Chapter 1

"Anything else for you, dear?"

Slowly, I shook my head and waited until the bubbly shaped waitress started back towards her station before letting out a sigh.

I looked absolutely horrid, and she could tell. It looked like from her previous expression that she wanted to ask what had happened or what she could do to personally help. And who could blame her? I looked like a deformed monster. My hair was long and knotty, my face was red and puffy from crying, and, of course, my eyes were the darkest shade of pink ever, water still intact in them.

Emotionlessly, I reached for the white marble mug filled with steady hot chocolate and brought it to my lips. I wasn't thankful enough that the diner was practically deserted, with only one other person sitting a few booths away from me, scanning through a newspaper. When I first sat down, the elderly man kept glancing at me with mysterious eyes, like he too thought I was a mess.

I should have seen this coming. I should have known Edward would choose her over me- that he would never be able to hide the fact he thought her beautiful and charming and fit enough to become his real mate. What a pathetic human I was, thinking that someone like me would ever be good enough for him.

It was close to the end of summer when the Denali Coven came to visit. They wanted to be in touch with their old friends, and they secretly wanted to meet me. Tanya was the most eager of them, it seemed. She shook my hand, asked me loads of questions, and even invited me to go on a walk with her, which I had declined for reasons I couldn't remember. Perhaps I had been too overwhelmed by her fascination for me.

After I had declined the walk, she no longer bothered to get to know me better. From what I saw, she spent most of her time with Edward, my beloved fiancée. He saw her attention as a small joke from what he had told me. He thought she was testing my jealousy, on how much I really loved him and wanted to be with him. I had laughed and claimed I loved him and trusted him and Tanya completely, which was true. For a while.

As the weeks continued on, it seemed like the Denali Coven was part of our family. Neither clans seemed interested in leaving each other, and they seemed to be growing close bonds that I could not understand. Especially when it came to Edward and Tanya.

They were always talking whenever I drove myself over to their house- on every subject imaginable. They'd make each other laugh every once in a while, which did spark a bit of jealousy, but not enough to cause me to worry about our engagement. However, it did get worse.

After two months with the Denali Coven still there, I'd always be disappointed by Carlisle, who said the two had gone out for a walk or had gone hunting. Usually I would stay anyway, wait an hour or two before Edward and Tanya returned, speaking or laughing about who knows what. And neither one of them, not even Edward, would give me the slightest attention.

By then, I knew something was up. They couldn't have just been good friends; there had to be something more. And I was right, too.

Edward Cullen, my fiancée, had fallen for Tanya in two short months, right from under me.

When I had confronted him about it- well, he sort of had first, it had only been a week before our wedding. A wedding that the Denali Coven was planning on attending.

"Bella, you have to understand-"

"You love her," I had choked out, fresh tears clouding my eyesight.

Edward's lips had pressed together sternly, but he did not deny it. He put a comforting, icy hand on my shoulder and said. "Bella, I'm sorry. I wasn't planning on this happening- I never was. But things like this happen, and… again, I apologize. I'm breaking a promise to you…and as much as I don't want to, I must. You have to understand my position, Bella…"

I had been crying so much; I could remember it perfectly. "T-Then…you don't want to get married…not to me anyway…"

Edward sighed regrettably, and placed his other hand on my other shoulder. "Bella, listen to me. I truly am sorry. This is all my fault, but I'm afraid there's nothing I can do to stop it. Even if we can't be together anymore…even if I don't love you the way I did…I still want you to be apart of this family. And I'm certain everyone else does as-"

Then, I had jerked out of his grasp and took off. I never turned to look back at the vampire I thought I was meant to be with. I just searched frantically for my truck, hoping I could find it and drive it off a cliff.

The tears were everywhere, all down my face and eyes and probably my sleeves as well.

I had to get out of there…away from everything…

The sound of the small door attached to the counter broke my thoughts as the waitress brushed past me and delivered a plate of meat and potatoes to the gentleman a couple booths away. On her way back, she approached my table one more time and gave me a warm, but concerned smile as she planted a hand on the edge of the table.

"Are you sure there's nothing else you need, dear?"

Yes, I wanted to say. I needed Edward back. I needed my vampire family back and my happiness back.

Giving her the best smile I could, I shook my head, and dabbed at the edge of my eyes with a napkin.

"Is it a boy?" The waitress guessed as she snatched my empty mug and headed off to refill it.

Sniffling, I replied. "You have no idea."

I didn't even know where I was, truthfully. I remembered roaring my truck to life and crazily driving off, not really caring where I was going. All I needed was to be free of the place and all it's memories. I had to be driving for at least two hours, my only music being my sniffling and choked sobs as more tears had fallen. And the next thing I knew, I had decided to pull into a diner parking lot and buy a nice hot chocolate on a stormy night.

The waitress then placed the refilled mug in front of me before heading back to the counter.

