Title: The Progeny Refutation of the Chronology Protection Conjecture

Author: Alyce Gates

Rating K

Summary: A Big Bang Theory Time Travel Fic (Penny/Sheldon)

Note: This is my first BBT fic, so be nice.

I have a whole series planned for this fic if it's well received. There will be a prologue, three parts, and an epilogue for this story.

Special Thanks to Syrus, my awesome beta.


Two quietly bickering twelve year old boys hurried down the sidewalk passing a comic book back and forth between the two of them. They looked almost identical with the same short, dark brown hair, piercing green eyes, and tall thin frames, but that is where the similarities ended. One was half an inch shorter with a slightly bigger, more muscular build. He wore stylish jeans and a black hoodie over a faded band t-shirt. The other had a pair of round glasses perched on his nose and wore khakis and a slightly too large brown leather jacket over a bright red t-shirt with an equation printed in yellow on the front.

"Zach, I can't believe you took such a huge risk for a stupid comic book," the shorter one hissed staring at the cover in disgust.

"It is not stupid, Benjamin! This happens to be an original, mint conditioned Flash 123, Classic Flash of Two Worlds," Zach, the one with glasses, retorted.

"Whatever! If Dad finds out that we used the machine for this…"

"Our father will be delighted once he sees what I have used his invention to procure. He has long lamented the loss of this particular comic book to Uncle Howard in an ill-conceived cricket wager years ago," Zach insisted carefully removing the comic from Ben's hands and slipping it inside a protective wrap.

"I still don't understand why you had to go back in time to get it though. Why didn't you just get it from Uncle Howard in the present time? And why are you getting him anything anyway? Dad has made it very clear that he doesn't like gifts," Ben pointed out.

Zach rolled his eyes at his younger by six minutes brother's lack of intelligence.

"Firstly, Uncle Howard sold this comic, along with several others, years ago so he would have enough money to buy Aunt Bernadette's engagement ring. I had to come back to this moment, a few weeks after the sale, to buy it back from the store. I traced the sales and found my name as the buyer on this day and time so I had to go through with it or risk creating a paradox. Simply put, I had to do it, because I had already done it."

Ben rubbed a hand over his face and shook his head.

"Talking to you makes my head hurt," he said, but Zach continued on.

"And the reason our father does not appreciate gifts is because he views them as obligations. I want him to feel obligated to bring me along when he, Uncle Leonard, Uncle Howard, and Uncle Raj go to DragonCon next month," he concluded with a triumphant smile.

"But Mom's taking us to Disney World then, remember?" Ben reminded him.

Zach stopped walking and gave his brother a sharp look.

"Disney World? Honestly Benjamin, sometimes it's hard to believe we share DNA much less a womb for 9 months.

"Well, Dad might be okay with this, but Mom is going to freak! Especially if she finds out that we brought Lizzie," Ben pointed out and started gestured for Zach to hurry.

Zach glared as rushed to catch up.

"If you recall, I didn't want to bring her along, but you insisted..."

"Mom told us to watch her! We couldn't leave her alone at home. If I'd known you were just going to get a comic book I'd have stayed there with her," Ben groused.

They continued walking in silence for a minute.

"Do you think she's okay?" Ben asked.

Zach rolled his eyes and consulted his watch, "Of course she's okay. She was out cold, and we've only been gone 6 minutes and 22 seconds."

He didn't feel as sure as he sounded.

The boys rounded a corner and stopped abruptly. They blinked in shock at the empty cart that had held their sleeping sister only minutes earlier.

Penny climbed out of her car and sighed in relief. Saturdays at the Cheesecake Factory were always the worst. Messy kids, birthdays, half the kitchen staff walking out after getting paid the night before…

It was over now though, and she had a nice wad of tip money in her pocket and a chilled bottle of wine in her refrigerator. As she walked toward the apartment building she scratched off some dried mashed potatoes from her uniform and smiled. Saturday meant laundry night. One of her least favorite chores that was always more fun when she could mess with Sheldon.

