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Stranded in the Desert-Chapter 1

A Relaxing Drive in the Desert

"Hotch, are you sure this is such a great idea?" Reid asked, his voice timid and hopeful.

"Reid, I already told you; you're not getting out of this. It's just a seminar in Nevada- nothing you can't handle." Hotch replied for the up-teenth time that day. "Are you ready to go?"

"No." Reid muttered childishly. Hotch inwardly smiled at the response; he had always admired Reid's innocence, since he had lost his own a long time ago. It was refreshing to see someone in the BAU still be able to act like he did- childish, but yet so mature at the same time. It was a hard combination to conquer, but somehow Reid had managed.

"Come on." Hotch prodded his youngest agent by the shoulder and led him toward the exit doors. Reid pouted as he walked up to one of the many SUVs the BAU owned and climbed into the passenger side. He rubbed his leg after he sat down; it had been more sore than usual the last few days, and it was really starting to bother him now. 'At least this will get me off from any cases.' Reid thought. 'A seminar will be much easier to handle than a full-out case.'

Hotch glanced over at Reid and frowned. He had noticed that he had been acting favorative his right leg, and he recalled that Reid had been shot in his left. He knew that it was bothering him, but he knew better than to say anything about it unless Reid brought it up himself. Reid never appreciated people fussing over him, so he tried his best to ignore Reid's obvious pain- for now, at least.

In less than half an hour, Reid and Hotch reached the airport. They quickly checked in, received their flight information, and took off on the plane. Since it was just Reid and Hotch going on the consult, they had decided to use public transportation in case a case came up.

Reid slept most of the flight, something that Hotch found both reliving and troubling. Usually, Reid would be wide-awake with worry over screwing up somehow, but this time, he had fallen to sleep before they had even reached their destined altitude. 'Silence, tiredness, 'pouty-ness', and lack of concentration. Yup, Reid was either a) sick, or b), in some kind of pain, most likely his leg. ' Hotch thought. He looked over Reid's sleeping form one last time before being reassured that he'd be safe. He turned off his small overhead light and put his case files back in his suitcase. He turned over to give Reid more room and closed his eyes, ready for a restless sleep.

In less than four hours, which, considering the estimated time was set at 5 and ½ hours, was a short trip for them. Hotch gently nudged Reid awake and helped the still half-sleeping man up from his seat. They quickly made their way off the plane, got their suitcases, and picked up their rental car. Reid curled up in the passenger seat and closed his eyes; he was determined to get some more sleep in before they started their 'lecture'.

Hotch was a little concerned about driving in the Nevada Desert; he wasn't used to the very different background of the desert place compared to the busy-city streets of Quantico. 'Everything looks the same!' Hotch thought. 'Where the hell am I?' Hotch contemplated waking Reid up, but he couldn't find it in him to wake up the younger agent.

Suddenly, the engine made an ugly noise and the car stopped. "Damn it." Hotch muttered. Unfortunately, he was a bit louder than he intended to be, and he woke Reid up. Reid blinked his eyes a few times before he sat up.

"What happened?" he asked groggily.

"We stalled or something." Hotch replied. "Just…go back to sleep; I'll see what's wrong with it." Hotch opened his door and made his way to the lid of the car.

Reid crossed his arms over his chest, upset about…about what? 'I'm obviously sick, sitting in the middle of a desert, and am being ordered to stay in a car. That's it- nothing to get upset about,' Reid kept telling himself. Unfortunately, he was still upset, and he finally had enough and stormed out of the car. 'Irritation,' Reid said, going over a mental list in his mind, 'another symptom.'

"I thought I told you to stay in the car." Hotch said, obviously annoyed. Reid doubted he was annoyed at his lack of obedience, but rather the fact that he didn't know what was wrong with the car. Still, Reid was a bit put-off by Hotch's tone, and his boss was starting to sense that. "Sorry, it's not you, it's this damned SUV…"

"I know." Reid said with a yawn. "We don't have cell phone service, by the way. I checked already."

"I figured as much." Hotch nodded.

"So what do you want to do?"

"I guess we just wait for help." Hotch sighed.

"That could take a while; we're in the middle of the least popular deserts in Nevada; it doesn't lead to any major cities, just small towns like the one we're supposed to give the seminar to."

"You should go back in the car; you're looking a little pale." Hotch interrupted.

"I don't wa-" Hotch cut him off, though.

"That wasn't a suggested; go back inside and sleep." Reid just nodded and obediently did so. Hotch watched as Reid reentered the car with a yawn. He groaned.

It was going to be a long trip.

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