This Whole Thing's a Mess

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Chapter 1

Naruto panted. His clothes were ripped and torn and blood-stained with his own blood as well as the enemy's. His body had many marks that even Kyuubi's healing powers were having trouble healing. He ached so much, but he still managed a smirk as he looked down at the enemy at his feet, readying for the final blow.

The enemy that Naruto fought had a snarl on his face. His orange mask had long since been knocked off during their battle revealing his face. He looked much like Sasuke, but that was a given, since they were both Uchiha's. The most disturbing part about his face was that he had three eyes, two sharigan and one Rinnegan that he had stolen from a dead Pein.

Uchiha Madara, Naruto thought the enemy's name in his head. The simple thought of the man's name sent a shiver of hate running down Naruto's spine. Naruto could say many reasons why he hated the man so much that he couldn't forgive like he had done to countless others but the main reason was for what Madara had done to Sasuke. After Sasuke killed Itachi, Madara had taken advantage of Sasuke's confused state and brain-washed him. Naruto couldn't forgive him for that. He deserved death.

Uchiha Madara may have looked like a trapped rabbit, but he was currently scheming. He knew he had messed up. He had let the jinchuuriki of the nine-tailed fox live for to long. If he had moved sooner against him, he wouldn't have been in this predicament. He had never thought the kyuubi-boy would've gotten this strong!

As Naruto brought his kunai out and pointed the tip at him, Madara was preparing for one last jutsu. Naruto snarled and dove the kunai towards the Uchiha's throat. Just before the tip dug into his throat, a loud poof was heard. Uchiha Madara disappeared into a cloud of smoke. Naruto had jumped back in his surprise. When the smoke cleared, Madara had disappeared.

"Damn," Naruto growled. The shinobi was to tired to completely comprehend what had just happened but he knew that Madara had gotten away. Naruto's legs started wobble. The weariness of his battle had finally caught up with him. He blinked his eyes tiredly as black dots started to jump around in his vision. When his legs could no longer support him, he collapsed. He hadn't passed out, but his body was to tired to support him and his eyes were to tired to stay open. He could barely hear what was happening around him.

Cries of worry surrounded Naruto, and he could just barely recognize his comrades voices, Sakura and Kakashi-sensei's. They had come with him to battle Uchiha Madara and Sasuke. Naruto tried to open his eyes as he thought briefly of Sasuke. He had come with Uchiha Madara, and Naruto, with his team's help, had beaten him. They hadn't killed him though, so he should have been lying somewhere, passed out. Naruto wanted to make sure though. What if he had gone off with Uchiha Madara or worse, what if he had died!

Naruto's head hurt as it tried to wrap itself around the situation. He wasn't very bright on a normal occasion and being half-passed out wasn't helping him. He finally succumbed to sleep, vaguely aware of being lifted by caring arms.

When Naruto finally woke, his eyes were crusty from sleep and he could only open one eye just enough to see his surroundings. Before he was able to look though, he felt himself being crushed by strong arms. He couldn't tell who was hugging him but it was such a hard hug that he was afraid he would pass out. He coughed, trying to get the person's attention. Were they trying to kill him?

The arms pulled away, and the person was muttering that she was sorry. Naruto blinked, trying to open his eyes farther. When he could finally open them all the way, he looked at the person who had nearly hugged him to death. It was Sakura. His blue eyes met her green ones that had obvious relief in them.

"Naruto, you're finally awake!" Sakura said joyously. She smiled, then coughed and got a glare in her eyes. "You idiot! how dare you make me worry about you! You've been passed out for three days!" Sakura yelled at him.

Naruto grimaced at Sakura's yell. Girls were so confusing; first she had been saying that she was so happy and then she suddenly yelled at him! It wasn't like it was his fault for being passed out for three days. Three days, Naruto thought. He sat up, but regretted it as the room started to spin around him. He blinked again, trying to ease the spinning room and his headache. He was sitting on a small bed surrounded by white walls. At the right side of him, was a small bedside table that had flowers and other little gifts on it and to the left of him, was a window. Outside was bright, and it blinded Naruto temporarily as he looked out the window. He was in the hospital.

As soon as Naruto concluded where he was, he turned his attention back to Sakura who was watching him quietly. "Have I really been out for three days?" Naruto asked quietly.

Sakura had to lean in to hear Naruto's soft voice. "Just about," she said, leaning back into the chair she was sitting on. "We've all been worried sick about you. You shouldn't have pushed yourself so far in that fight!"

Naruto shook his head, trying to clear his head so he could remember exactly what had happened. He could just barely recall fighting Sasuke and Uchiha Madara. They had beaten Sasuke and Naruto couldn't remember what had happened to Madara.

Naruto groaned, as another wave of pain pierced his head. "Where's Sasuke?" he asked.

Sakura paused. She looked at Naruto's hopeful eyes. She knew that Naruto would eventually ask about Sasuke, but that didn't make her job any easier. "Well, Sasuke is... Sasuke is..."

"Sasuke is?" Naruto prodded on. His heart started to pound in his chest. He wasn't dead was he?

Sakura looked down and then back up. "Well, he's alive. His wounds are healing just fine, but..."

Naruto let out a breath as Sakura said he was alive but his heart once again quickened as she said the 'but' word. "But...?"

Sakura took a deep breath. "He's really depressed. He doesn't want to live. He hasn't been eating so we've been forced to feed him through a tube. He keeps asking us to kill him. If he keeps this up, we'll be forced into doing what he asks."

Naruto gaped. Sasuke didn't want to live! They had finally gotten him back to Konoha and Naruto was about to lose him again. Naruto lifted the bedsheets off of him, revealing his hospital outfit. He swung his legs off the bed and stood, trying to ignore the pounding in his head and the black dots swimming in his vision. "Take me to see him," he said quietly, "please."

