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Dance Forever

"Come on," I say, grabbing her hand and dragging her into the massive crowd that his literally covering the beach in hundreds of bodies, everyone dancing like the night's going to last absolutely forever. And I'm totally ready to dance forever.

Julie lets out a little word of protest, but is immediately laughing as the crowd swells around her, welcoming her in like she had lived in this mass her whole life. Our fingers are linked together as I pull her towards the center of the mob, her palm brushing mine in that perfectly soothing way that drives me absolutely insane. I love just being able to be with her...

I take up a position and pull her towards me. Julie staggers through the dancing bodies that never seem to stop as they keep dancing. Everyone's swaying to the beat, arms in the air and hips moving at the speed of light. She falls into my chest and I hold her there for a quick moment before letting her go, our eyes connecting in that way that only lovers' eyes can. And man, she's gorgeous in the moonlight. The silver shafts of sparkling radiance strike her hair and she really seems like she's glowing.

The sand squishes beneath our feet and she's automatically jumping up and down, some upbeat pop song flowing from the stereo system that the partygoers had set up hours ago. And it's actually not a crappy pop song about lovesick girls or breaking hearts. It's some upbeat, jumpy dance song that's actually worth listening to. Maybe. But I'm not listening. Julie and I are totally into the whole "keep your hands in the air and jump up and down as long as possible without collapsing" thing that the crowd's got going on around us.

Her hips are moving faster than my eyes can follow; her white skirt is swishing everywhere and her long, silky legs are so toned, so perfect... Julie's already gotten into the beat and I'm struggling to keep my hands in the air (stupid crowd, holding up their arms longer than me...) and manage to stay close to her at the same time.

This beach party was Kevin's best idea yet. He got an invite, called me up, gave me the low down and said that as long as I didn't bother him or acknowledge that I knew him, I could come with Julie.

So far, I haven't seen him, but I have a good feeling he'll be crowd surfing at some point, so I'll have to try not to harass him as he's carried over peoples' heads.

Her hair is flying everywhere around her face; those brown eyes are twinkling like this is the best time she's ever had. I have to say, it's definitely better than our first date was. Those locks of ebony shield her face as she's still bouncing up and down, toes falling back into the soft golden sand every time gravity pulls her back to the ground.

I manage to keep the beat again and pump my arms back into the air and I already know I'll be sore tomorrow, but I don't care. She's so happy for the first time in weeks and I can't stand seeing her not happy. Seeing her happy is like watching the sunrise and just having the feeling that it'll be the best day ever.

Julie turns and grabs my hands and pulls our bodies closer, both of us still bouncing up and down in the grains of perfect sand to the beat of some happy pop song. Her smile is glittering in the light and the crowd around us is thicker than ever, pushing her body against mine in just the right ways that I am so turned on right now.

She lets out a little cheer and clasps my hands a little tighter in her own. Our fingers interlock again, intertwining in that loving way that I can't help but fall into. I wish I could be a hopeless romantic like Romeo or something. Anything to impress her.

I hear the speed of the music picking up from pop to pure rock, the stuff Kevin and I prefer to the girlier music that had just been on. I automatically grab Julie and pull her closer to me, our bodies still pressing together in that irresistibly suggestive way. I feel her chest against mine, and I can feel her heart pounding through her ribcage and through that beautiful cleavage. God, she's so freakin' hot...

It doesn't take more than a moment for her to understand what I want. Her dark eyes glitter with a bit of a devilish gleam to them; it only takes a second or two for her lips to slam against mine.

I let my hands stray down to the perfect curves of her hips; she presses her body even tighter to mine if it's possible. In the crowd, under the moonlight, in the heat of this moment, I feel like nothing in the world could ever stop me. Nothing.

She allows me to be the dominant one as our kiss deepens. Julie leans into me a bit more, offering herself up for my full taking. And I keep my focus on her lips that are so roughly pressing against mine. I take the reigns and begin to frantically hold her closer so not to lose her in this endless ocean of moving bodies. I first nibble on her lower lip as one of her legs wraps around one of mine. She bites at my upper lip right back, unafraid to fight back as if this were some sort of silent war.

Julie finally gives me my moment and opens her mouth, letting my tongue explore in there like Christopher Columbus first finding America. And if he thought America was beautiful, Julie was twice as good. She gives me free range to explore, run my tongue along her pure white teeth and play with her tongue, those dancing to the beat as we had been earlier. Her leg tightens around mine, and a shiver runs up my spine. I want her so badly. All of her. Any little bit I could get, I want it all.

Her fingers are playing up in my hair; it's short, but long enough for her hands to use it as a playground while our lips are dancing the night away together. Her hips are pushing against mine, and I'm sort of hoping that her thoughts are on the same trail as mine are. My hands begin to stray a little lower than her hips so that I'm playing with the hem of her pristine white skirt.

Julie's lips keep mashing against mine more urgently as I try to keep my tongue running against hers and my hands running along her perfect curves. That luscious body of hers was going to make me lose my mind.

The crowd around us keeps moving and shifting and dancing. They'll dance forever while Julie and I hang in this one moment. This one moment where I can show her how much I truly care for her. This one moment where she's surrendering herself to my wants. This one moment where everything is perfect; nothing can go wrong. I needed this one moment to show her that despite all the crap we've been through, I'll always be here for her.

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