Disclaimer: All characters belong to L.J. Smith.

Author's Note: Cassie's thoughts on Nick.

Time: The Whole series, I guess

Genre: Drama, Mystery, and Friendship

Date Finished: October 21, 2010

Rating: G

He's always there in the background. He never agrees with anything. He never voices his voice. He's not really part of the group.

He's just there.

He doesn't seem to be the type to do certain things, like go to dances, have fun, have a life. He seems like the type who would rather let others lead and him be a follower. No, that doesn't seem right. It seems like the type to do his own thing in his own way. He seems like the type to hid in the background and lead in his own way.

Can't tell the colour of his aura. It is light? Is it dark? Can't tell if he fights for evil? Can't tell if he fights for good? Noting can be told about him.

You might have him figured out, and then he does something unsuspected. Who knew that he had a soft side?

Comfort me, Nick. Don't let me go.

Then, like a monster, he turns on me. His temper lashes out at me. He tells me to leave and never return.

Next, he's chasing me and telling me to come back. He's sorry , he'd be happy to take me. He's a gentleman for the next few moments. He's the kind of guy l like.

He's a rule breaker. Doesn't like authority. I guess that's why he didn't vote. I guess that's why he wants to give our new principal a "good" welcoming.

But he knows his limits. Knows when to push his luck and when not too. That's good, I guess.

He has bad habits. Some I wish he would kick. The smoking really bothers me. It must bother him to some degree, because he admitted that it was, "a bad habit."

I think that deserves a dark aura.

Once again he changes. He becomes a knight in shining armour. He becomes a sweet, little boy.

He asks me to be his girlfriend. He knows that he's not by "dream guy." He knows that and he still wants me. He seems afraid. He's a afraid that I won't say yes. He's afraid that I'll say no.

Yes, Nick. I say yes.

He misses his parents. I can tell from his expressions. I can tell he wants them here. I can tell that underneath, he's a real person.

A white aura here.

It's all a disguise. It's all a mask. It's to keep others from discovering him. I think I've just unmasked him. I think I know who he is.

He's just Nick. That's all he is. His aura is never one colour. It's different every day, but I know his heart is pure. I know that he means good. I know that he is fearless. I know that he can be a teddy bear.

But, hey, that's just Nick.