Hey everyone here is a new chapter of my favorite couple. I take request songs, so please feel free to ask. Happy Halloween. I love treats and tricks. Enjoy

Chapter 1

Tip and Dash were roaming about around the mountain. Tip then said to his walrus friend, "I'm telling you buddy, we are gonna find something worthwhile." Dash then said in a worried tone, "I don't know Tip. We have to report back to the Grand Council and you how Grand Councilor Proteus gets when he doesn't get the reports on time." The walrus saw his penguin friend look at the Door of Darkness was wide opened. Tip then said frightened, "We-e-e-e-e-e gotta tell somebody." Dash said confidently, "The Hawkins family lives nearby we can tell them." Tip then said with hope, "Good thing, we can see Jimmy."

The Hawkins family and Ariel's friends were all at the BenBow Inn, for a Halloween party. It was after the talent show because Marina would hold the show near Halloween. Tiana dressed as a princess and Naveen as a frog. Charlotte dressed as a pink princess and Kuzco was dressed as a lama. Meg dressed as Jessica Rabbit and Herc was dressed as Rodger Rabbit. Meg asked, "Has anyone seen Ariel?" Ariel said as she came down the stairs, "I'm right here." Ariel was dressed as Elizabeth Swann. Char then asked with a big grin, "Well, Miss Swann, where is your young Mister Turner?" Jim then said as he slid down the stair rail, "Right here, ladies." Jim landed and Ariel's heart was beating quick as she saw Jim dressed as Will Turner. Jim then pulled Ariel close to his chest and said with a smirk, "You look lovely, Miss Swann." Ariel giggled and said with mischievous smile, "And you are just deviously handsome, Will."

Silver came through the door and he was dressed as Davy Jones. Jane was dressed as Calypso and said, "We got the candy for the party." Sarah was dress as Misses Lovett and her husband was Sweeney Todd. Sarah said to her husband, "I hope Kayley is enjoying herself with Cale on their Halloween date." Sinbad said as he ate one of his wife's cookies, "Well, at least Milo is helping Anya with the Trick-or-Treaters by handing out candy." Mushu said as he ate the cookies, "I wander how Triton is doing?"

A ring was heard and Ariel said as she ran towards the phone, "I got it." She picked up the phone and said, "Hello?" "Hello, Ariel and Happy Halloween." Ariel recognized the voice and said happily, "Happy Halloween, Daddy." "Now, Ariel it seems I won't be back around the holidays. I'm very sorry but this is important and it will help you in the future." Ariel then said in fake cheer voice, "Okay, Daddy. I'll see you when you get back." "Okay, I love you." Ariel said with a fake cheer, "Love you, too." Both of them hanged up and Jim knew something was wrong. He then asked his angel concerned, "What's wrong?" Ariel said sadly, "My father won't be coming back for awhile. I would hope he come back for the holidays at least." Jim then hugged her and rubbed her back with his right hand. Jim whispered in her ear, "I love you." Ariel smiled and whispered as she rested her head on his chest, "I love you, too."

Anya and Milo were not dressed up but they had a nice Halloween dinner at the Red Rose Café. Anya smiled and said as she closed the door to the last of the Trick-or-Treaters, "So I was thinking tomorrow we go met your family." Milo smiled and said nervously, "Really? Because I was thinking…" Anya kissed him on the cheek and Milo said happily, "Tomorrow sounds good."

Kayley and Cale were at the Café eating medium-rare stakes with seasonings. Kayley laughed and said, "Ariel did what?" Cale laughed and said, "She was Audrey in The Little Shop of Horrors. She had to dye her hair blonde for the part." Kayley laughed and asked with a smile, "How did she get rid of blonde hair?" Cale then answered, "She needed my help, I was laughing my ass off, she slapped me, and I finally helped her." Kayley smiled and said, "You know this is the best Halloween date I ever had."

Meg said to the girls, "Come on, we do this every year." Tiana said, "Alright, girls let's do this."

Little shop, little shoppa horrors~

Little shop, little shoppa terror~

Call a cop. Little shoppa horrors~

No, oh, oh, no-oh~

Little shop, little shoppa horrors~

Bop sh'bop, little shoppa terror~

Watch 'em drop! Little shoppa horrors~

No, oh, oh, no-oh~

Charlotte was going to sing the first part of the song.

Shing-a-ling, what a creepy thing~

to be happening~

It was Meg's turn to sing.

