Hey all! Sorry this isn't a real chapter, seeing as I have now started my re-write and all, but I wanted to respond to some reviews I received today, actually providing me with some entertainment as I had a two hour car journey to the University of Cambridge today!

These are from "Anonymous" a single person or a gang? Who knows! This has been published because I DO NOT condone violence or threats as part of my reviews. I think it's disgusting and appalling.

So here is my response "Anonymous." Kindly leave me alone after this, as your incessant emailing could be called harassment.

Bold= my reply

From: Anonymous

:Worst story ever. You are an idiot. I hope you die and your family is raped.
Seriously, i hope they rape them all and execute them in front of you.

Seriously? Death threats? I find people like you repulsive and unintelligent, evident through your lacking vocabulary and the fact that you resorted to violence instead of actual valid points.

By the way " i" is capitalised, it should look like this- "I hope"

From: Anonymous

:That last reviewer was mean, but he was right. Your writing is pretty
idiotic. You have to be doing it on purpose, there is no other explanation.
Its just so awful, like the writings of a small child.

Seriously, take an English class or something.

"He was mean"? Oh, well that tells me you either know the person or you are in fact the person, perhaps with a split personality? Hmm, you don't cover your tracks well do you?

Define Idiotic , I can- "Very stupid" which is funny seeing as you cannot call writing very stupid, unless you are using personification. If you want to use that term, please apply it properly- here's an example "You are an idiotic writer,"

Correction: "It's ( meaning it is) just so awful"

I am in fact still a child (: being under 18

Who needs "an English class" ? Try taking some of your own advice before giving it out to others (:

From: Anonymous

:"Why else?" she spat, "Dumbledore." Lupin looked at her for a long time.

This is why you are an idiot. Even in context Dumbledore has done NOTHING
wrong. You have everyone looking to him for answers and when he isnt God they
stop trusting him. Wtf? Seriously, you need to read the books instead of just
knock off fanfiction cliches. You obviously have not read them or you would
understand him a lot better. Dont be a lazy ** dude.

I take back what I said earlier. That "mean" reviewer was spot on. You do
deserve to die. J.K. Rowling put her life into these characters. If I was her
I would hire an assassin. Seriously, you should be ashamed...

Whatever, your fic has been linked to a discussion forum. Everyone there was
bashing your writing, I wanted to defend you, but I cant. Its too

Just... I dont know, get some perspective on the characters you are abusing?

So my plot line disagrees with you and now you want to have a tantrum? Seriously dude.

Have you considered underlining plot lines? Perhaps your analytical skills are a bit rusty, I was in fact playing off the human condition- specifically psychology. When individuals are under duress they have certain outlets, one of them is transmission, where the individual transfers the stress onto the person they are with, in this case Dumbledore. I don't think I've put in anywhere that I believe Dumbledore is at fault (:

Assumptions are very dangerous; they may make you look like a fool. I have read all of the books, about five times each back to front. I can probably cite them better than you. (:

"That "mean" reviewer was spot on" Oh please, that mean reviewer was you, funnily enough you both have the same "username" and style of writing (: I don't think J.K. Rowling would want anyone dead, you as a "fan" should be ashamed by writing that, you are very petty.

Linked to a forum? Oh how very interesting, link me! I certainly can't find it.

You did not want to defend me, unless you call death threats a defence. I wouldn't even want you defending me, your points are illogical and completely off topic.

Abuse: "Use or treat in such a way as to cause damage or harm" Incorrect vocabulary and irrelevant question mark. Are you questioning yourself?






Are you sure you don't want me to tutor you in English and grammar?

From: Anonymous

:Update plz

Congratulations, this actually made me laugh.

From: Anonymous

:Your writing need work, this is good for an amatuer though. Just to let you
know, this story was posted on a forum I frequent.

I frequent what? Please link me to this forum, I'm certainly intrigued. Still not fooled though (:

* amateur

From: Anonymous

:Pathetic excuse for a narrative.

Perhaps you mean, the narrative is pathetic? That would make more sense (:

You're reasoning?

From: Anonymous

:Ya... not finishing this one. Needs serious work, not to mention the
character derailment. Nice try though.

Do you mean this? Derailment: an accident in which a train runs off its track

Or this? Derailment: In psychiatry, derailment (also loosening of association, asyndesis, asyndetic thinking, knight's move thinking, or entgleisen) refers to a pattern of discourse (in speech or writing) that is a sequence of unrelated or only remotely related ideas

It's funny, you seem to have the same name as many of the previous reviews before you. A gang perhaps? Or the same person? Hmmm.

From: Anonymous

:Hmm, its a ok fic, but there are issues. I encourage you to continue but keep
in mind that some people just do not have the intelligence to write a good
story. Its not a bad thing, just a fact.



I will keep that in mind and not let you adopt it, you'd need a beta, something I don't currently have (:

From: Anonymous

:Stopping here. I cant take anymore.


Anymore of what? Your inability to use the English language? Or perhaps you cannot understand my story? That would explain some of your psychotic and illogical outburst previously.

From: Anonymous

:Strong start, but too much OOC and horrible English. I would have suggested a
re write, but it seems as if you have already done that and did not learn from
your mistakes(or, more likely, you did not even consider them).

This review is highly ironic.

From: Anonymous


Fandumb runs strong in you.

Hey, please cite that quotation for me (: Is "fandumb" part of the English language?

From: Anonymous

:Great story!


From: Anonymous

:Take up another hobby.

You're one to talk. Please consider changing from sending death threats while you cowardly remain hidden behind the name "Anonymous"

Stick that in your "forum" and suck it.

Faithfully yours,


P.S I'm taking English literature at Cambridge sometime in the next few years, hopefully. (:

P.S.S Excuse any mistakes (; I'M EXHAUSTED!