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Eli laid sprawled on Clare's bed, eyeing the brightly coloured room, feeling out of his element. He turned over, looking at Clare, who was typing diligently on her laptop. He sighed, and flopped back down on the bed. He had finished his English paper ages ago, while Clare was taking forever on hers.

Eyeing the blue-eyed beauty again, he let out an exaggerated sigh, smirking at the glare she sent him.

Eli glanced around the room, looking for something to pass the time away rather than listen to the sound of Clare's typing. He saw her bookshelf, a vast collection of books all neatly stacked upon it. He moved on over to the bookshelf, covering up a laugh, at seeing the number of Fortnight novels Clare owned. Eli looked at the many titles of books, but none caught his interest. Just as he was about to move, he noticed a few think books stacked up high on the shelf. These didn't look like novels, so, after sending a causious look towards Clare, Eli reached up and grabbed one of the thick volumes. A well-known smirk appeared on Eli's faceas he saw the title stamped on it.

He had found Clare's school yearbook, dated a year previously.

As he slid back onto the bed, with the yearbook in his grasp, Eli couldn't help but feel triumphant. Clare was very vague about things that happened in her freshman year, leaving Eli to put the pieces together. Yet, here he was, with the key to finding out about his favorite blue-eyed girl. He grinned slyly. Clare wouldn't approve of this. However, she sat at her desk, unaware to what Eli was doing. Giving his head a shake, Eli opened the yearbook. She made this too easy.

There was a slight stiffness to the book, as Eli opened it, giving him the impression that it had not been looked through in some time. He instantly flipped to the page full of grade nines smiling faces. Eli found Clare's photo easily, grinning fondly at the brilliant blue eyes and the face he had grown to love. He noted her different appearance; her then lightly coloured hair was pulled back into a high pony tail, and she was wearing the glasses he ended up running over with his car.

Eli flipped a few more pages, before finding Clare's face yet again. Clare stood beside her friend Alli, smiling coyly at her camera. Eli found this photo appealing based on what Clare happened to be wearing.

A Uniform.

Eli bit his tongue to hold in his laughter, and not to alert Clare on what was in his possession. He found it ironic that Clare spent much of her time criticizing the uniforms that have to wear now, when she wore a uniform when it was not mediatory.

Flipping pages absently, until he set him eyes on the number of themed dances Degrassi had held. one of the them had caught his eye: Black&White dance. A grin tugged on his lips. That was a dance Eli could see himself getting into. He went to turn the page, when something seem to spring out at him.

He saw the younger Clare yet again, although it was different this time. She was in the arms of another. Eli glared down at the photograph. His Clare was in the arms of some guy, they're faces so close together-

Eli gave his head a rough shake, many emotions tumbling through him. Confusion. Jealousy. Curiosity. Before he could comprehend what was happening, he heard himself speak. "Clare- what is this?"

"Hmmm?" Clare glanced up, looking over at Eli. Her eyes widened when she realized what Eli had. "What are you doing!" she rushed over, trying to tug the yearbook away from Eli, but it wouldn't budge. Clare settled beside him, a glare painted on her face.

"You were taking forever, so I found something to past the time." He replied impatiently. "Now, who is this?" Eli tapped the glossy photo with his sharpie-coloured finger, awaiting an answer.

Clare glanced down at the photo, and blushed slightly. She looked back up, chewing her lip apprehensively. "That's K.C." She informed him, trying very hard to be nonchalant.

Eli rolled his eyes. "Great. I'm so happy I now know his name." His voice dripped with sarcasm. Clare raised her eyebrows at him, oblivious to what he wanted. Eli spared her a look, and instead tapped the photo yet again. "What's going on here? Why are is he with you?"

Clare sighed, exasperated. "Eli-"


"Uh, fine!" Clare gave in. "I use to date him. Last year. This photo was taken at the dance- when we first got together."

Eli processed this new-found information. He didn't feel upset or jealous anymore- Clare was his now, anyway, and some guy she was with last year didn't matter anymore. One thing irrelevant of the matter crossed his mind, but Clare's voice cut him out of his thoughts.

"You're not mad... are you?" She asked anxiously, gripping his arm.

Eli shook his head, flipping back through the yearbook. "Mad that you were with him? nope." He saw Clare let out a breath of relief, and continued on. " Upset that he go to see you in this," He held up the yearbook, showing Clare the photo of herself in her uniform. "very."

Clare gave him an astounded look. before snatching the yearbook back, looking down at her former self, then back at her smirking boyfriend. "That's the last time I let you in my room unsupervised." she scolded. " You just end up snooping through my stuff."

A smug Eli starred right back at her, raising his eyebrows. " Well, maybe if you stopped working and filled the evening with other activities, I wouldn't have to."

"Oh, what activities did you have in mind?" Clare asked, pretending to be coy.

Eli chose not to answer, and instead closed the gap between them and kissed her. The yearbook fell to the ground as Clare moved closer to Eli, responding to his kisses. The yearbook closed shut, ending that chapter of Clare's life, and signfying a new one about to begin.

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