Looking In a Broken Mirror part 1

"Enter The Broken World,"

The days starts out as a normal day as the sun begins to rise from the over the horizon. The sun also happening to rise over the very first place in the world whom are blessed to get the sunrise first. One of the major benefits since it is called 'Land Of The Rising Sun'. In an apartment somewhere the sun just peeked through the blinds in a room. The sun's rays shot straight into a person's face like a laser beam. The sun aroused the sleeping form making him turn away from it. However, the sun would not be ignored as it began to shine even stronger then before. Finally, the sleeping form decided that ignoring it any longer would be impossible. The person opened their crystal blue eyes then rose out of bed. He let out a very audible yawn as he rubbed his eyes.

"Boy, another day…" he yawned out. He wasn't much a morning person obviously. He threw his legs over the side of the small bed, messing with his blonde hair. He slid off the bed then walked over to a bathroom located across the hall from the room. The boy grabbed a towel then wet it with warm water. Then rubbed his face with it also to wipe out the sleepy. "Much better," he said looking in the mirror looking more alive.

This was Takeru Takashi, digidestined of hope, and about to turn nine years old. After that grueling battle with that Diaboramon, and getting back from that venture he had with his grandparents, he's finally got some downtime. It couldn't have come at a better time too. His birthday was in mere days, and he wouldn't let anything come between him and his day. His only regret is that he couldn't have Patamon with him, but he would see him again one day. His older brother, Matt, said that he and the other digidestined are planning something special for him, and he was a little excited. His birthday party was gonna be a blast. He left out the bathroom when he heard the phone ring. Knowing his mother wouldn't be up at this hour he answered it himself.

"Hello?" TK asked.

"Hey TK," came a voice from the other end.

"Hey Matt!"

"Excited about your birthday?"

"What soon-to-be nine year old wouldn't?" TK responded.

"Great. I wanted to call and tell you that I'm going to get you around 4. It's 10 right now, so no need to rush, but be ready when I get there okay. Izzy has some stuff to tell us,"

"About what?" I asked. If Izzy had something to say to everyone then it must be important.

"Something about special distortion or something like that. I don't have a clue. I'll talk to ya later little bro,"

"Bye Matt," he said then hung up. He was going to tell his mother about this arrangement when she woke up. "I'd better get dressed. After all Matt did say that the party was going to be a surprise so who knows when he'll spring it,"

TK went back to his small room. He walked over to his closet, and without much thought pulled out what he was wearing. He pulled out a white fisher hat, a light brown shirt, with kaki pants, and his green trainers. He put them on bit by bit. He had a funny feeling something was going to happen to him, but he hadn't the slightest clue what. He was dressed quite soon then proceeded to his kitchen. There he fixed a simple bowl of cereal, and sat down in front the TV.

"Might as well kill time," TK muttered before taking a bite.

The day starts out as normal, as a normal day can be here. The sun begins to rise from over the horizon, but no one would notice with the dark clouds covering it. Nevertheless, the setting was the same, but at the same time it wasn't. A once proud city now looked in shambles, while some places were completely obliterated. A few people roamed the streets in rags circling around a fire, but they weren't numerous in numbers though. Despite the bad shape of the city the place was still quite livable. In a castle like structure that stood above all the other buildings, both new and ruined, the lights were currently off, in a very spacious room. The room looked no short of luxurious a giant bed with fancy linen, bedpost, and cover to match, the carpet made of purple cashmere, big closet doors no doubt holding a full wardrobe, and a door with no knob. The only light seen through this horribly dark room was a clock that read 9:59. As soon as it reached 10 the lights in the room instantly switched on, and a groan followed.

"Time to wake up sir," came a computerized voice.

"Boy, another day…" groaned out a boy. He was NOT a morning person in fact if he could he would delete mornings from existence. He tossed his fancy covers off him like they were mere rags. He swung his legs over then stepped onto his carpeted floor.

"Good morning sir," came a high voice, full of energy.

The boy sighed. "I've told you a bunch of times, you're the only one that doesn't have to call me that. There's no rank between us,"

"I know, but I wouldn't want the others to think you show lenience,"

"They should know by now, I don't even know what that word means. Now lets get ready for the day Patamon," In truth he really didn't know what the word meant.

