Looking In a Broken Mirror part 17


The Adventure Digidestined burst from the water under the bridge from where they first entered the Noir Universe. All the Digimon able to fly quickly got there partners to a stable area, since as soon as they burst out the portal they were met with a fierce storm. The strange colored lightning was flashing through the clouds lighting up the entire sky. The entire area was getting wavy, as colors mashed together, and morphed into strange positions. It looked like the world was reflected in water with the strangeness going on. The Digimon were a little confused of where any place was safe at this point.

"What should we do!" Tai called out over the roaring wind and rain. The entire world was falling apart and the bridge above the water was rickety as it was shaking back and forth.

"Well we'd better do something!" Matt called back clinging to Omnimon for dear life as the sky was filling up with a humongous amount of light energy.

"Both TKs mentioned something about darkness!" Omnimon exclaimed.

"Let's hope they know what they're doing!" Sora cried as the wind was throwing Garudamon, an Ultimate Digimon, around like she was a mere weightless object. Suddenly, pure dark energy shot out of the portal that was created and went into the sky. Suddenly the lights began to dim mixing in with the light until it seemed that both forces were at ease. Darkness spread all throughout the world mixing in with the light, thus creating harmony. The wind began to die down, the rain began lightening up until it was a mere drizzly of small droplets. The Digidestined all sighed with relief as the rain calmed down, and the Digimon were thrilled that the wind stopping blowing so they could land. Zudomon was brought up from the ocean by Garudamon and MegaKabuterimon. They all took a great big sigh of relief with the weather finally calming down. Izzy quickly switched on his laptop.

"Prodigious, they did it!" Izzy exclaimed. The countdown for the worlds meeting was going down rapidly. "The dimensions are stabilizing again,"

"Whew, now I think after all that it's time for a nap," Tentomon said.

"My, after all that I don't think I'm ever gonna look in a mirror again, or at least till I get home to see how much damage that water did to my hair," Mimi said.

"I gotta say, that was…pretty interesting meeting ourselves," Joe admitted.

"Kinda makes me wonder if we're really so different," Gatomon said.

"Well it's just goes to show that no one is perfect. There is a potential for good just as much there is a potential for bad. It all depends on the choices we make, and how we handle the consequences that go along with them," Izzy surmised.

"Kinda puts into perspective about who we really are, the full spectrum," Sora said.

"Who we are now doesn't dictate who we are though," Matt pointed out. "We all choice this path, and those guys chose there's too. The decision as a group, and our feelings toward each other is what gives us strength. Remember, Kairi's light is our light, and TK's hope is our hope,"

"So…in there world…they didn't have hope?" Gabumon asked tilting his head.

"No, in their world they had too much,"

"Really?" everyone asked confused.

"That's what I think,"

"But what about that darkness Takeru has?" Sora asked.

"It's not all him, and some of it is just his heat hurting,"

"That's so sad…" Kairi muttered. "He was so lonely and sad…and somehow the darkness took advantage of him,"

"Or he took advantage of it," Gatomon added. "He seemed so accustomed to it, like second nature,"

"It just depends on how you use the power," came a voice from above. Everyone turned to see Seraphimon float down onto the bridge. "Hope is a power that isn't just for light, but it can have a darker side to it. Just as all your crest can. Evil exist in as many forms as light does, we just have to make the right choices is all,"

"Well said," came a voice similar in tone of Seraphimon's. Everyone turned to see NoirSeraphimon floating in the air with his arms crossed.

"Wait, shouldn't you be back in your world?" Tai asked getting on guard.

"The world's aren't completely separate yet, it will still take some time for them to become how they used to. I simply decided to pay you all a visit, and to apologize for my actions,"

"You should really save your sorry for the us back on your world," Mimi said putting her hands on her hips. NoirSeraphimon nodded gravely.

"Yes…I realized my mistakes…I thought that if my hope gave everyone else so much strength, why did I feel so weak. I selfishly hogged my power, to appease myself when it left the others and the entire world weak. What I did was wrong…when I was fighting Seraphimon I noticed how dangerous his power is. I noticed that there really, truly, wasn't any difference between us. Now that I see that, I know I can make a change for myself…."

"Well we hope you do well for yourself NoirSeraphimon," Seraphimon floated up extending his hand. NoirSeraphimon glanced down at Seraphimon's extended hand. Then reached out and shook.

