Naminé always knew that this moment would come. Sooner or later, she would be forced to admit what had happened. She couldn't lie forever, even if it tore her up inside.

She didn't look at Xion as she stepped out of a corridor of darkness. Her eyes didn't move from her drawing – of herself, the only one she had ever drawn of herself, uncertainly touching the heart that floated over her head – as the Replica took a seat at the other end of the table.

The silence was thick, and choking. She felt like she was drowning in it, but at the same time, she didn't want to leave. She didn't want to face what words would bring.

But she couldn't get what she wanted.

"What happened?"

The words were simple, flat, but with an edge that cut through Naminé fiercer than any sword could, and the pain raced through her, mixing with guilt. She hated lying. So very, very much.

She didn't look up from her drawing, and stayed silent.

"Naminé, please, tell me!" Xion pleaded. "What happened?"

She couldn't take it anymore. The silence was choking her, and with each passing second, it felt like Xion's hope in her was vanishing. If she waited any longer, it felt like their friendship would dissolve into nothing. "I...I'm sorry." She choked out, shaking her head. Nobodies weren't supposed to cry, but her eyes were starting to water. Guilt washed over her in thick, nasty waves.

"So you know..." Xion muttered darkly. "You were the one who...who pulled me out of Wasteland, weren't you?"

Naminé heard the questioning tone behind her words, as if she didn't fully believe them herself.

But they were true, and she nodded weakly.

"Then tell me what happened!"

Naminé couldn't back out. If she didn't say anything, she would surely lose Xion's friendship – one of the only friendships she hadn't gained through pure lies. Even though...even though she was still hiding things.

There was a difference between hiding the whole truth in order to protect someone and lying, right?

"I...I messed up, Xion." Hadn't she said this before? Something like this? Hadn't she once almost spilled all of her secrets?

But if she did, back then, no one was willing to listen. Now, she had no other choice.

Once the first words came out, more followed, and Naminé couldn't stop herself.

"Once upon a time, before all of this happened, I messed up. I tampered with Sora's memories and because of me, a lot of bad things happened." She choked back a sob. She didn't even know she could cry. "A lot of innocent people lost their lives..."

She was a killer, but she wasn't bad. No, she wasn't a bad person. She was trying her best to atone for those mistakes.

"...a chain of events was set off. were killed trying to protect Roxas. But you were happy with it – you chose that fate, Xion. You died like a true hero." She hung her head, letting her bangs fall in her face. "But...everyone forgot about you. Even Roxas and Axel. Everyone except me, but that was only because whenever I went into Sora's memories, I saw your memories."

She finally stole a glance at Xion, who watched her with a blank face. Shuddering, Naminé continued.

"Even though you were destroyed, I found you again, through Sora. By then, almost all of the Organization was gone – but...if Sora didn't do it, then Xemnas would have taken over the universe. He's a bad man, Xion. I can't say the same for the rest of the Organization, but he is." Her voice, already quiet and thick with emotion, went to a quiet whisper, too quiet for Xion to hear. "Besides," she muttered, "Terra needs to be freed..."

"So, we need to destroy Xemnas?" Xion asked, strangely understanding. "Is he really evil? Even now?"

Naminé made a half-shrugging motion. "I'm...not sure. There's a small chance that here, he isn't. Maybe he truly wants his heart back. But the only way for a Nobody to get their heart back is to destroy them, and destroy their Heartless as well."

Xion broke the silence with a loud, bitter laugh, causing Naminé to jump slightly. She looked up, watery eyes full of confusion.

"Collecting hearts is for nothing, then, right? Our," she paused, shaking her head, "I mean, their entire lives are for nothing right now. That's...fitting." She concluded. "Fitting, for a bunch of Nobodies."

She could hear the pain in Xion's voice. Yes, the realization and all of the answers were a lot for someone to bear. It was confusing, to say the least. And it hurt, knowing that the only way to truly help your friends was to kill them.

But killing them would only lead to more hurt. It was a painful that she was trying to break. But how?

"I'm sorry, Xion. I didn't want you to know about all of this. I was only trying to help."

Xion shook her head. "No...I'm glad to know. But, I still have another question. If I was absorbed into Sora," she made a strange face, still obviously confused with the idea, "then how did I get into Wasteland?"

Naminé paused for a brief moment. She wasn't entirely sure herself, to be honest. All she knew was that Xion somehow ended up there. "This is only my guess, but when everyone forgot about you, your body somehow reappeared in Wasteland. Though...I'm not entirely sure." She paused, worrying her bottom lip. "Actually..I don't know at all. Sorry."

