Bella and Jacob a Romeo and Juliet Story CH2

Quil found Jacob were he last saw him,on a hill,under the sycamore he saw him he looked depressed,sulking off into the sunset.

"Good morning Jacob,how are you this fine and glourious evening?''Quired Quil.

"Not so good i'm afraid"Said Jacob without emotion in his voice.

"Why so cousin?"

"Huh"Sighed Jacob."It's Rensemee,she won't except my love."Jacob's voice cracked a little at the end.

"Oh my,that is not good."Quil said with concern in his voice.

Just as Jacob was about to say something,Embry came out of nowere and interupted them.

"Hello my dear old friends,I have great news for you."Embry said with excitment in his voice.

"What is it Embry."Jacob said in irritation.

"Well I heard you've been under the weather so,I thought,us three can go to a masqurade ball."Exclamed Embry.

"A ball?Where is this ball?"Asked Quil

"At the Swan manor."Embry said, as-a -matter-a-fact tone.

"WHAT!"Yelled both Jacob and Quil.

"What's the problem?It's a masqurade ball we'll have masks on no one will know it's us,and besides we havn't been to a ball in ages."Embry explained.

"The problem is Embry is that if we get caught there will be problems BIG PROBLEMS."Explaned Jacob

"Also do you know WHAT would happen to us if we got caught?We could get banished or . . . . death."Quil hesitated.

"Must you two always be negative?"Asked Embry.

"It's not tha we're negative it's that we don't want to be in troble."Explained Quil.

"Come now!Please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please-

"Alright we'll go but I swear if we get caught i'm going to kill you!"Yelled Jacob willing to do anything to get Embry to be quiet.

"Yes!"Exclamed Embry.

"Well I guess we're going to the ball."Said Quil.

"Come lets go pick out our finest wares and masks to disguise us."Embry exclamed excidedly.