Sequel Announcement

I'm back!

And I'm here to announce that, finally, the sequel is coming! The first chapter is coming tomorrow actually. The story is both longer and considerably more complicated than this one. Still, I hope you'll like it. There'll be a lot of romance, angst., a little drama, action, friendship, mystery, suspense, and everything else!

So, for the time being, I leave you with this teaser:

Lifetimes may pass, as places and eras change, yet there are some things that remain always the same, some bonds that regardless of time just cannot be broken…loves that are everlasting.

We're part of a story, part of a tale

We're all on this journey

No one is to stay

Where ever it's going

What is the way?

"Let me see if I understand this." Renji told her when she was done. "You and Ichigo are already engaged, your brother approves the match and has made it impossible for the Elders' complaints to stop you; and still you haven't married."

Rukia nodded.

"And that's not all." Renji continued. "We, everyone who matters really, knows Ichigo is powerful enough to be a captain, he's even more powerful than most captains; yet instead of acting like an official shinigami, he's chosen to go to the Academy."

Rukia nodded once again.

"That's insane!" Renji cried out.

"That's Ichigo." Rukia reminded him with a faint smile.

"In this case it's the same thing." Renji insisted.

"You know Ichigo and I are connected, you were there when Nii-sama explained it." Rukia reminded him as she began walking away.

"Yes." Renji nodded. "Red-string-something…What does that have to do with anything?"

"Akai-ito, the red string of fate." Rukia corrected him. "Ichigo's soul and my own are connected, it's how we met during the years he had no reiryoku, how he knew when I was in danger, and how I knew it the moment he died. If I hadn't known, if I hadn't gotten there in time he would have totally disappeared…and I…well, we're not actually sure how that would have affected me. The point is, we're still connected; in fact, it's even stronger now that we're both spirits and in the same plane."

"Why did we do it, Luna?" Ichigo asked out of the blue. "Why did we save such corrupted individuals? Such a fucked up world?"

"Not everyone is like that." Rukia reminded him softly. "You need to remember that, Sol. Besides, it's not like you and I, or any of our friends, fought for them, not really, we fought for each other, to protect those we care for; to give everyone a better future…"

"What kind of future can there be when all they keep of the past is lies?" Ichigo demanded.

We're part of a story, part of a tale

Sometimes beautiful and sometimes insane

No one remembers how it began.

That and more, coming in:

Everlasting Loves

(Sequel to: Everlasting Bonds)

By: Lalaith Quetzalli