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It has been ten years since that day in the hallway…

"Gin! Hurry up or we'll be late!"

"Draco, calm down! We have hours…"


"When have you ever known me to be punctual?"


Minutes later Ginny stepped out of the closet in a Slytherin green dress and Draco smiled before once again glancing at his watch.

"Who would have thought DRACO MALFOY would be so anxious to go to HARRY POTTER'S wedding."

"More like his funeral."

"C'mon Draco…Pansy's not so bad."

"Who would have thought GINNY WEASLEY would be saying PANSY PARKINSON is not so bad."

"Well I'm Ginny Malfoy now aren't I?"

"Oh yes, how could I forget."

Suddenly a look Ginny knew all too well spread across Draco's face…and he lifted her bridal style, just as he had over a decade ago outside the Hogwarts library.

"All we need now is for Peeves to show up."

Both of them gave a gracious pause, even though they knew Peeves was miles away.

"Draco? Do you know what just hit me?"


"We are the ones who got Harry and Pansy together in the first place!"


"Don't you remember Operation: Calf Muscle love?"

"Gods. How could I forget? It brought us together too!"

"Well, I guess it did!"

"Looks like LOVE had a hidden meaning after all."

"Guess it did!"

"If you had told me then; that I would be married to Ginny Weasley, Friends with Weasel-king and Granger and groomsman at Harry Potter and Pansy Parkinson's wedding, I would have promptly escorted you to St. Mungo's!"

"For the last time I am Ginny Malfoy now! Hermione's last name is no longer Granger, it is WEASLEY! And I think it might be time you stop calling my brother Weasel-king…even if he may deserve it sometimes."

"Well Ginny MALFOY, shall we go?"

"I think you are forgetting something important…"


"Our Son!"

"He was right behind me a second ago!"

"Well, he is YOUR son!"

"Yes, but he obviously, gets it from your side of the family!"

Just as Ginny was about to respond a little strawberry-blond boy in a little tux peek in from the doorway.

"Mummy, can we leave now? I'm bored."

"Now, that he gets from your side of the family!" said Ginny as she scooped the little boy into her arms.

"C'mon Linus, we have to get into the fireplace."


Draco smiled as he scooped up the powder from it's ornate vase and shouted "THE BURROW!"

And with a swirl of green flames the three Malfoys happily floo'd away.



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