"It's..." Xion sighed. "...alright." She stood up from her chair, and Naminé instinctively flinched. This wouldn't be good.

"I can't say that I didn't want to know what you told me. But..." Oh Ansem. It was coming. Naminé braced herself for the oncoming words. The hate. The dark corridor opening and closing.

The loss of a dear friend.

"But...all of those issues...aren't my problem." Naminé looked up in confusion.

"W-what...? don't hate me?" She asked, her voice almost non-existent.

Xion laughed. "You're my friend, Naminé. I could never hate you. I'm not that happy with you right now, but I could never hate one of my friends."

Joy shot through Naminé's veins, and she felt a large smile flit across her face. "We're still friends?" She asked, disbelieving the Replica's words. "Really?"

Xion nodded. "We'll always be friends. But..."

Just like that, the joy vanished, leaving only fear behind. But was never a good word.

"But...I still have a mission to complete. Naminé, you've given me answers. Answers I wanted, but not the answers I need. I still need to destroy the Sues." Determination shone in her eyes, even though her words were hesitant. "I don't know where else to look, but I'll search the entire Realm of Light for an answer if I have to."

The more she thought about, the more she realized that Xion really was like Sora. They both shared that same fierce loyalty for their friends, and they both tried to do what they thought was right, no matter what. She couldn't help but admire those qualities. She didn't have them.

"Good luck, Xion. I hope you can complete your mission."

Xion sighed. "So do I."

0 X 0 X 0 X

Aerith entered the ruins of the old castle, stepping as carefully as possible. The building was deathly quiet, and she used that to her advantage. The quieter it was, the easier it would be to listen for signs of others.

Before long, she heard a voice. Distant, but familiar. She couldn't quite put a name to it, but continued on, hoping that it was Tifa. After all, they were acquaintances, but not exactly friends. Tifa was more concerned with looking for Cloud – Aerith was more concerned with the duties of the Committee. If they ever sat down together, they would probably be able to get closer, but the opportunity had simply never arisen.

As she crept closer to the voice, her heart rose higher and higher, until she could feel it hammering away in her throat. It sounded so familiar...but, as she realized, it wasn't Tifa.

She still crept closer, until she was close enough to hear the words clearly. Her heart fell straight into her stomach. She peeked around the corner, and her suspicions were confirmed.

What terrible luck. least, Aerith thought bitterly, she had found Tifa.

"God, I cannot, like, stand you at all! You're, like, a stupid Cloud fangirl!" Agailia hissed, glaring at Tifa.

But something was wrong. Normally, Tifa would have just punched a cheeky brat like that in the face. Instead, she stared blankly at the shorter girl, as if hypnotized by some unknown spell.

"My daddy doesn't love you. Like, at all. So just give up, seriously. You're, like, so pathetic." The spiky haired girl scoffed. "You're, like, a psycho bitch, and you're so totally ugly. I've, like, seen dog's asses prettier than you. You need to like die or something! Ugh!"

"...pathetic? ...ugly?" Tifa asked distantly, her eyes unfocused and foggy. "...die?"

"You're, like-like-like," Agailia sputtered angrily, "you're an idiot too! Ugh, I hate hate hate hate HATE you!" She screamed.

Aerith paused for a moment. She recalled those words...a crazy clown once went on a rant for 10 minutes, spouting the word hate over and over again. He was swiftly taken to the Radiant Garden Mental Institution (the official name was Sunshine Happy Nice Meadows) and never seen again. Maybe Agailia knew the man.

(The answer, actually was no. Agailia was an idiotic little fanbrat, and didn't know about the sheer epicness of crazy clowns. The only Final Fantasy she had played was VII, and even then she got Etsuko to beat all of the bosses for her. She just watched the cutscenes.)

"I'm an...idiot?" Tifa whispered. "I'm an idiot..." She repeated again, finally breaking her gaze from the wall to stare down at her feet.

"Finally! God, that took, like, forever." Agailia grumbled, folding her arms across her chest and looking away. "Daddy hates you too, by the way."

Suddenly, the fog in Tifa's eyes vanished, leaving behind only a startled look. She gasped, and within seconds burst into tears. "Noooooooo!" She wailed, dropping to her knees and punching the ground, leaving several large indents in it. "My precious Cloudy! He can't hate me! He can't!" She sobbed, collapsing into a pitiful wreck on the floor.