"Likewise for you," NoirSeraphimon said as he released Seraphimon's hand. Then he shot down toward the closing portal making a small splash just as the light faded away from inside the waves. Seraphimon sighed with relief as he floats back down to the bridge with the others.

"Great job Sera-," Matt couldn't finish as Seraphimon collapsed when his feet touched the ground. Seraphimon hit the ground separating into TK and Patamon. Both boy and Digimon layed out unconscious. "TK!" Matt rushed to his brother's side. They had all forgotten that the boy was still severly injured and all this fighting and Digivolving must've exhausted him. Joe bent down then placed his hand on TK's head.

"The fever he had has calmed but we'd better get him somewhere he can rest," Joe said quickly.

Noir Universe

NoirSeraphimon burst from the mirror from the throne room covered in a shroud of darkness. The darkness completely covered his form until it dispersed to reveal Takeru and Patamon. Patamon sighed catching his breath on top of Takeru's head. Takeru was in the same state holding his side. Takeru limped over to his throne behind the mirror. Takeru's pace was slow and his breaths labored and harsh as it hurt coming out of his throat. Numerous times Takeru nearly tripped about to fall over, but he caught himself enough to continue walking. Takeru crawled up to his throne then sat in it. Takeru's eyes glanced up at the hole in the ceiling to see sunlight pouring out of it. The sun hit him and oddly enough he felt greatful for it's embrace, but then spiteful for feeling he didn't deserve it. Takeru pressed a button on the arm of the chair making the hideaway mirror sink into the ground. Takeru then glanced at the buttons on his left chair then raised his hands above the buttons.

"Takeru, you should probably save your strength…" Patamon muttered to the boy.

"No…I…have to do this…" Takeru pressed one button and a holographic screen appeared before him. Takeru slowly began typing away lacking the vigor and quickness his fingers once had when he used this chair. He even seemed to have a hard time pushing down the buttons. Then the holo-screen showed that a password was needed to complete the following operation. "A-N-G-E-M-O-N…Angemon…" The screen blinked password accepted as suddenly there seemed to be a uproar of joyous screams. Takeru sighed listening to the joyous screams of human and Digimon alike thankful.

"Takeru…what did you just do?" Patamon asked.

"All the people trapped in the dungeon, have been released," Takeru said. Takeru reached for the necklace around his neck with a symbol of a crown. He simply tossed it aside to the floor then slumped back in the chair. "Defeat never felt so…right…"

"Hey seems like he's back," said a voice. Takeru opened his eyes half way to see that the other Noir Digidestined entered the room. "We thought something was up with all of these people and Digimon suddenly bursting out of the bottom of the castle," Taichi said.

"That's where that prison was, right?" Yamatto asked.

"…Yeah… glad I could…help do some good…" Takeru said weakly.

"Now, all we have to do is clean up," Koushiro sighed. "We have to return power back to their correct leaders, restore corrupted Digimon, return the Digimon to the Digital World, and find some way to patch things back up so that they seem civil,"

"Yeah…I'll handle the world leaders…" Takeru sighed closing his eyes. "I just really need to gather my strength again before I do anything though…" After Takeru muttered those words everything went quiet. Takeru assumed the others had left him when he said he needed rest. Suddenly, he heard this annoying squeaky sound. It sound like wheels that hadn't been oiled in quite some time, but he was too tired to care about what it was. However, his senses were telling him the object was getting closer to his person. Knowing that he was at the moment defenseless he thought it bad to try and ignore it at this point. The noise stopped when it reached in front of him, and just as he opened his eyes half way, Takeru's eyes shot wide open at what he saw. He saw a roller cart like one you would find in a kitchen to transport fancy food. Takeru supposed it was fetched from the kitchen, but what was on the cart is what caught his attention. It's a white and blue frosted cake, nine candles, and the words "Happy Birthday Takeru" were written on the cake in icing. Below the name was a very accurate icing drawing of the crest of hope. Takeru looked up from the cake to the Noir Digidestined who all looked at him with mixed emotions.

"Happy Birthday TK!" they exclaimed using his nickname and pushing the cake closer to him so he could blow them out. Takeru over just stared back at them mouth hanging loose off his jaw. A minute went by until Takeru somewhat got over his shock to speak.

"W-what, is this?" Takeru asked honestly unsure.

"Your birthday cake I made," Mimi said. "It should be delicious, I think I could make a career out of this," she mused.

"Why are you giving this to me though?" Takeru said.

"Well one it's your birthday," Taichi said.