She smiled when she thought of her crazy neighbor. Penny would never admit it, but since she and Leonard had decided they worked better as friends she had grown much closer to Dr. Sheldon Cooper than she thought possible. The theoretical physicist had been spending a lot of time with her lately. They ate a meal together by themselves at least once a week, went shopping, and most recently, had started doing their laundry together.

Sheldon had confided in her just that past week that he felt his other friends were moving on from him. Leonard was dating a very unsavory new girl that had a habit of blowing her nose in front of everyone while they were eating. Things were getting pretty serious between Howard and Bernadette resulting in the short Jewish man cutting back on the amount of time he spent with his friends. Even Raj wasn't over as often due to the sign language classes he took three nights a week to help him communicate with his new deaf girlfriend.

Sheldon had gone on to ramble some long diatribe of slight insults that added up to a backhanded revelation that he now considered Penny his best friend. As usual Penny was unsure if she wanted to hit him or hug him, but had settled on a polite smile and answered that she considered him a very dear friend as well.

Of course he had then ruined the moment by pointing out the odds that someone of his IQ could possibly maintain any kind of feasible relationship with someone of her IQ. Then the insults had started flying between the two of them, as was their normal routine. Sharp, and made to hurt. But the longer they verbally sparred, the more ridiculous they both felt and, more often than not, it would end with Penny dissolving into giggles while Sheldon smirked at her, blue eyes sparkling with suppressed mirth.

A young voice screeching, "Mommy!" broke her from her thoughts of Sheldon, and made her freeze with her hand on door knob to her building.

There was something so eerily familiar about that voice, that it sent shivers down her spine.

Penny felt her mouth drop open in shock at the small form stumbling toward her. Big watery blue eyes looked at her pleadingly through tangled blonde hair.

"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy," the toddler chanted.

Penny looked around anxiously, but the street and sidewalk were deserted.

The little girl threw her arms around Penny's legs and sobbed into her skirt.

"Aww, it's okay, Sweetie," Penny cooed and swung the girl up into her arms as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"See, everything is just fine," she murmured as the little one buried her face in the collar of Penny's shirt.

Penny wasn't sure what to do. She walked down the street a little ways and turned a corner catching the eyes of a few passersby. Eyes slipped over the young girl with no recognition. She asked a few people, but none had seen the child before. She walked back to her apartment building, but still didn't see anyone. The sun was starting to go down. She couldn't just keep standing there all night. Where were the girl's parents?

She gave one last look around before she stepped into the apartment lobby and took a seat on a small bench next to the mail boxes.

Penny pulled a folded napkin from her pocket and wiped at the tear tracks on the toddler's face. Again she was struck by an odd sense of familiarity concerning the little girl, but Penny couldn't place her.

"Hi there," she said, giving the toddler a big cheery smile.

The girl smiled back and giggled then threw her arms around Penny's neck.

Penny giggled herself when the toddler planted a sloppy wet kiss on her check.

"Mommy," the toddler sighed happily.

Penny blinked in confusion and looked around the empty lobby.

"Do you mean me? No, I'm not your Mommy. I'm Penny. Can you say 'Penny'?" She asked.

The girl tilted her head and arched an eyebrow at Penny like she thought the waitress was insane. It was shocking to see that expression on such a young face, but strangely familiar.

"Ok, what is your name then?" Penny stammered a little unnerved.

"Lizzie," the girl said, and started playing with the buttons on Penny's jacket.

"Well, Lizzie, we can't just sit here all night. Let's go to my place and I'll get you cleaned up. Then I can figure out what to do.…" Penny trailed off as she got up from the bench and turned toward the stairs.

She froze with her foot on the first step when she felt someone watching her. Turning her head quickly, she peered out the glass door of the building but didn't see anyone. She needed to talk to Leonard. He would know what to do.

The twin boys watched in dismay as Penny carried their little sister up the stairs and out of sight.

"Astounding! The odds that of all the people walking these streets this evening, the one to find Lizzie would be…"

"What do we do? Our mom is going to kill us!" Ben cried.

"Calm yourself," Zach commanded narrowing his eyes at the now empty stair case.

"Father will know what to do."

End Prologue

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