The sun was going down and people were out celebrating. Why were they celebrating you ask. Simple really, it was the sixth anniversary of the kyuubis' defeat. Everyone was having a good time. The adults were drinking and the children were playing and having fun. Well actually not everyone was having fun. A certain blonde haired, blue eyed, boy with whisker marks on his cheeks was sneaking his way towards his apartment hoping to avoid the villagers this year. This was Uzumaki Naruto, and although he didn't know it he was the jinchurriki to the Kyuubi no kitsune and son of the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato.

"Please let me get home this year." The young boy pleaded. Those thoughts however were ruined when he bumped into someone. He looked up to see a drunk man with a half empty bottle of sake. "I'm sorry mister, I didn't see you."

"That's …alright." He said. Then he looked down and immediately recognized who the kid was and his demeanor changed. "Hey! Get away from me Demon!" those six words caught the attention of the adults around them, some shinobi while others were civilians. Naruto immediately ran in the opposite direction.

"Get back here Demon! " and " You should just die!" were some of the things said as young Naruto ran for his life. He took sharp turns down alleyways but with the shinobi following him that idea was pretty useless. He managed to outrun them for about fifteen minutes before one of the shinobi threw a kunai at him and hit him in his calf, causing him to fall over. He quickly wrapped himself up into a ball to try to avoid more serious hits.

The civilians attacked him with fists and feet as well as kitchen knives and sticks while the shinobi used kunai, swords, jutsu and other various shinobi weapons. As Naruto was about to black out he heard someone speak up.

"What do you think you are doing? Stop this now!" said a man with a weasel ANBU mask.

"Scatter!" one of the shinobi yelled. That, and the sound of many people running, were the last sounds Naruto heard before he blacked out.

Naruto's Mind Scape

Naruto slowly opened his eyes to see pipes running along walls and laying in about two inches of water. He slowly stood up and took in his surroundings better. "So they threw me into a sewer huh? May as well try to find a way out." He thought as he started to walk forward. After about ten minutes of walking he came across a huge cage that was at least 100 meters tall. In the center was a piece of paper with the word "seal" in kanji.


"W-who a-a-re you?" A nervous Naruto asked.


Suddenly, with an air of confidence, Naruto looked up and starred right into the creatures eyes and shouted, "I AM UZUMAKI NARUTO AND I WILL BE THE GREATEST HOKAGE, BELIEVE IT!"

"OH SO YOU'RE KUSHI-CHANS SOCHI. I APPOLOGISE. LET ME TURN INTO A MORE COMFORATABLE APPEARANCE." And with that the giant thing began to shrink. When it stopped shrinking there was a beautiful woman standing there. She had crimson red eyes , long flowing red hair that reached her lower back and stood at about 5'6". She had on a black kimono with a red obi that accented her curves showing her well endowed small-medium D size chest and looked to be about 20 years old.

"Pretty." Naruto said under his breath.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun. You are so adorable." Her voice was so capturing when she spoke Naruto lost himself in the sound. After he came out of it and remembered that she never answered his question.

"Hey you! You never answered my question. Who are you? And who is this "Kushi-chan", too?" He said indignantly while pointing at her.

"First of all Naruto-kun it's impolite to point at others." He lowered his finger and muttered "sorry" then she continued. "Second I am the Great Kyuubi no Kitsune." She had a worrisome look on her face as she said this. Naruto, however had a confused look upon his.

"Kyuubi? But Yondiame killed Kyuubi." He said still confused.

"Naruto," she said getting serious "no matter how strong a human is they cannot kill a Biju. They can however do the next best thing and seal them away. You just happened to be that child, as the container, were it not a newborn child, would have been instantly killed due to all of the raging youki that would flood their system. I'm so sorry Naruto-kun." She explained, her voice getting softer as she went until she was whispering.

"W-what? So is-is this why I'm hated and beaten?" she nodded her head showing that he was right. At this point he was cursing being so smart, even at such a young age. As he looked down he asked, barely above a whisper. "Why? Why did he pick me? Why did you attack? WHY?" he shouted at the end.