"And two, as…a way of saying we're sorry," Yamatto said. Takeru jerked back as if a fist hit him in the stomach and a lump grew in his throat. "We didn't realize how much we were apart of how you became…you…" Takeru stared at them all then finally tears poured down his face mixed in with a look of anger.

"I don't deserve this!" he yelled. The worlds were off balanced because he had brought too much darkness into it. So during his time with TK and his world, light had begun to seep into his heart. Although his darkness tried to fight it back, it was impossible now. Like his world, Takeru was no more balanced with light and darkness. He recognized his wrong doings now, and it pained him. "I did horrible things to you guys and I didn't feel bad for it at all. I was going to kill you! I can't take your apology…"

"We forgive you though," Hikari said. Takeru looked at her with pure remorse. "We forgive you because we know that it wasn't your entire fault. We're glad to have you back to how you should be,"

"This isn't who I am though!"

"But it's not who you want to be anymore, is it?" Sora asked.


"Then it's time to let go and move on," Gatomon said. "I've done bad things before,"

"I turned on you all for selfish reasons,"

"Well we all hated you for selfish reasons. Our time with TK showed us how things could be, and how when he was with us he started becoming you…." Jyou said.

Takeru was surprised to hear that, "Really?"

"Yeah, it showed that we needed to look in the mirror look out our own errors…seems we have quite a few ourselves," Agumon said scratching the back of his head.

"So, if we want change, we should do something about it," Tentomon said.

"We don't have to resort to fighting to do it either," Mimi added.

"The way I see it, if we can forgive you then you should be able to forgive us," Koushrio said.

"Now we should be able to put this all behind us, can't we?" Biyomon asked.

"Yes…we should," Patamon said looking down at Takeru. "Takeru, this is really important you make the right decision. That pain…in your chest," Patamon floated down to his partner's lap then placed a paw on the blood stain on his shirt above his chest. "It might go away if you people in again…"

Takeru looked at his partner then turned toward his friends, and then to the cake before him. Takeru closed his eyes then inhaled a breath. He then blew out the candles on his birthday cake before the wax could burn out and onto the cake. The others clapped for him in celebration for the anniversary of his birth. Takeru opened his eyes to look at his friends and they seemed surprised to look at them again.

Takeru's eyes became a dark cerulean blue.

Adventure Universe

TK's eyes twitched from underneath his eyelids showing that he was begging to gain consciousness. TK's eyes opened up half way to stare into a ceiling of a room. He didn't know where he was but he felt weird, as he tried to shake off his sleepiness. TK groaned as he sat up rubbing his head, he cringed performing the motion, then began messaging his shoulder. TK looked around to notice he was alone in a room he was unfamiliar with. However, upon a second glance he realized that he's in his brother's room, at his Dad's apartment. TK sighed upon realizing that everything is as it should be. He looked out a window to see it was dark out still, the sun hadn't risen yet. TK pulled himself up from the bed with a bit of difficulty and pain shooting through his body. He was surprised he had sustained this much damage while in his mega form. TK glanced at the door noticing shadows moving franticly around and hearing a lot of noise. TK raised an eyebrow at it, and stood up leaning on the bed post.

"Patamon?" TK said aloud. He saw no one in the room with him, so he assumed that Patamon might be out there. TKwalked over to the door holding his side as he approached the door. TK reached for the door knob then turned it, and as he did he saw the room is in complete darkness. TK squints his eyes trying to see through the darkness, but having no such luck. However, a six sense in his mind is telling him that not to be alarmed. Relying on this six sense he walk into the darkness, and he knew full well that he wasn't alone. TK, growing tired of the game, reached toward a wall for a light switch. He found it then flipped it to get a big-

"SURPRISE!" called out everyone. TK saw that all of the Digidestined, their parents, his parents, and all the Digimon were in the room. "Happy Birthday TK!" TK was rightfully a little shocked and put off seeing this. Patamon quickly scurried over to his partner seeing as his wings were all bandaged up. TK bent down to pick up the Digimon.

"Happy Birthday TK," Patamon smiled at his partner.

"Thanks," TK said hugging the Digimon. TK sat Patamon on his head as he went to greet his other friends.

"Glad to see you're alright TK," Mimi said smiling at him. "That was quite a bump you had,"

"More like a couple of rough bumps," Tai corrected.

"Boy you should really show us a move or two," Agumon complemented. TK bashfully rubbed his hand behind his head.

"So, what was it like?" Izzy asked TK burning with curiosity. "Being a Digimon?" The Digidestined were very curious about the answer.

