Hmm, HannahxClaude...? (: Ever since the end of the second season, I think I've seen this pairing in another light... since they were like, the parents of that "family" along with Alois and Luca. XD

Hannah needs more love. ^^

Hannah finished placing the covers over the wide bed before stepping back finally, her morning work being done. It was, of course, none other than Alois Trancy's bed which she had just made. She could only muse at how messy his bed would appear each morning, she could only wonder how he managed to get it that messy simply while sleeping during the night. But then again, her master, she knew, was somewhat of a sadist, so to say. He enjoyed tormenting others.

Hannah knew this better than anyone.

She turned to leave the room, but paused by the mirror. She looked at her mid-tan complexion. Her visage, as emotionless and empty as ever. But are not all of the Trancy servants this way? Impassive, unfeeling, without a hint of emotion in their expressions. The triplets were the same way, as well as Claude. She looked at the white bandage covering her eye. Ever since that day, when her master had gouged her eye out with his very own fingers, her vision had been cut into half. But that didn't stop her from performing her duty as a Trancy servant, of course.

Hannah placed her hand over her bandaged eye. She didn't like taking it off; she didn't like seeing its gouged emptiness. How swollen, and how unnatural it looked.

She opened her mouth as a sign of surprise as she saw the white bandage becoming stained with blood. Every so often, her eye would bleed and thus changing the bandage was required.

Hannah hated doing this task above all.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Hannah saw Claude enter in. He noticed her eye bleeding straightaway. Not that he would care though, but to her surprise, he produced from within his coat a roll of bandages. This didn't surprise Hannah, seeing as he probably always kept these bandages on him in case the master had ever become injured. Think of it like a first aid kit.

Claude held the roll out to her.

Hannah hesitated for a moment, unsure if he was indicating for her to take them. She looked at his face which was as unreadable as her own. Yet... she could read something in that expression; perhaps something which only the Trancy servants could understand in one another.

Hannah stepped forward, and accepted the bandages from the butler's white gloved hand. Her purple-blue eyes met with his gold ones for a second.

Without saying a word, Hannah slightly bowed her head to him before exiting the room. Words were not needed amongst the servants; they all understood each other well without having to say so. Because they were all the same.