his mother, but only because dad hasn't done so himself.

Does that explain my feelings on my family?

Do I feel that a lot is expected of me as the daughter of a member of the Winx Club?

Not really, I mean all they did is save people and really when you look at the reasons behind all those incidents it's Sama's mom's fault in the first place. Okay that was harsh, but when you look at it from a different perspective, if Bloom didn't have the Dragon Flame the Trix, Darkar and Valtor never would have come after her.

Then why am I at Cloud Tower?

Because pastels make me queasy and I already found out I can't sprout wings. We're guessing that somewhere down the line someone's relative was a witch. I'm sure grandpa Hoboe will blame my dad's side of the family. He does that on occasion. I know I wouldn't make a good fairy and I don't want to be like everyone else following in their parent's footsteps, I'd rather be myself.

Okay if there's nothing else you need to add I guess I'll be going since I'm late for practice already. We already know there isn't a secret romance and Amber and I aren't exactly the closest of roommates. If I have to deal with her later, I will. I'm not a complete loner.

We're part of the story

Part of the tale

Another chapter done and over with. I just need to read over some stuff then decide who I want to do next. Thanks for reading.

1.) Let's just pretend that the Winx kept visiting Earth for a while and discovered Irish coffee which is Bailey's Irish Crème and coffee. We can also pretend that Hoboe became addicted to it to. Anything for the sake of continuity.