Scorpius's third year was not going so well. At least, it wasn't going well on Draco's side of things. All too soon his growing boy's voice was cracking, he needed a new set of robes it seemed every two months, and he was copping an attitude so thick and horrendous that Draco wanted to bludgeon him over the head with a nasty goblin.

Scorpius acted completely normal around his friends, but when it came to his parents, especially his father, he would act too cool for them. As if he couldn't be bothered to be around them. He did not hug or kiss his mother goodbye when departing for Hogwarts, and he also informed them he was not coming home for the Christmas holidays.

His letters consisted of one word sentences and his initials. There were no questions of concern or signatures of love. Just sentences proclaiming a big event or a demand.

I made the quidditch team this year.


No mention of what position, how he felt, or even what the Potter boy got.

Please send me some chocolate frogs.


At least there was a please.

Send me some sugar quills.



Send me a new broomstick. That new StarStruck model is good.


"Fuck this shit…" Draco exclaimed as he tossed the letter in the air, pulled out his wand, and sent a silent, fury laced Incendio at it. It turned into a pile of ashes in front of Astoria's face.

"Now dear, its just a phase, calm down," she reasoned, hovering a cup of calming draught by her side just in case.

"He has been nothing but rude, disrespectful, arrogant..."

"All teenagers go through this,"

"I couldn't have been this bad!"

Astoria raised he eyebrows at him.

"Really darling? Really? Did you, of all people, just say you weren't a complete spoiled toe-rag as a teenager?"

Draco snarled but didn't retort.

"I'll have an absolute laugh about this with Hermione and Ginny later," she said plainly. "Now here darling, drink this before you pop the vein bulging out of the side if your face."

Draco did as he was told and as he sipped the potion Astoria walked off to dispatch her own piece of discipline upon her son.

A week after the Howler was sent, the Malfoys received ten pieces of parchment detailing the very lively events of a third year's life, full of nothing but 'please', 'thank you's', and a vivid description about how lovely his 2 year old Comet Redux was, and that he was just too attached to even think about getting a new one.

"I think I'm even more in love with than before, Astoria."

"Oh I know, darling, I know."

Scorpius still did not come home for the Christmas holidays and Draco tried to shrug it off as no big deal. Scorpius was getting to that stage where he rather spend the holidays with his friends running around Hogsmeade, skating on the lake, and stuffing their faces at the feast. However, it didn't make him feel less lonely as Christmas began to approach.

Astoria smiled softly at Draco as he looked absently at a recent letter Scorpius had sent about Albus's and his most recent attempt to break the ice leading into the lake, so they could see if the giant squid really hibernated in the winter. Apparently Rose had just stood off to the side, shaking her head, "the wind rustling her curls and the snowflakes dancing across her nose" as Scorpius had so poetically put. Draco was caught between a laugh and a gag as he read it.

Apparently however there plans had been thwarted when Professor McGonagall, the old bat, had come dashing out in the snow. Thus commenced the chase that Hugo and Lily, both fascinated with photography, captured. Rose was up close and at the right hand of the picture shaking her head, crossed between scoffing in dissaproval and laughing with delight. James and Scorpius were merrily sliding around the lake with no skates. At one point Scorpius would fall on his face and James would hurriedly kick him across the ice as McGonagall transfigured her boots into skates and chased after them.

"We should frame this," Draco commented off handedly, as if he didn't really care. Astoria knew better.

"Yes," she agreed. "Those three certainly have a lot of adventures."

Draco could not grasp the feeling that swirled inside of his stomach. A mixture of longing and jealousy.

Two days before Christmas Eve Astoria apparated home with a crack of excitement. Draco didn't even blink as he stirred his hot chocolate lazily, his hip propped up by the edge of the balcony to their bedroom.

"What are you doing out here in the cold?" she asked, her cheeks flushed from the bitter wind.

"Thinking. Where were you? You were gone before I got up."

"Breakfast with the girls," she said absently. She walked past him in a flurry, opening the glass doors to their bedroom wide open. As she was starting to remove her muffler and hat, she dropped the bomb.

"We've been invited to Christmas dinner at the Weasley house,"

Draco snorted the hot chocolate and the burning liquid simultaneously went up his nose and down his throat. He coughed and spluttered for a good five minutes before yelling, "What?"

"You heard me darling,"

"Yes but, are you crazy? Actually, more importantly, are they crazy?"

"I don't see the problem, you did so well when we saw them last summer,"

"A mere fluke," he spat. "What did you say?"

"Yes, of course,"

Draco flung his one free arm in the air. He stalked into the room, taking out his wand and flicking the doors shut behind him.

"Dear Salazar, what have I done to deserve this?"

"It won't be that bad Draco, besides, its important I go and if you're not with me it just looks strange,"

"Why must you go then?"

Astoria was taking off her outer robe as she said, with a little hitch in her voice, "Luna's been having a tough time since her husband died,"

Draco grimaced.

Luna Scamander, formerly Lovegood, had lost her husband two months ago in an accident. He had been a magizoologist and apparently he had been doing research on the recent mating habits of mermaids and sirens together. Unfortunatly he lost track of the time and the gillyweed he had taken lost its effects while he was deep under a body of water in Scotland. To make things worse, the siren population hadn't been all too willing to give up the man's body either.

Her twin boys, Lorcan and Lysander, were no more than five years old.

"So this is some sort of pity party?"

Astoria threw a fierce glare at her husband.

"You know it's not that,"

"Seems like that to me,"

"She just needs some family right now,"

"You're not her family though."

Astoria's eyes were sad, and Draco hated that, as she slowly, carefully, placed her gloves on the bed.

"To Luna," she said, so gently Draco almost didn't here it. "We've been her family for 21 years."

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