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I always thought it would be weird coming home after being away for so long. Instead I felt a feeling of content, starring at the house I grew up in with anticipation. I walked up to the door and knocked. Silence. I waited, but no one was coming. It was possible Mom and Dad were at work, on the fact that both of their cars were gone... but, Clare should still be home.

I twisted the doorknob, surprised that someone actually left the door unlocked. I knew that before I left, the door was always locked, rather if we were home or not; Mom and Dad were always so cautious. I peered inside my home, setting my bags down. Everything looks pretty familiar, just as I never left... but certian things seemed missing, as in the house seemed much more emptier than I remembered. Strange.

I had a hunch that Clare would be up in her room, probably working on homework or something; She was always an overachiver.I felt extremely giddy, I had never been so excited to see my sister before- tell her how my times in Africa were, catch up about how life at Degrassi was, and life at home.

Grinning, I pushed open the door in one swift motion. "Clare-!" I then stood frozen at the sight before me. I never would have imagined ever walking in on my sister, my baby sister, sucking the face of some guy. A guy wearing all black and skinny jeans for goodness sake. What was this, the Twiligt Zone? What happened to the Clare who admonished me for bringing boys into my room back in the day? Or who wore a uniform in freshamn year, claiming she was going to school to learn, and only to learn.

I guess a lot can change in a year.

"Darcy!" Clare shrieked, face flushing as she jumped off the guy. "Wha- what are you doing home?"

"Erm..." I said, looking between Clare, and her makeout partner, who has this irriating smirk on his face, "Surpirse visit?"

She suddenly bounded foreward and hugged me tightly. "I missed you!"

I squeezed her back, never realizing how much I has missed home, and really regretted loosing touch. "I missed you too...And it looks like we have a lot to catch up on." I motioned my head over to where the guy was, and being my sister she blushed.

"Oh, thats Eli, my boyfriend."

Awh, my sister had a boyfriend. "At least you aren't making out with random boys." I tease. She blushes yet again, looking back to her beau. I was then reminded of something- and email Clare sent me way back before her freshman year had ended. "Hey Clare?" I asked quietly, not wanting to draw Eli's attention... not that it worked.


"Whatever happened to K.C?"

Her eyes went wide, and she lowed her voice. "K.C.? We broke up last year... didn't I tell you?"

"Yeah, but the last email I got that you were going to get him back..." I trailed off, a thought coming to mind. "Wait... your're not using Eli to make K.C. jealous, are you?"

Clare's jaw dropped. "No!" Clare hissed at me, trying to make sure Eli couldn't hear our conversation. "How could you think that?"

I hung my head. " Sorry its just, I feel lost coming back, especially since I haven't really kept in touch... everything just seems different." Clare looked as though she wanted to tell me something, but she stayed silent.

"Lots as happened Darcy, and I'll tell you..." She said, but then looked over at Eli. "But I should-"

I laughed. "I get it. I'll leave you kids to say goodbye, then. I have to unpack anway." Clare stuck her tounge out at me as I left, and I felt as though nothing had changed.


"Well," I said awkwardly. "That was a way to make an impression."

Eli smirked at me from where he was seated on my bed, then it faded slightly. "Wait- you don't think she hates me, right? I mean, both your parents already do..."

I instantly felt guilty. It was my fault my parents weren't very fond of him. "They don't hate you, and Darcy doesn't hate you either. I know Darcy will grow to like you as much as I do."

The smirk then retuned. "I knew Edwards girls' couldn't resist my charms." He joked as I playfully hit his arm. Then, of course, when things are comfortable, he brings up the tabooed topic. "So... I overheard you and your sister talking about some kid called K.C..."

I tried to play it cool. Or it did, because K.C. wasn't a big deal to me. Not anymore. "Yeah..."

"Is it the same K.C. who hangs out with Adam's brother?" He asked me. I completely forgot that K.C. hung out with Drew more than Dave, Wesley and Connor nowadays.

"Yeah, thats the one." He gave me a looks with his green eyes and I knew I had to own up. "Okay, so I dated him back in freshman year..."

"Oh. Wow." Was all Eli said. I guess it was surprising how I did date K.C. We both had really changed, and from what I can tell, we both run in completely different circles.

"So, why aren't you dating him anymore?" I sighed. I really didn't want to go through all the history with K.C.; It always made me feel down.

"Well, you know his girlfriend now?" I asked.

He nodded. "The blonde girl...whats her name..."

"Its Jenna. Lets just say K.C. had a change of heart and we broke up."

I let him put the pieces together. "So, he left you for her? Clare, I-"

"I don't want pity. Especially since it happened over a year ago. I'm over it." I really hated pity. I can recall getting a lot of pity when the event took place. I know everyone, including Alli was trying to help, but it only made me feel worse.

Eli grinned, taking me away from my thoughts. "So, you're not using me to make him jealous? Good." Great. So he had heard me and Darcy. She really needed to work on her quiet voice.

"How could you ever doubt me?" I asked me, as we grew closer. Eli, however, seemed to have other things on his mind.

"So, last year, what was your whole plan to get him back?"

I really didn't want to get into the horrors of last year, but I suppose I own him. "Well, I tried getting over him. I deveoped a major crush on Declan Coyne-"

"Declan Coyne?" He interupted. "As in Fiona Coyne's brother? Adam's Fiona?" My blush gave it all away. "I have got to tell Adam this."

"You will do no such thing!" The last thing I needed was Adam teasing me about this... I can't even remember if Fiona knew about it. I hope not. "Anyway, that obviously didn't turn out well, since I ended up giving Wesley a hickey-"

Eli gasped. "You did not."

"Afraid so. Jealous?" I teased, but plowed on. "Then, since I couldn't seem to get over him, I decided to win him back. K.C. needed help with math, so I offered to help him. Things were going smoothly, until he desided he didn't want to study, and he'd rather cheat." It still hurt that K.C. guilted me into that- and that I went along with the whole scheme. "After I figured out he used me, I had enough. He eventually he found me and apologized, but I didn't really care, so I told him I'd see him in septemeber... although I don't think we've had a single conversation since..."

"Well, can I say I'm happy about that fact? I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have ended up together if he was still involved in your life."

I couldn't really imagine my life without Eli in it, and that scared me a little. "Then I guess everything worked out." He leaned over and kissed the tip of my nose, before standing up.

"I would stay, but, you and your sister have some catching up to do." I knew he was right, but I really didn't want to explain to Darcy what happened between Mom and Dad.

I stand up. "I know, I'll see you out." When we made it downstairs, I saw Darcy turn around and looks at us from where she was in the living room.

"You two were up there for some time." She hinted heavily. Wow, is it her job to tease me?

"He's leaving now, Darce. We can now have our sisterly bonding time."

Eli waves to her, and I pull his towards me to kiss him softly. "Bye." And with that, he is gone.

I leisurely walk back in to the living room and see Darcy starring out the window. "Er, Darce...?"

She turned to look at me in alarm. "He drives a hearse?"

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