"It was…amazing…" TK said trying to describe the feeling. "I had all this power…flowing around me…I didn't feel like me anymore…but someone else,"

"That does sound incredible," Sora said intertwining her fingers.

"Yeah…to bad it hurts too," TK said rubbing his shoulder.

"Well good thing all your injuries weren't too serious," Joe's brother said.

"Whatever that power was it must've protected you from serious harm," Izzy surmised.

"Yeah…hate to think where we'd be without it…" Patamon muttered.

"You guys would still find a way," Kairi said walking over to TK's side with her hands behind her back. "Since it's your birthday now, ready for your present,"

"Will it make me feel better?" TK asked.

"I think so," Kari said with a bright smile. TK's eyes followed as she approached closer with her hands still behind her back with a smile. TK raised an eyebrow sensing some kind of trickery at work. Kairi leaned forward then puckered her lips then gave TK a small kiss on the cheek that made his whole face fall in shock. Kairi pulled away smiling as TK still had that goofy look on his face. He brought a hand to his cheek as he stared at Kairi. "Better?"

"…Yeah…" TK muttered. His body suddenly went numb.

"Let's cut the cake!" Agumon exclaimed.

This brought TK to attention that he wasn't the only one in the room. Everyone quickly switched to party mode to enjoy the celebration.

(1 Week Later)

The world was becoming much more stable and the flashes of the other world were beginning to lessen over time. The Digimon had to return back to the Digi World since they weren't neededanymore.

"How's my little world savior doing?" asked Nancy as she checked in on TK who was walking around normal and flexing his muscles checking for soreness.

"I feel great, feels like I never got in a fight," TK said rolling his shoulder, however it seemed he still had some aching in it as he cringed half way through the motion. "Almost like it never happened," TK said rubbing his shoulder. TK supposed that since Digimon heal pretty quick, and he himself fused with a Digimon the same most apply to him now. "Feels weird though…"

"What does?"

"Seeing me, do all that stuff," TK said sitting on his bed.

"Well you are incredible just like all your friends," she said sweetly. TK smiled at his mother. He supposed that Takeru never truly had the support of the family he thought he didn't have. "Ya know TK, I was able to figure out that wasn't really you,"

TK looked at his mother surprised, "R-really, did he hurt you?" TK asked quickly.

"No, nothing like that…he just seemed a bit confused of what was right, and what was wrong. He did help me realize that our situation isn't perfect, but…you do know I love you, don't you?" TK tilted his head at his mother. TK had never questioned his parent's love, or his brother's. Although…there were times of doubt in the back of his mind.

"I…used to have doubts…" TK admitted. TK learned that hiding these feelings doesn't make them go away, and pushing them aside just makes them grow stronger over time. The point is to accept that darkness, not be ashamed of it, but don't allow it to become a part of you. "But I've learned that it doesn't matter, since we all have doubts. I decided not to let the doubts tell me what to believe, and I just…did what I had to,"

"Is that, your Digimon talking or you?" she asked.

"A little of both,"

"Well I'm glad your alright, and I hope that Takeru will find what he needs in order to become as strong as you are," Nancy said wrapping TK in a loving embrace that TK instantly returned.

"I love you mommy," TK said. She smiled at him as she left his room. TK smiled as she left then a curious thought passed through his mind. He grabbed his Digivice off the night stand. TK hurried over to his bathroom then held up his Digivice to his mirror. He hoped that maybe it still work since after all NoirSeraphimon said it would take some time for the worlds to separate properly. For a while nothing happened until a rainbow of colors began to pulsate around the Digivice and then in turn the mirror. The mirror was a little unclear with the image quite faded as if a bad reception. The link wasn't completely destroyed luckily. "Hey Takeru,"

"TK?" Takeru muttered surprised to see his other. "What are you doing?"

"I wanted to see how things were going, since you decided to turn over a new leaf,"

"Nothing new about it, just…becoming who I'm supposed to be,"

"What are you up to now?"

"Well, I've mostly rested up, the Digimon in our world have been put back, darkness no longer reigns here, and…I have a meeting with the world leaders today to discuss my…step down from power,"

"Last night in the big castle huh," TK said smirking.

"Yeah…" Takeru groaned obviously he was going to miss it. "But it's gotta be torn down, I plan on doing myself, maybe…" TK noted how unsure he sounded.

"Something wrong?"

"Nothing, just said goodbye to Patamon for a while," TK's eyes opened widely.

"Takeru, why?"

