Katie came to the strawberry fields at camp daily. Every day Katie would kneel next to the same small plant in the middle of the fields and notice something different about it. There was always something new about it that amazed her. It was truly fascinating.

There could be another blossom on the plant. Katie would look at it, absorbing every last detail for hours. It stunned her, how quickly things could change. It was beautiful. The berries could be a shade or two redder than when she last looked at them. She admired the glossy shine of the berries as they grew to the startling red they were known to be. Sometimes, even though she was fully aware of the fact the berries had the help of her cabin, Demeter, and the satyrs, she was shocked to see the progress the strawberries had made since her previous visit. A berry or so could have been picked. She would notice that immediately. When that happened she would smile softly at the growth she had witnessed. Katie had seen the plants grow from the seeds they were at first, to bright, full, red berries being picked and sold to restaurants all around New York. She loved being there for it all.

Every time she arrived at the plant she would feel peace wash over her at once. The second Katie felt the soil surround her feet and smelled the sweet scent of the berries there were no family problems, no war, and no Stolls. All that there was to Katie was the beauty of these strawberry plants. It was perfect simplicity and serenity. Nothing in the world could possibly be better than this. Every last worry she had washed away upon seeing the plants. Nothing troubled her there. No matter how badly she was hurt, no matter how angry she was, no matter how many problems camp was facing, Katie couldn't stop the smile from appearing on her face when she entered this wonderful place.

She supposed part of the satisfaction that came from this was because she was a child of Demeter; it was natural for her to love the strawberry fields and planting. However, there was something about it that wasn't there with her siblings. They loved gardening and watching plants grow as well, but none of them ever felt the same way that Katie did when she was there. Something special came over her when she was in that place. She didn't know why. It just was. There was no explanation for why she adored the times when she came to the plant so much. Katie simply loved the strawberry fields. No other place or activity made her feel like this. Perfection was the only word to describe the sensation of going to the fields. Her normally jumpy self that came with being ADHD disappeared. Nothing was wrong there. It was her escape.

She would glance up occasionally from observing the tiny plant and get distracted from it. When that happened, for a moment she felt all of her worries come back for a moment, as if she had left the serene strawberry fields and returned to the gloomy days of preparation for the upcoming Titan war. The spell was broken, and Katie felt as if her world had come crumbling down for a moment. Then, the second her brown eyes moved back toward the plant, again she was caught up in the magical beauty of the strawberry plant in the middle of the fields. It was crazy, but it happened like that.

Maybe it was seeing something grow. Katie considered that once after sitting there for hours in complete disregard to her schedule. Instead of archery, pegasus riding, and chores, she had been studying a particularly bright berry in bliss. Soon it would be plucked from the plant by a camper. Katie had watched that same berry come from nothing, to a small bud, to a flower, to a small, white, misshapen thing that no one would ever classify as a berry, to a pink and round fruit, to this widely considered perfect strawberry. The magic could have been in seeing everything. Watching the berry become a berry could have been the reason it made her so joyful. Seeing every last detail of its growth may have been the cause of her daily smile in the strawberry fields. Possibly, witnessing it growing from a miniscule, unimportant seed, to a gleaming, red, delicious berry was what made the corners of her lips turn up when she saw the plant. It could have been that.

It could have been the silence. That was possible, as well, but Katie doubted it. She never was the biggest fan of silence. This silence was different, however. It wasn't the kind of silence that made people impatient and embarrassed. It was more the type of silence to relax people, and maybe get them to think. Even though she loved the quietness of her moments there, that wasn't her favorite part.

Well? Katie asked herself mentally. What is the best part? What brings the perfection encountered every day in those fields? Why are they so special?

She gazed down at the newly planted strawberry plant and knew why she cherished her moments here so much. She enjoyed seeing them change. She loved seeing the plans defying anyone's expectations of them. Her favorite part of this was the knowledge that they would change, and become gorgeous, tasty strawberries. The tiny, boring seeds would become these. Some people didn't like change or didn't accept it. Katie welcomed it with open arms. Change was Katie's favorite thing.

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