"I-I didn't come to attack Naruto-kun. I came to see something special. Something that happens only once every few hundred years. The birth of someone who is destined for greatness, who will change the world with their strength. Do you understand Naruto?" he shook his head, his face still contorted in anger. She looked him right in the eyes and said "I came here to witness your birth." His face went from anger to shocked. He couldn't believe it. She, The Great Kyuubi no Kitsune, came to see him be born.

"But then why did you attack? You were only coming to see me be born. So why?"

"I was attacked about half way here by a giant snake. It's poison slowed me down and weakened me. The next thing I remember before passing out was seeing strange red eyes. and then waking up here. I'm so sorry. I will do whatever you want if you can ever forgive me Naruto-kun." By the time she had finished she was quietly sobbing. She was utterly floored when she felt something wrapping around her and when she opened her eyes she saw Naruto giving her a hug.

"You don't need to apologies Kyuubi, it wasn't your fault. You don't have to do anything." He said with his signature foxy grin.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun." She said as she wiped a tear from her eye and hugged him back. After a few minutes they separated.

"So who's "Kushi-chan"?" he asked.

"Oh yes, I completely forgot. Her name was Uzumaki Kushina, your mother." When she said this his eyes widened and he stepped back, just staring at her. When he came out of his stupor he fired questions at her.

"Really? What was she like? What did she look like? Do you know who my tou-san is?"

"Wow, slow down there. Now in order, yes she really is your mother, unfortunately from what I've seen of your memories I'd say she is most likely dead. I'm sorry. She was beautiful. She had long crimson red hair, stood at about 5'5", loved ramen, very kind but also ruthless on the battlefield. And yes I know who your father was, but I don't think I should tell you just yet. I hope you understand Naruto. If you were to suddenly tell people who he was you would probably have assassins coming to try and kill you, well more than usual. But I promise that if your strong enough I will tell you when you become a gennin. Is that all right?"she asked, slightly sad because she couldn't tell him.

"….Well I guess that's okay. But I doubt I'll be strong enough. The teachers always throw me out and so do the store owners so I can't learn very well or get equipment." He said dejectedly.

"Well, I may not be skilled in the ways of Nin-or Genjutsu, but I am skilled in stealth, taijutsu and kenjutsu as well as chakra control. So we can work on that until you do graduate."

"Alright I'm gonna be Hokage in no time if I have Kyuubi teaching me." Naruto said excitedly.

"Hold on there, first we need to come up with some kind of training schedule. Hmm….well because of me your chakra control is going to be very difficult to learn so we should work on that first. So maybe that for six months to a year at first, then add in stealth training, and finally taijutsu. And of course we'll have to add physical workouts throughout all of it."She explained.

"Y-You'd do a-all that?"Naruto asked with tears in his eyes.

"Of course. You want to be Hokage don't you?" she asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yea, then everyone will have to respect me and I can protect my family when I get one." He said with a sad smile. Kyuubi noticed it and made a quick decision.

"You know Naruto, I've always wanted a child, but since I'm in here that can't happen anymore and since you've always wanted a family, would you like to be my son? I don't think Kushina would mind. And by the way, Kyuubi is only my title, my name is Miho. But there is a couple things we must agree upon before you can accept. First: you must hide your strength until you are a gennin, we wouldn't want the villagers spouting something like "The demon is getting too strong we must kill it" and actually do it, this includes your jiji. He absolutely cannot know you know about me. Second: Pretend to be an idiot so people will underestimate you. And third, which is just more personal, find a nice woman to be your wife. If you can do all of that then I will train you and be your Okaa-san."

At first Naruto was speechless. He could have a kaa-san, and strength, but he couldn't tell anyone, not even jiji. After a few more minutes of thinking about it he came to a conclusion.

"Alright I agree to your conditions kaa-san. Arigato."

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