Agailia merely giggled. "Haha," she sneered. "Serves you right, you annoying bitch." She giggled again, and walked away. Aerith made sure to stay flat against the wall, afraid to even breathe. Her heart was hammering away in her chest.

What...what had Agailia done to Tifa? Was it mind control? Did she somehow tamper with her heart?

What was with these people?

Once Agailia left, Aerith left her hiding spot to rush to Tifa's side. The once-proud fighter was still on the floor, sobbing hysterically.

"Tifa...?" Aerith asked, gently resting a hand on her shoulder.

"Leave me alone!" Tifa wailed, pushing her hand away. "I want my Cloudy back!"

Aerith looked around the room, unsure of what to say next. Thankfully, Tifa decided that she wanted to speak more, and continued wailing.

"I want to wallow in peace! Go away!" She let out another anguished wail, and punched the floor several more times. Aerith unconsciously flinched each time she heard the floor compacting under her fists.

Tifa was strong. Strong and hysterical.

That wasn't a good combination.

"Are you sure, Tifa? I don't think you're doing well. Let me try to help you." Aerith gently told her, trying to keep her voice sweet and calm, as to not agitate the fighter.

"I said, I want to be alone!" Tifa yowled, the words carrying a finality, laced with unsaid threats.

Aerith wanted to help her, but she also didn't want to die. Tifa clearly was under whatever spell the other's were.

She was the only sane one left.

That wasn't good news.

0 X 0 X 0 X

After gratuitous amounts of face-sucking in the middle of Merlin's house (Yuffie insisted on it – she wanted to watch), Aden and Roku finally broke apart, panting.

"It gets better every time," Aden said with a smirk, ever-so-graciously slipping his hand under the blond's shirt. Yuffie hollered in enthusiasm, urging them to continue.

Meanwhile, Roku's face turned a fierce shade of scarlet. "Alright...if you say so." He continued to blush violently as Aden's snake of a hand wormed around his body, making him squirm and feel all tingly inside.

Things escalated from there, as they always do with Aden and Roku, and Yuffie videotaped the entire thing with a large grin. She couldn't wait to show the others this. They'd love it!

After they...finished their business, Aden turned to his Suetiful lover. "How about we go out in the town?" He suggested with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle. "We can go get some food."

Roku thought it was a great idea, and nodded eagerly, blue Keyblade eyes shining with happiness and love. After all, any idea Aden thought up was amazing and excellent, just like him. Roku didn't deserve such a god.

He didn't deserve anything. But if Aden said he did, then he assumed he did. Aden was never wrong.

After they got dressed in their most fabulous clothes that Aden picked out (Aden wasn't just a sex god, he was also a fashion god!), they went out into the town. They stopped at the richest restaurant, and Aden paid for the lunch like the perfect gentleman he was.

He truly was perfect, in Roku's eyes. He was the best lover a boy like him could ever have. So truly and utterly perfect in every single way. He loved him with all of his heart.

Aden had put him back together after his amnesia. Aden had done everything for him.

Their love was perfect and eternal. He was sure of it.

Roku's thoughts followed that same tiresome pattern until, suddenly, Aden stood up.

"I gotta go take a piss. Be right back, and maybe then I'll take you in there for a second round," he purred, leaning down and licking the shell of the boy's ear, making him shiver.

(Ew. Seriously. Ew. Roku thought it was sexy, but...ew.)

Roku nodded, but the second his redheaded lover vanished from view, he began to worry. People looked at him strangely, and he shifted uncomfortably.

Somehow, he got the bright idea to go outside. He stepped outside of the restaurant, breathing in the fresh air. He was terrified without Aden by his side, and Roku looked around in worry, as if something would pop out of the shadows and eat him.

That didn't happen.

Meanwhile, two very random, very clumsy workers were setting up the restaurant's second floor – a dance hall, complete with a grand piano. The person who commissioned them wasn't exactly the brightest bulb in the shed either, and instructed them to bring up the piano so he could figure out where to put it.

"Right by the edge!" He commanded, letting the workers shift slightly closer to the edge. He narrowed his eyes. "Closer...closer..."

Somehow, the workers got to the very edge, and one misplaced swing of the arm ended in the piano tumbling off of the roof.

And right onto Roku's unsuspecting head.

He was flattened into a small, Suetiful pancake.

As he struggled with consciousness, he realized that it was a bad idea to go anywhere without Aden. Because then, he got pianos dropped on his head.

Too late for the epiphany, though.

0 X 0 X 0 X

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