"Because all Digimon had to go back to the Digital World, it's where the belong, and the world is on edge enough with me around,"

TK didn't like how this was sounding. "Takeru, you have no protection. Your friends may've forgiven you, but the world is still pretty upset with you….they might-,"

"Listen," Takeru said cutting offTK. "I know the risks, and I'm prepared for whatever happens. I'm here at the UN, so wish me luck,"

"But, what are you gonna do?" TK asked trying to decipher Takeru's emotions through the muffled vision.

"Metaphorically speaking," Takeru began sadness and regret lacing his voice. "Jump off a cliff…" At that the picture completely vanished from TK's view.

"Oh man…" TK had a bad feeling for Takeru. TK turned around to see Patamon flying up to him from behind. TK was shocked to see his Digimon appear behind him. "P-P-Patamon…I-I thought you went back to your world,"

"I did, but I had a talk with my other and he seemed really upset. Apparently, Takeru forced him to go back to Digi World. He's stuck there with no way of getting back to him. We have to do something!"

"How did you get here?"

"Some left over energy from our mega form, and the fact the dimension are still a bit of wack helped,"

"Then why can't the other Patamon do the same?" TK wondered.

"We can wonder later, we gotta go!" Patamon exclaimed pulling TK's sleeve. "Get your Digivice we're pulling a rescue!"

Noir Universe

"So, explain to us, what your purpose is here," asked one of the world leaders, Great Britain in fact, one of the waning forced that fought against Takeru's tyranny. The room was filled with press everywhere and Takeru simply stood at the podium in front of the most powerful people in the world. He had no one on his team however, completely alone, not one Digimon or other being with him. Even his own partner Digimon was nowhere to be seen. However, they all seemed to be on edge anyway, since this so called mere child brought the entire planet to it's knees.

"I've come to return power back to the world leaders that rightfully deserved them, or other various ways that got these titles," Takeru said. He admitted he was no politician. "I'm calling this entire war to an end, and I willfully surrender,"

"What kind of ploy are you trying to play here!" exclaimed Germany.

"What?" Takeru asked looking at the leader with disbelief.

"You single handedly shook the world with your legion of monsters, called…Digimon…and now with your foot on our throats your calling it even!" France argued. "We all beg to disagree,"

"Hmph, a room full of people who all agree on one thing…" Takeru muttered. "Listen, my reasons are my own…I just…don't want this anymore…I plan on working with you all…or not, it doesn't matter to me at this point. I just don't want the fighting to continue,"

"You're willingly surrendering even though you have a real chance of winning?" asked the Bristish representative and challenging Takeru.

"Listen," Takeru said sternly growing annoyed with the questioning. "I'm done fighting, you all can either do what's right and simply break up the power and give it their respective owner. If some of you get greedy with the idea of taking my empire from me, that's your choice," Takeru said shrugging. "I'm done," Takeru said simply then walked away from the stand. He walked toward the exit of the room surprised that no one hindered him, or tried to take his life right then and there. Takeru did suppose that now that he surrendered and he was clearly the future victor of the battle, it would seem cruel to simply kill him on camera in front of millions. No, they couldn't do that anymore…it had to be covert now, and Takeru knew this.

Takeru left the building with reporters and such hounding him endlessly. Takeru got into his car then rode off in the limo that was to be his ride around until he returned to Japan. Takeru rode quietly in the back of the car as his driver was silent. Takeru wouldn't be surprised if the driver was out to get him too. He could tell the driver was nervous, but his mere presence could do that. Finally, Takeru faced forward looking at his driver's face through the mirror.

"So, your mission is to kill me isn't it?" Takeru asked. The Driver visibly cringed as if surprised he was being spoken or that his target knew he was a target. "It doesn't matter to me anymore anyway…I'm done with everything," The driver seemed surprised although he visibly calmed as well.

"So, you're saying you want to die?" the man asked.

"I don't know what I want…" Takeru said honestly. "I never have, but I know I don't want this…weather I live or die, just doesn't matter to me anymore…"

"Why?" the driver asked genuine curiosity in his voice.

"Why not?" Takeru countered. "My existence brought terror and pain onto the world,"

"Please, don't be so self centered," the Driver said waving off the boy's comment. "The world was messed up long before any of us were here, you just brought a new type of ruination,"

"Why does that matter?" Takeru said surprised of the Driver's way of down playing him.

