The sun was shining in the autumn sky, the light bouncing off the glistening windows of the Malfoy Mansion. Draco Malfoy, along with his wife Astoria, had left the ancient Malfoy Manor twelve years ago. Draco had told Astoria it was so they could have a home to themselves, instead of sharing it with his parents who would surely, "Meddle in our business."

Astoria knew the truth, however, that Draco wanted to escape the memories that flooded that house with despair. The days of the War had made that Manor no longer a home for him, but a place where the hisses of snakes and screams of the tortured echoed in his ears as he walked down the dimly lit hallways.

With the newly growing baby in her stomach, at the time, it was the catalyst to his decision to move to a Mansion in a country environment. Open hills with the sun forever lighting the rooms he had filled with wide and tall windows. The colors inside were still variations of silver and green, however Astoria had added a feminine touch wherever she could. Colors of blue, purple, even the occasional yellow when the season called for it, could be seen in the household. As long as there wasn't red and gold Draco was fine with it.

It has been twelve years since the move in, and their only child, Scorpius, had left for Hogwarts two weeks ago. Draco was in a panic because he had not yet received a letter from his precious son.

Astoria shook her head and sighed as she watched her husband pace in his study, the sunlight that made his receding blonde hair shine was a stark contrast to the contorted look on his face.

"Darling," she pleaded. "Sit down before you wear yourself out."

Draco swiveled on his heel, his black robes swishing behind him. "He hasn't written us," he said, worry etched in his face. "Why hasn't he written us?"

Draco went back to his pacing and Astoria tried to hide a smirk. She knew why her little Scorpius wasn't writing his dear father. For he had written his mother, the night he had arrived at Hogwarts and had forbidden his her to tell his father until he worked up the courage to tell him on his own. Astoria hoped it would be soon, because she was really starting to worry that Draco was going to wear a hole in the carpet.

"He could just be busy with the beginning of school," Astoria tried to reason.

Draco, however, wasn't listening. Instead he was murmuring to himself; Ridiculous things such as, "Could he have fallen out of the boat on his way to the castle? Has the giant squid eaten him?" and "It's those damn Hippogriff's, I know it is! My poor sons' been eaten!"

Before Astoria could give into the temptation to wack her husband upside the head, a large eagle owl flew through one of the open windows and let a letter fall gracefully on Draco's head.

"Well, there you go," Astoria drawled.

Draco grumbled and grabbed the envelope off his head, opening it with inhuman speed. Glancing at the first line he looked confused. "It just says 'Dear Dad…', why is that?"

Astoria then proceeded to try and slink out of the room. "Oh would you look at the time!" she exclaimed. "I promised a couple of friends I'd meet them for a cup of coffee! Goodbye darling! Don't have a cardiac arrest!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Draco yelled as his wife simply apparated away.

With a sinking feeling Draco glanced at the letter and began to read.

Dear Dad,

I'm sure you've been eagerly awaiting my letter. I'm sorry it took so long to write you. You see, something very unexpected happened and I've been trying to gather up the courage to tell you.

Draco stopped there and immediately flew into a panic. Did his son get someone pregnant? He was only eleven! The only letters that started like this meant that his son had either gotten someone pregnant, or was gay. This is so wrong!

You see dad, I know how much you wanted me to be in Slytherin. To carry on the family tradition and all that. The problem is, I was sorted into Gryffindor.

Draco stopped again to keep himself from fainting. What had happened? His son had been sorted into Gryffindor? What kind of alternate universe had he been transported into? Draco wracked his brain about what could have gone wrong with his son. Surely it wasn't his upbringing. Sure, maybe he had brought up his son with a little more familial love than he had been, and not as much talk about mudbloods and the Dark Lord. He had however thought he had properly instilled a sense of superiority within the young boy, because that's what a Malfoy was. Superior.

He thought again and could only think that it was Astoria's doing. She was too kind-hearted, too soft. Sure he loved her to death, and she was a definite pureblood, as well as having been a Slytherin when she was in school. It must have been someone in her family however, some Ravenclaw or – Heaven forbid – Hufflepuff that blasted this curse upon them. That's why she had scurried off, because she knew the truth! The only thing worse would be… No, fate wouldn't be so cruel.

It was a bit rough at first, since the Malfoy name isn't so revered in the eyes of the other houses, you know? But I made a really good friend! He's really nice to me, and encouraged me too write this letter to you. He said that his dad had told him that even if he was put in Slytherin (He's in Gryffindor with me though) his dad would still love him. And not disown him… So he said surely you would be as understanding.

Draco frowned a bit. Well, at least he had made a friend. As much as he was appalled by the fact his son was in the stupidest of Houses, maybe having a Malfoy in Gryffindor would help the young Wizarding community see they had changed.

His name is Albus Potter, and I think we'll be best mates! Write to you soon!



"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?" Malfoy screamed.

Collapsing onto to the floor, (He didn't have the strength to steer himself to the sofa) he cursed Karma for all he was worth. Why did it hate him so? This was for all the times he had made fun of Potter and his whole Death Eater stunt wasn't it? Oh dear life, take him now.

Draco threw the letter into the air and pulled out his wand so he could set it ablaze, but before he could it landed on his face, and he read the last, fatal lines.

P.S. He introduced me to his cousin Rose Weasley! I really like her too, dad. We're going to the Professor Hagrid's this weekend for tea!

"Damnit! Dragon shit!"

On the patio of 'Bewitching Coffee' Astoria winced as she was about to lift her pumpkin pasty to her mouth. She could've sworn she had heard her husband cursing. Daintily placing her pastry down on her plate, a little wind catching her thick brown hair she turned to her two friends, grinning.

"Do you know how your husbands took the news?"

Hermione laughed merrily while Ginny just rolled her eyes. The two had aged gracefully, and their roles as mother's and wives had not changed them a bit.

"I ran out before he got to the best bit," Hermione giggled. "But knowing Ron, he had a yelling fit. Just as I was leaving his ears were turning purple. No doubt he'll send a Howler."

"To Rose?" Astoria asked, surprised.

"Rosie? Of course not!" Hermione waved her hand dismissively. "To Scorpius I'm afraid. Your poor boy won't walk away from this without his ears bleeding."

She looked at Astoria apologetically. Astoria merely laughed.

"And you, Ginny?"

Ginny's fiery red hair bounced as she shook her head.

"Harry did better than my brother," she admitted. "However, I can't say he wasn't shocked. "

"Well," Astoria said, raising her cup of coffee as if holding a toast. "To a surely eventful year! I just can't wait to see our husband's roll around in agony. It will surely liven up the house!"

"Here here!" They exclaimed, clinking their cups together, their giggles and banter making them look as if they were schoolgirls again.