Sakura knew she should refuse, Naruto was obviously still recovering and needed to lay down, but hearing the hope and plead in his voice, she found herself nodding. She stood. "Ok, but only for a quick visit, you still need lots of rest and Tsunade-sama would kill me if she found out that I had let you wander about." Sakura stood and took Naruto's hand in her own. She opened the door to the room and quickly glanced around to make sure no one was coming. She then took Naruto out of his room, walking very slowly as Naruto tired not to trip. His legs were wobbling, still weak and not wanting to support his weight.

Luckily, Sasuke's room was only a couple of doors down. Sakura poked her head in but no one was in there except for the lone body of Uchiha Sasuke in his hospital bed. Sakura opened the door and let Naruto walk in. Naruto stopped just inside of the door, gaping and looking Sasuke over.

Sasuke looked awful. From just seeing the Uchiha's face, one could tell that he been neglecting himself. His cheekbones were jutting out and he looked very pale, almost a ghostly white. His dark, almost black, blue eyes stared straight ahead, not seeing anything. Naruto wondered briefly how he had managed to make himself look so awful in just three days.

Sakura was watching Naruto carefully. She stayed close by his side, just in case he passed out or ran to Sasuke's side. It hurt to see Naruto's face contorted with so many emotions.

Naruto slowly walked forward, breathing hard. He grabbed the chair by Sasuke's bed and slowly sat down. "Sasuke," he whispered.

Sasuke's eyes moved to look at the blonde shinobi. Naruto, at first, was glad that the Uchiha had responded but looking into his almost black eyes, Naruto's heart fell. They eyes were an empty pit, with no emotion. They were cold, so cold that they sent shivers running down Naruto's spine.

"Sasuke," Naruto's voice was now shaking with worry and fear. The blonde could feel tears biting at the back of his eyes. He didn't want Sasuke to die! Not now! Not when he had just gotten him back."Why have you been treating yourself this way? If its because you hate yourself for doing everything you've done, then don't hate yourself. I've already forgiven you."

"Naruto," Sasuke said, his voice raspy and dry. Naruto's eyes widened in surprise at hearing the Uchiha speak. "I don't need your forgiveness, I need my own." It was as simple as that. Sasuke averted his eyes from Naruto and looked back up at the white ceiling. His mask that he had on showed no emotion but on the inside he had so many confusing emotions that he could not name. He had never felt this way before. He had this ice of guilt in his stomach and it wouldn't go away. He didn't deserve Naruto in his life and knowing that made the guilt in his stomach just burn even more when Naruto was at his side. The Uchiha just wanted to end his life.

Naruto wiped at his eyes as a tear managed to slip by. "Please Sasuke, " he quietly begged he dark-haired Uchiha. "Please don't give up on life." Naruto took a shaky breath. "I j-just got you b-back. I don't w-want to loose you again. " Naruto's eyes were half closed, and his chin shook. His eyes were focused on the white bed sheets; he would loose control of his tears if he let himself look at the Uchiha's pale face.

Sasuke pretended not to hear Naruto's words. He kept his face emotionless and continued to stare at the ceiling, not even flinching. He did hear them though, and they stung.

Naruto looked up at Sasuke's face, tears now silently falling from his eyes. He wanted Sasuke to say something but there was no indication that Sasuke had even heard what he had said. Naruto gulped. "Please," he whispered.

Sakura had been quietly watching the two boys. She sighed, chewing her lip. Naruto looked like a total mess. Sakura silently walked towards the blonde shinobi and put a hand on his shoulder. Naruto flinched and looked up at Sakura. He had forgotten that she was there. "It's time to go," Sakura told him.

Naruto nodded. He didn't want to leave but he knew that he had to listen to Sakura. Sakura could easily drag him out using her monster-strength anyway. Naruto took one last glance at Sasuke before standing up and following Sakura back to his room. Back in his room, he stared at the ceiling for awhile, think about what he could do to make Sasuke feel better.

As soon as Naruto and Sakura left, Sasuke let out a long sigh. He turned on his side and looked outside. Maybe Naruto was right, maybe he shouldn't give up on life. If anything, he should keep on living for the blonde dobe. Sasuke never actually showed it, but Naruto was his most precious person in his life and he didn't want to hurt him again. If I don't die, I'll have to do something for that idiot to redeem my honor, Sasuke thought. But I may not even get the chance to redeem my honor, then what would I do? Sasuke, kept arguing within himself, considering whether he should kill himself or continue to live even though the pain would be horrible.

A light drizzle had started, and with the incoming gray clouds, a storm was coming. Knowing this, a ninja walked through the forest, looking for shelter. He wasn't afraid of being in the storm, but he was still recovering from a fight three days ago and he needed a place to rest and think. The ninja stumbled upon a small cave. He entered it fearlessly, without even a thought of what might be lurking inside. The ninja didn't even get a fire started, he just went straight to the walls of the cave and sat down resting his back against the damp smooth stone wall.

A flash of lighting lightened up the cave, revealing the ninja's scarred face. It was the face of Uchiha Madara.

Uchiha Madara glared outside. He can't believe he had let the stupid jinchuuriki beat him! The kyuubi had been the last demon he had needed to create the all-mighty bijuu. He had even gotten the eight-tails. He was a smart man though, and would not let the same mistake happen twice. Madara spent the rest of the night, thinking of how to get the nine-tailed demon.

As the storm was about to break, and dawn was approaching, an evil smile was spreading across Madara's face. He had schemed an almost perfect plan that the kuuybi-boy had no hope of stopping. Madara stood, and waited patiently for the storm to finally break. Once it did, he stepped from the cave and started walking towards Konoha. His plan would need preparations and to start those he needed to get the fox-demon in on it.

End of chapter 1!

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