"Because, your just a kid, evil dictator, but a kid none the less," The driver was even more relaxed placing one hand on the wheel now driving like he was driving a regular sports car. "I've heard that you were apart of this group that helped settled down all that chaos going down in Japan, and that crazy continent in the sky,"

"Yeah…that was me and my friends…" Takeru muttered.

"Seems to me like you existing helped save us,"

"I did terrible things,"

"But you also did some good things too,"

"I don't deserve forgiveness,"

"Then earn it,"

"I don't want to!"

"Why not?"

"Because…" Takeru muttered unsure of his next answer. "Because I'm not worth it…"

"That's not really fair is it?" the Driver asked. Upon his question the Driver noticed Takeru's confused gaze. "I mean to the people who do care about you," Takeru was quiet upon hearing that. "You probably burned a lot of bridges when you went all evil King on the world. What if they saw you on TV, what if they thought that maybe the old you was coming back to them. What if they wanted to sit and talk to you about things, I mean, you made the mess the least you can do is help clean up," Takeru held his arms around his body tightly.

"What if…I did want all that…what could I do…I'm as good as dead, and your superiors won't accept you just letting me go," Takeru stated sadly as he wiped a tear from his eye. "I don't know what I want…"

"Well I suggest you go and find out what it is you're missing, and figure things out. As I said, you're just a kid,"

Takeru was quiet for a moment as he allowed this information to pass through his mind. Could he really redeem himself and make things right after all he had done? He didn't trust himself, or his intentions. The best choice he had at this point was to be neutral. Until he found what he needed, "Do…you have a laptop?"

High above the skies in the city above a shining light appeared, but it was not the sun since it was far in the west just beginning to set. A figure flashed out of the light as a winged angel. Seraphimon was once again in the Noir Universe to locate his other. TK's Digivice was fused with the mega, so this enable the angel to be able to follow the signals that Digivices give off with the connection of the worlds weakening Seraphimon could not appear any closer to his other. He dove from the clouds and began scanning the area trying to see any sign of Takeru.

"I've got to find him quickly, maybe I can protect him until he returns home…" Seraphimon mused. However the idea was not full proof since he could possibly be stuck there for who knows how long. It took a lot energy to get him here with the connection still weak, if it were fully repaired then he could possibly have now wa back to his true home. "I have to try though," Seraphimon sensed that he was drawing closer, and as he got closer he realized that less people were around. Suddenly, Seraphimon heard a long bang and a flash of light. It resembled a gunshot. "No…" Seraphimon gasped.

He scanned the dark area frantically trying to see his other. His Digivice signal suddenly vanished, but the only way that would happen is if the Digivice was no longer linked to the energy of the wearer. The only reason a Digivicewouldn't resoate energy is because the source was cut off, which could only mean…Seraphimon flew into a panic trying to find his other. Seraphimon noticed a limo driving away speedily, no doubt he was noticed, but he cared not for that at the moment. He noticed it's origin was from some abandoned warehouse of some sort. Suddenly, a big firey explosion went off forcing Seraphimon back into the air. Seraphimon gasped, "Takeru!"

Seraphimon flew down approaching the building in pure shock that was visible even with the helmet. Seraphimon glanced down to see a trail of blood leading to the inferno. Seraphimon clenched his fist as he thought that such a fate was not only overkill but unnecessary.

"Sylph Storm!" Seraphimon exclaimed blowing away the flames. Seraphimon entered the warehouse inspecting it but being wary since he only blew out some of the flames. Flames were starting to come back to life though as Seraphimon scanned the area. He saw no sign of Takeru, and simply sighed. This wasn't his world, this wasn't his responsibility,and he shouldn't get so involved. The fact he was there was a problem itself. Seraphimon decided his time here wasn't needed as he extended his wings and flew off into the sky and back to theportal in the sky. "I hope you find what you're looking for, Takeru Takashi,"

(Unknown Area)

"You sure about this?" a voice asked.

"Yeah…I'm sure…" the second voice was quiet a moment. "Let's go…"

A/N: Well that's the end of this story. I hoped you all enjoyed reading this as I enjoyed writing it. Now...I realize I left the story off at quite a climax. Now we all know that after what Takeru did he couldn't just say "I'm real sorry guys," and everythin's okay and hugs for everyong!Nope, that's not how things would work in the real world. So I could either let this be the end...OR I could make a part two that branches off solely into the Noir Universe to see what effects Takeru's actions caused in the long run. I'll let my mood decided and your reviews. But I'll most likely get to that eventually. Anyway again thanks for reading! :D