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Toshiro heard her laugh fill the room. It was loud and annoying. However, she clamped her hand over her mouth and stifled into giggles.
This was Haruka Miharu. She always sat with a specific group of people. For example, the blond who was often seen listening to music from the human world and the brunette who liked parties. There were a few others too. Haruka was carefree and childish. She didn't often pay attention in this specific class and he was sure she didn't often finish her work for it either. She apologized to the teacher for her silliness after class but was hardly ever serious- except when the teacher separated them and made her sit with certain people whom she did not enjoy. The girl stood out from the others. If they didn't have a dress code, she would surely be clad in the most colourful and quirky outfit possible. But since all she could spruce-up was her hair, she often but it in either two long pigtails or attached a bow to her head. She seemed to care deeply about nearly everyone that she knew, hugging almost everyone she laid eyes on. And no one ever seemed to turn her away because, if they didn't like her, she wouldn't come near them. Perhaps that was why she had never given Toshiro so much as a glance. He didn't mind though. It wasn't that she thought herself better than those she did not talk to. It was just that she was too timid to go near them.
"Haruka, please. If I've asked you once, I've asked you a thousand times! Stop talking and pay attention!" the teacher exclaimed, exasperated.

"I-" she giggled. "I'm sorry! I can't help it but I'm trying to concentrate, I swear!"

"I don't need you to swear or apologize. I need you to pay attention!"

"Yes ma'am." she said respectfully.

"Go sit over there beside Toshiro, please."

"Okay..." Haruka grabbed her stuff and plunked down beside him.

"Now... Let's continue." she teacher resumed writing things on the board and soon the sound of pencils scribbling down notes was echoing through the room.

Hey." she said quietly after a while.

She said hello to him? Well, this was new. "Hi." he replied.

"Do you know what class we have next?" Right. They had all the same classes.

"Um... Kido practice I think."

"Aw, sweet! Can't wait."


"You like Kido practice?"

"I guess..."


Toshiro glanced beside him out of the corner of his eye. He hadn't really ever got a good look at her. Haruka had long, layered, dark brown hair and side-bangs. Today her hair was in 2 loose pigtails that were tied with pink ribbons. She had big brown eyes that darted around distractedly from time to time. An array of freckles were sprinkled over her nose and her cheeks glowed a soft rosy colour. She was not wearing makeup (she never did) yet she didn't really need it. It was unnecessary. She was taller than him- not surprising, most people usually were- yet she was not the tallest in the class. And it was at this moment that he realized how cute she was.