Shang-a-lang, feel the sturm~

~ and drang in the air~

Tiana wanted to sing this part.

Sha-la-la, stop right where you are~

Don't you move a thing~

The rest of girl including Sarah and Jane sang.

You better tellin' you, you better~

Tell your mama somethin's gonna~

get her~

~She better ev'rybody better~


Tip and Dash were running for their lives being chased by the hyenas. Tip yelled at his walrus friend, "Hurry." Dash yelled, "I'm trying not to be dinner." The girls were showing off in front of their boyfriends, husbands, and Ariel was happy to show her wild side in front of Jim.

Oh, Here it comes, baby~

Tell those bumbs, baby~

No, oh, oh, no~

Oh, Hit the dirt, baby~

Red alert, baby~

No, oh, oh, no~

Jane then sang her part.

Ally oop, haul it off the stoop~

I'm warning you~

Run away child, you're gonna pay~

If you fail~

Sarah then sang her part.

Look around, look who's coming down the Street for you~

Then all of the girls were ready to put on the big finale.

You bet 'cha you bet your butt~

You bet 'cha~

Best believe it something's~

Come to get 'cha~

Better watch your back and your tail~

Little shop, little shoppa horrors~

~Bop sh-bop, you'll never stop~

the terror~

Little shop, little shoppa horrors~

No, oh, oh, no, oh, oh, no, oh, oh, no~

The men clapped for the ladies and Meg looked at her watch and said, "Well, Herc and I have to get going." Kuzco said as he pulled Charlotte to his side, "Yeah, Char and I have to turn in." Tiana said as Naveen walked out the door, "See you, tomorrow Ariel." Mushu closed the door behind them and said, "Now that's over…" Before he could finish his sentence, Dash knocked the door down and crushed the red dragon. Tip was running around yelling, "Help us!" Jim couldn't believe his eyes and said, "Tip? Dash?" The walrus and penguin looked at the chestnut hair boy and both of them smiled and said as they dog-piled Jim, "Jim!"

The three of them laughed and Jim asked, "What are you guys doing here?" Tip then remembered and said frightened, "The Door of Darkness is been opened." Sinbad then said to his son, "You said the Door of Darkness was closed after you got Ariel's soul back." Jim said truthfully, "We did and Mushu saw the door closed after we left." Mushu got out underneath the door and said, "Lion boy is telling the truth. That door was closed when we high tailed it out of there." Dash asked, "Who's Ariel?" Jim turned the walrus and penguin around to see the redhead and Tip was trying to make he looked suave. He then tried to flirt with Ariel, "So where have you been beautiful?" Ariel giggled and Jim said to the penguin, "She's my girlfriend."

Tip then said with a comeback, "I didn't see you put a ring on it." Dash explained to Tip, "Most guys don't put girlfriend rings on these days." Tip sighed and said, "Well, a bird can dream." Silver asked worried, "Have you report this back to the Grand Council?" Dash said as Tip was getting on his head, "Well, we were going to tell them after we told you and Phoebus's family." Sinbad then said to his wife in a serious tone, "Call Milo and Kayley to tell them to pack. Tip and Dash, you tell Phoebus what you told us and tell him to go with you to Atlantis." Tip and Dash saluted and said, "Yes, sir." He then told the family, "We have to pack for Atlantis and Old man," Silver looked at his son, "You to tell Merlin about this." Silver rubbed his neck and said, "Fine, but, if that old loon tires something funny to me. He's gonna get what's coming to him." Silver changed into his form and headed towards Merlin's shop.

Sinbad then looked at Ariel and said with a smile, "It was sooner or later that you would meet the Grand Council. I hope you don't mind a little traveling." Ariel smiled and said as she held Jim's hand, "Not at all." Sinbad looked at his son and said, "Keep a close eye on her." Sinbad left upstairs as Mushu went with him and the two teens were left alone. Jim sighed as he pulled Ariel closed to his chest and said, "So much for a normal holiday." Ariel smiled and said as she started to play with his ponytail, "Since when is Halloween normal?" Jim smiled and kissed his angel with passion and care. Ariel returned his fervor as she wrapped her arms around his neck and Jim said between the kisses, "Looks like I got my treat tonight." Ariel giggled and Jim lifted her up bridal style still not breaking the kiss.

Jim broke then kiss and said with a smirk as he buried his face in her neck, "Happy Halloween, angel." Ariel giggled and said with a smile, "Happy Halloween, Jim."

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