Oh my I really, really love Benvolio and Cordelia. XD They are such a lovely couple. ^^

"Sheesh!" Cordelia said angrily while she rummaged through a basket of newly washed clothing. Well, even though they were newly washed... "They're still dirty!"

Juliet looked over at her friend with a "do I dare ask?" expression on her face. "Um... Cordelia?" she began.

"I knew nobles wouldn't be able to do the work that we commoners do!" Cordelia continued on in her rant, half to herself. In her fury, she had quite forgotten that Juliet was in the room. Now remembering, she looked over at her; her brown eyes blazing. "I asked the son of those nobles who came here to wash the laundry for me because I had other things to tend to. Really! He was so insistent on helping that I gave him this simple little task, yet the clothes still have spots of stain on them!"

"I... I see..." Juliet stammered, not meeting Cordelia's gaze. "And you mean Benvolio, right?"

"Yes, who else?"

Juliet gave a wry smile. "He just wants to be of help, Cordelia; do not scorn him too badly, please."

"You're only saying that because he's the friend of your lover," Cordelia replied. Juliet's face grew slightly red.

"T-That isn't true! I just think we – you – ought to give him a chance."

Cordelia sighed, then softened the tone of her voice. She managed a smile herself. "I'm sorry, I suppose you're right, Juliet... it's just... nobles..."

The Capulet daughter understood her friend without her having to say anything further. Yes, the cruel nobles of Neo Verona, even though Juliet herself was technically a noble. But, not currently, no... she was a commoner for the time being, just like the rest of them.

"Even nobles can change, can't they?" Juliet said presently. "And besides, remember? Benvolio's father was stripped of his noble status by Montague because he was trying to help the people; he was taking their side."

"That is true..." Cordelia said thoughtfully. She looked back at the basket of clothing; the clothes which a noble – a noble – had attempted to clean in order to help her, a commoner. But no, he was no longer a noble, hm?

"Status doesn't matter, does it?" she said quietly to herself. Perhaps her friend had spoken the truth; not all nobles have malice within their hearts.

Just like Romeo and Juliet were not halted by their status to fall in love with one another, so it would be likewise with Benvolio and Cordelia. Noble, commoner; it doesn't matter. In the end, everyone is equally human, and status should not be a rival of love.