Charlie had to have been worried by me by now. I left my phone in the truck, in the backseat. I didn't take it because I didn't want to talk to anybody.

After a shaky sigh, I brought the mug to my lips again, just as the diner door opened. The little bell rung loudly.

My eyes shifted to the figure stepping inside, and I carefully placed the mug back in its position.

He pulled down his hood and with a small shake, ridding himself of the rain clutching to his jacket. I frowned, unable to get why he was so soaked when it was barely drizzling outside.

He was tall, probably Edward's height. He was pale, too, paler than I was. Hair the color of chestnut, with both a light and dark texture- fully around his head. And to my surprise, he was wearing sunglasses, dark and unreadable, like it would be impossible to see through them.

Quickly, I looked back down at my hot chocolate and pulled my ugly, knotty hair behind my back so he couldn't see everything that made me so hideous. But from what I saw, he never looked at me to begin with.

"You can sit wherever, sir," the waitress called from behind the counter, apparently not yet noticing his beauty and was more interested in her Sadoku game.

The boy, who seemed to be about my age, scanned over all the open booths, and slowly made his way down towards the end, brushing past the gentleman with the newspaper. To my notice, the boy's pace lowered when he neared my table, and he practically halted next to me. With a small wave of fear, I thought he was going to slide into the booth right across from me. Instead, he decided to sit in the separate booth in front of me, with his back towards me.

The waitress reluctantly grabbed her note pad before heading over to the boy's table. Barely looking up, I could see the waitress's shock towards the boy's beauty and her inability to remember what to say. Quickly, she regained her thoughts and asked politely.

"What would you like, sir?"

"Just a diet coke would be fine," he answered in a calm, manageable voice. From the angle of the back of his head, he didn't seem to be facing the waitress at all.

She quickly put the notepad in the back of her pocket before hurrying to the counter, a lot quicker paced than she had with me or the newspaper guy. Sniffling as soft as I could, I took another sip of the hot chocolate.

The boy seemed to notice the sound, and he turned his head around to glance at me. Unmoving, I stared back at him with no idea what kind of expression was on my face. After three long seconds, the boy carelessly turned away, still wearing those damned sunglasses.

Was he annoyed with me? I wondered.

I didn't know why it mattered, but I suddenly got the urge to just ask for the check and leave the goddamned place.

"Want a new life, kid?"

Automatically, I looked up at the boy. His back was to me, yet he was clearing talking. Was he talking to himself?

Then, suddenly, the boy completely turned around in his booth to look me fully in the eye with his creepy sunglasses. Then I realized he was talking to me after all.

I was in shock, unable to speak. I didn't know who this guy was or what he was talking about. But of course, like the idiot I was, I said.

"Did you just call me 'kid'?"

The boy seemed slightly confused at my question, or maybe he didn't like the sound of my throaty voice. Either way, he pursued his lips and repeated. "Do you want a new life?"

"I…don't know what you're talking about," I said finally, while the waitress placed a fresh, nice looking diet coke on the boy's table. He didn't seem to notice.

"What do you mean, new life?" I persisted.

"You're upset," he remarked. "It seems like you need a new life. A new start."

"Wow," I croaked out, dabbing my eyes with another napkin again. "You definitely have a way with reading people's situations."

The sunglasses guy remained still, though it seemed like he was slightly smiling at my answer like it was some kind of compliment.

My eyes then traveled to his pale hand up to his pale face, where I claimed something that I should have realized the second I laid eyes on him.

"You're a vampire."

The boy's smirking expression suddenly tensed and dropped significantly, like I had just told the world his biggest secret ever. But since he was a vampire after all, it probably was his biggest secret. The boy struggled to regain himself again before he said in disbelief.


"Yeah…I know all about your kind," I sniffled, my thoughts wandering back to Edward. "I'm actually friends with a few of them…well, I was friends with a few of them, I guess. If you are trying to lure me somewhere to eat me…don't waist your breath. I'll go with you willingly. I…I want to die."

The vampire was slightly stunned by my speech, but he pressed his mouth into a firm, straight line. I could tell he was frowning, even with the sunglasses on.

Finally, he said. "Come with me."

The vampire slid out of his booth and headed towards the door, not even bothering to wait for me. With a sigh, I pulled out my wallet and left a five dollar bill on my table, and put another on the vampire's, figuring it would cover a diet coke.

I kept my puffy eyes shut and thought of Edward, wanting happy thoughts before meeting my death. Then, I headed out towards the door after the vampire, with both the waitress and newspaper guy watching me intently.

Closing the diner door behind me, I scanned the parking lot for the vampire, but it was completely deserted. There was only me and my truck. Where the hell did he go? He wouldn't flake out on my death, would he? Maybe-

Someone grabbed me from behind.

Strong, iron arms clutched my shoulders and my waist, and hauled me over the vampire's back- where he shot us off into the dark shadows.

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