HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hey guys, this going to be update whenever I can because SNLE is going to be my main priority, but I promise this will get updated before two weeks pass. This is a lot less drama than SNLE, well more light hearted drama.

Disclaimer: As if I would own Harry Potter. It's JKR's work I'm taking creative liberty for non-profit.

Warnings: Slash, half epilogue half not

Summary: Harry and Ginny got divorced and Harry moved with the kids to the United States. A few years later, who happens to move around the block? No other than the supposed dead Severus Snape.

Pairings: Severus/Harry

Rating: T

I'd like to thank you people that read this.


Halloweens were never good for Harry James Potter. When he was a year old, his parents were murdered and he was shipped off to his not so nice relatives. When he was seven, he was chased up a tree and proceeded to break his arm by falling out of the said tree. When he was nine, Aunt Marge came for a visit. When he was eleven, one of his best friends was attacked by a troll, leading them to become friends. When he was twelve, he attended a death day party (not recommended) and the first attack on Mrs. Norris, that lead to most of the school thinking he was the heir of Slytherin. When he was thirteen, he thought his homicidal godfather had broken in to Gryffindor tower to kill him. When he was fourteen, his name was pulled out of the Goblet of Fire. When he was twenty, he married Ginny. When he was twenty-six, on his sixth year anniversary he found out Ginny was cheating on him. When he was twenty-seven, the divorce was finalized, and he got full custody because Ginny wanted nothing to do with their kids. When he was twenty-eight, his job transferred him to the United States. When he was twenty-nine, there was a kidnapping attempt on his children. Apparently escaped death eaters moved to Boston because it was the equivalent to London, but the main school was Salem not Hogwarts. So it is no surprise Harry was particularly dreading the upcoming Halloween.

"Daddy?" The little five year old red head asked. "Why don't you like Halloween? We're still going trick-or-treating, right?"

"Well princess, Halloweens never really go well for daddy. But of course you can go trick-or-treating. We already have you and your brothers' costumes though." He really wanted to keep them indoors with the house on lock down, but he couldn't do that to his children.

"What do you wanna be?" Lily asked her brothers.

"I want to be a ninja!" Albus shouted happily.

"I want to be Captain Jack Sparrow because we know pirates are better than ninjas." James smiled as this was a frequented argument with his little brother.

"No. Ninjas are better than pirates. Sure pirates get ships, but they only fight with knives swords and guns. Ninjas are skilled in had to hand combat and they have shrunken (throwing stars). They are all stealthy and cool. Pirates are loud and drink to much rum."






"No it's not!" Albus and James yelled in unison. "Princesses are the weakest of the lot and always need people to protect them and save them." James continued in a matter of fact tone.

Harry just sighed and called "Listen up!" his kids immediately shut their mouths to listen to him, they didn't like it when he was angry. "They are all equally good. I love my little pirate as much as I love my little ninja and my little princess. Okay just stop arguing because all three are amazing costumes. Okay?"

"Yes daddy." They said in unison, well Lily said daddy. James and Albus call him dad now.

"Okay guys, time for bed. Your lucky tomorrow Halloween is on a Sunday, so I can spend all day trick-or-treating with you guys. Hurry up and get to sleep so tomorrow comes faster." After he kissed Lily's forehead all of his kids were sleeping in their beds.

Harry sat down with a bottle of fire whiskey in his hands. He didn't even bother with the glass. He hoped tomorrow wasn't too bad.


Harry rolled out of bed because his kids came bursting through his door at eight in the morning. His children no better than to wake him up before nine on a Sunday if they need anything they know to ask Abby, the house keeper (a paid house elf with time off and stuff) for it.

"Dad wake up!"

"Yea, daddy please! We want to go trick-or-treating now."

"Fine get in your costumes." A chorus of happy shrieks ran to his hung over body. Maybe that fire whiskey wasn't a good idea after all. He stumbled to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet for a hang over potions. His potion skills had gotten much better over they years, still using Snape's old potions book, but forgoing the spells. He let out a sigh of relief as his pounding head ache disappeared. He calmly put on his ironic costume of a wizard he purchased at Party City. Muggles have a funny view of wizards.

Harry went down stairs grateful Abby made pancakes for breakfast. "Okay you guys. You know there is one person we have to go trick-or-treating to first, right?"

"Yea." They chorused. "We need to go see Aunt Andromeda. You know I wonder how Teddy is doing this year in Salem?" Albus said.

"Yea, he hasn't written to us that often." Lily added.

"What are you talking about?" James asked. "He writes us every week. That's a lot."

Harry sighed. He children could be a handful, but they did make him happy most of the time so he could handle it. He was very grateful when Andromeda agreed to move with them, so he could see his godson when ever he wanted.

Harry and the children made their way around the block to Andromeda's house. Harry noticed a light on in the old Spinner house, it had been empty for years. He pondered who could have bought it. They rang the bell and "Trick-or-treat!" was screamed as loud as possible.

"Well if it isn't Harry and the children. Come on in dears. I've made cookies and hot chocolate for the lot of you. That means you to Harry."

"Yes Andromeda." Harry said obediently to the woman who was like a mother to him and a grandma to his kids. "Do you have any idea who moved into the old Spinner house?"

"No. I wasn't even aware someone was living there. I thought it was still abandoned."

"Yea so did I." Something about that house was puzzling Harry.

The children ate all the cookies and hot chocolate they got and were ready to leave. "Bye Aunt Andromeda."

They went from house to house ringing door bell after door bell, slowly but surly getting tons of candy when they reached the Spinner house. Harry was about to stop them, but they had already rang the door bell. He just stood behind his kids very nervous. A tall dark figure answered the door. "Trick-or-tr-"

"Snape?" Harry asked. "Professor is that you?"

"Potter even a dunderhead like you can't be that blind. I see you have regretfully added more Potters to the world. Well come in before you have a heart attack."

"But- what- huh- wait- but-but..."

"Potter don't just babble to me. Come in before you make a seen."

"But you were dead!"

Severus ushered the children inside his home. "Well Potter, I'm fairly certain you, too, died during the final battle."

Harry had no decent retort to that.

Severus' POV:

All I wanted since the day I 'died' was a little peace and quite. I've had to move around a lot, I can't let word get back to England I'm still alive. That could be quite detrimental to my peace and quiet. Of course the day I move it has to be a god forsaken Halloween, so children come begging me for candy.

It's just my luck Potter, one of the people I really didn't want to find me shows up on my door step, with a Lily clone, a Potter clone junior (Harry is potter clone senior), and some type of hybrid monstrosity.

Well there goes any chance of peace and quiet.

Well, what do you think? I know it's a little short, but it's only the prologue. The next chapter should be longer. Please I would really like your thoughts. I'm attempting to make this a romantic comedy... not exactly sure how it will turn out, but let's give it a whirl.

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