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Lucy, Ethel and Fred hurried back to the hotel to get ready for Ricky's show. Lucy and Ethel both took long, luxurious baths. Fred , of coarse was grumpy about Ethel's long bath.

Lucy came out in a beautiful black and white satin evening dress for the evening and Ethel had on a darling light pink evening dress.

When Lucy saw her best friend, her eyes brightened at seeing her in a new dress and she said,

"Oh Ethel! You look stunning!"

Ethel beams and she says,

"Thank you Lucy"

Fred grumbles in a voice low enough for just Ethel to hear,

"Should be for what it cost"

Ethel lightly hits him on the arm and he says,

"But the cost doesn't compare with your beauty darling"

Ethel eyes her husband with skepticism but she and Lucy gather together and talk some more about their dresses then Ricky calls her over,


Lucy and Ethel go over to him and Ricky is dressed in his best tuxedo and he says,

"Lucy, I want you to meet someone"

Just then, a man comes from the corner of the room. The same young handsome Hawaiian gentleman who helped Lucy and Ethel out of the quicksand and Lucy

tripped in the same mud!

Lucy and Ethel look at each other in shock and Lucy wants to crawl under some-

thing and Ricky says,

"This is Makani Hekekia, he's going to be in the show with me tonight"

Lucy mumbles,

"Nice to meet you"

He takes Lucy's hand and shakes it then he says,

"Nice to see you again Mrs. Ricardo"

Ricky looks confused then asks,

"You two have met?"

Makani smiles and says,

"Yes, your wife and I met earlier on the Black Sandy Beaches. We had a short conversation about the beaches. I didn't know who she was until now"

Ricky beams with pride then says,

"Well, let's go on and start the show"

Lucy and Ethel look at each other in amazement and they all go and sit down at the table.

They sit down and Ricky goes up on the stage and he says,

"Hello, my name is Ricky Ricardo and this is my band. We have come all the way from New York to play Latin music for you"

The audience goes crazy clapping for them and when the claps die down, Ricky says,

"And this is someone you may know, this is Hawaii's own Makani Hekekia!"

The crowd goes wild again and when the claps die down he says,

"Makani is going to join us on a few songs later in the night but first…."

Someone throws Ricky his bongo and he starts out with 'Babulu' and all his other songs that he sings at his nightclub back in New York but then Makani comes out and the audience goes wild again and they sings such popular Hawaiian songs as 'Nakaleli'-Lei Pikuke-The Queen's Prayer-Pearly Shells and Songs of the Island' and many others.

After it was all over, Ricky, Lucy, Ethel and Fred go back to Ricky and Lucy's grand hotel room and they all 'oooh' and 'aaaah' over the evening. Lucy says,

"Wasn't that a great show!"

Ethel says;

"I'll say! And wasn't that Makani Hekekia a great guy?"

Lucy says, "Oh, yes!"

Ricky then asks,


She looks at him and asks,


He stands up and says,

"You know, except for that debooth …."

Fred and Ethel look at each other and Ethel says,

"Um, Ricky, I think you mean debacle"

Ricky says,

"Yeah, that…except for that, I haven't heard of you causing any kind of trouble here, I'm proud of you"

She smiles innocently and she and Ricky hug while Fred and Ethel look at each other.

The 3 of them know the truth. It was your typical Lucy vacation.

A/N—Let's see # 1—Lucy may or may not have caused a volcano to erupt. # 2—She and Ethel fell in quicksand and Ricky ( unknown to him ) had to buy them all new clothes. Not only that, caused Makani to also fall in quicksand. # 3-Lucy also caused a food fight in a local diner.

Vacation with Lucy? PRICELESS

The End.