This was Takeru Takashi, digidestined of Wrath, conqueror of both the digital world and real world, self-implemented leader of the digidestined, and about to turn nine. After he had Matt and Tai deal with that assassin Diaboramon, he was glad he could finally settle down and rest. Although he rarely did any fighting himself he was tired of worrying about things so much. He wished taking everything over didn't have to be so…stressful. He wasn't fond of this job all the time, but it had its benefits. His birthday was coming up, and he wasn't going to let anyone ruin it. He had no doubt someone would try to ruin things for him on his day though, so he's going to make sure the others handle it before he can ever get wind of it.

"Alright, Patamon status report on what we have to do today," Takeru said as he tossed aside his sleep shirt and went to his closet. He looked through for something he wanted.

"Well, we should really put a end to all the fighting forces that are still resisting. Like the Americas, Europe, and even in the digital world there's some resistence. I think we should give a little 'showcase' of who they're really trying to beat here," Patamon said.

"Ah, I get what you mean, but we can't do that. Let the others handle it,"

"Are we trying to preserve power or something? I don't want these leaders thinking we're weak without our forces,"

"You just have to trust me. When the times right we'll step in, and then the worlds will know whose in control,"

"Okay, and we need to have a talk with Matt about you're birthday celebration,"

"Hmph, I'm his only brother and I have to order him to throw me a party," Takeru said as he pulled out an outfit he liked. He chose a black robe that's ends went to his ankle. It also had a hood too. He grabbed black shorts, and a red shirt. He also grabbed some black trainers. "Ruling dictator and I still can't decide when I get up, or what I wear,"

"Well Mimi and Sora worked hard on designing you a wardrobe like you asked. After all it was your birthday. You can't complain about how they did it," Patamon chuckled.

"I just hope Izzy didn't stick a bomb or something in here," Takeru said checking the pockets.

"Izzy isn't that subtle. If he killed you, he'd want the world to see it, and gloat about his genius," Patamon said rolling his eyes.

Takeru laughed. "That's true! Besides if so much as a hole is found in the wrong place those two know their punishment,"

"Right, so they wouldn't be stupid enough to allow Izzy to help. They actually flat out refused his help in designing them,"

"Smart girls," Takeru commented sticking his final arm through the sleeve. Suddenly the supposed window in his room began to have static until a face appeared. The person was pale, with red hair. He clearly didn't get out much, and was a mess. "Well speak of the devil. Good morning Izzy. I guess the better question would be is did you sleep?"

"Master I request a conference with you," trying his very best to keep the venom out his voice. "It's something important that you must see,"

"Very well I got time, I'll be right there. Are you stationed in the digital world?"

"Yes sir,"

"Great I was heading there today anyway. Any idea what the others are up to?"

"Well hard to say sir. Joe was assisting me in the lab until he went off somewhere. Matt and Tai are in Colorado. I traced the assassin's creation there, and they're probably eliminating the target. I think Sora and Mimi are having their girl time, I guess,"

"Well I guess I'll be the only one to hear you're speech,"

"Although I advise that you gather the others too,"

"Alright I'll give out the order to the others. I'll be there soon," Izzy nods then the screen goes black. Takeru walked towards the door, but not without grabbing his digivice that was black in color. He stepped up to the door, and it opened automatically as he stepped out, with Patamon right behind him.

"You don't think it's a trap?"

"I'm not gonna live paranoid Patamon, and I'll admit Izzy's a smart cookie. However, even a megalomaniac like him knows when to pick his spots. 'Inviting the boss to a meeting then taking him out' has been done before. Izzy's too proud to think of anything that simple. It has to be new and complicated, but by the time he finally figures something out he might be old and gray,"

"I see, you really do having everything under control!"

"This is my world, and when he finally realizes that, heck when they all realize that. They may actually get in line," Takeru said smiling deviously. "Or die trying…"

A/N: This is a split story. The good TK will be strictly called TK, while the bad one will strictly be called Takeru. I hope you noticed the similarities and the differences.