A/N-Do you remember the episode 'Females are Fabulous'? I think that's the title Lucy had gone on a radio show to try and get herself and the Mertz's to Hawaii. I thought it was mean that Ricky messed up their chances. This is how I think it might have gone if they went to there.

'Finally!' thought Lucy as she sat in a plane headed for Hawaii along with her husband Ricky and her best friends, the Metrz's. She had done quite a bit of talking but had finally convinced her husband to buy plane tickets for her self and Ethel and Fred after Ricky had messed their chances up on 'Females are Fabulous'. Guilt was a wonderful thing!

Ethel had been afraid of flying a bit at first but when she found out that they give you meals on the plane, well….that feeling didn't last long. Fred was calm since he knew it was a free trip.

Lucy had laid her head back and was trying to take a peaceful nap beside her handsome husband when the plane hit turbulence. She popped her big blue eyes opened and she asked in a panicked voice,

"What's that!"

Ricky looked over at her and said,

"Don't worry, it was just a little turbulence." "Oh, okay"

If Ricky said not to worry then she wouldn't, after all….they hit turbulence again and she asked,

"What's that?"

Ricky smiled and said,

"It's just some more turbulence, don't worry, it happens quite a bit in these flights"

Lucy was trying to remain calm when a stewardess came out and she said,

"There's nothing to worry about people, the plane is having a little trouble in these winds"

A big turbulence hits the plane and Lucy screams and jumps on Ricky causing Ethel to

Jump on Fred and after she did that, everyone else besides Ricky and Fred, jumped to the same stage of panic. The stewardess and several others come out and they try to calm panic that spread like dominoes.


Later, Lucy and Ricky go into their beautiful Hawaiian room. One wall is painted with palm trees swaying on it a big picture window showing the ocean and Lucy squeals like a little girl and says,

"Oh Ricky! Isn't it just dreamy! It's beautiful!"

He picks up a piece of paper off the coffee table and looks at it and Lucy asks,

"What's that?"

Ricky looks at her and says,

"It's my schedule for the day, my manager left it here when he got me these rooms"

Her face falls in dejection and she says,

"Are you going to be busy all day?"

He says without even looking at her,

"Yes, I'm afraid so"

Her face falls even more and he looks up at her then says,

"Now Lucy, before we came and even on the plane, I told you how busy I was going to be and wouldn't have time for sightseeing and such"

She walks around the room and says,

"I know, but I was just hoping…you are not still mad over that little thing on the plane, are you?"

He looks at her with his hard black eyes then says,

"No, No, what you did is perfectly normal for a person who has never flown…."

She smiles but then he says,

"What is not normal is for everybody else to suddenly panic like you! It was like a game of Lucy dominoes!"

She makes a 'Ohhh' sound then Ethel and Fred come in and Lucy asks them,

"How is your room Ethel?" "Oh, it's a grand room, just like this one!"

Lucy then says,

"That's good since we'll be staying the night"

Ricky looks at her and says,

"Just tonight Lucy, don't get any ideas"

She says,

"Ohhh, don't worry"

Ethel then says,

"Well, since we got just today and tonight, let's get started sightseeing, what should we do first?"

Lucy walks around then Fred says,

"I say we go to the beaches first"

Ethel then says,

"Oh, I want to go for a boat ride"

Ricky stands up and says,

"I better get going, I got a lot to do today"

Lucy says,

"Okay Sweetie"

They share a quick kiss and Ricky leaves then Ethel asks her,

"Well, what do you say Lucy?"

She thinks on that then picks up a pamphlet and says,

"I say we go see a volcano"

Ethel starts to agree then she and Fred say together,

"A volcano!"

Lucy looks innocent at them as she holds the pamphlet.