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Twilight Zim

"Are you sure about this Dib? You don't have to do this you know."

Dib cringed inside, of course he had to do this. He couldn't be a burden on his Mom and new husband anymore. They wanted to move and travel and he was holding them back.

"No Mom, I haven't seen Dad or Gaz for a while. I think I should spend some time with them."

She just gave him the look. Like she knew what he was thinking. He gave her his biggest smile, and it was almost entirely genuine, almost.

"I've made up my mind Mom. Besides, you and Clint need some alone time, I'm losing sleep at night." Dib laughed as her checks flushed red and she looked away with embarrassment. The house was small and the walls thin. And his Mom was a screamer, the thought made him blush and he looked away. Dib cleared his throat. "We'll I better get going, the plane is going to be leaving soon."

"Oh Dib." She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too mom. I love you."

"I love you too hun."

If Dib had known this might have been the last time he would ever see her, he would have said more.

Several hours later his plane landed and he was looking for his Dad at the airport. He wasn't hard to miss in his white lab coat. Dib just shook his head, he was still the same.

"Hey Dad."

"Oh, hello son. How was your flight?"

"Fine." Dib shifted awkwardly on his feet. He got along with his Dad just fine, but it seemed they never had anything of interest to talk about. Dib liked the paranormal, and his Dad science. Membrane took his bag and they began to walk towards the car. The silence stretched on between them, but it wasn't uncomfortable. Dib looked out the window at the landscape.

"So, um, how's work going?" Dib asked

"Great, we were able to secure a new grant for testing on robotic gophers." Membrane started. Dib smiled slightly. He knew his Dad would be going on for hours about his work. Dib only partially listened as they drove, inserting a comment in here and there. "…but of course with this being real science there was no way they could refuse. Oh look your sister is here."

Dib looked and sure enough there was Gaz, sitting on the front porch, her Gamslave II in hand. Even though she didn't look up at them, Dib knew she hadn't missed anything. He shivered, he was still scared of her. It had been one of the reasons he had chosen to live with Mom.

"H-hey Gaz." He said as he walked up to the front of the house.

"Hello Dib. Just a few rules, don't eat the last piece of pizza or drink the last soda. Ever."

"Okay." Was all he could manage. Then she looked up at him and smirked at him.

Dib made his way into the house and up the stairs to his old room. Everything seemed to be how it was the last time he was here. His old paranormal posters still on the wall of aliens, big foot and whatnot. Dib began to pull out his clothes and put them away, and made sure his TV and computer were still working. He hadn't been here for a few years, and who knew what kind of shape they were in. A honk from from outside got his attention.

"Hey Dib." a familiar voice called out to him.

Dib poked his head from outside his bedroom.

"Get down here you pipsqueak."

Dib made his way back downstairs to find a tall young man there. His hair was long and tied back into a loose ponytail and one of his ears were pierced.

"Dwicky?" Dib asked a smile spreading across his face. He hadn't seen Dwicky for years, not since they were just little kids.

"Oh so you do remember me." Dwicky grabbed him in a hug and ruffled his hair. Dib pulled back and tried smacking his hands away, all with a smile on his face. Dwicky was about the same height of him, maybe a few inches taller. He was just a year older than Dib. "Come on, I have something to show you."

Dib followed him outside. Membrane and Dwicky's Grandfather were talking in the driveway.

"Hello Mr. Booty" Dib said as he came up to them.

"Ah Dib, good to see you again", Mr. Booty said as he warmly extended his hand towards Dib. He smiled and returned the handshake. Mr. Booty was one that had always been interested in what Dib was doing with the paranormal. He would never say anything negative and only asked questions that would make Dib think more, trying to uncover the mysteries. "How are your investigations going?"

"Come on Gramps, we don't need to get into that right now." Dwicky groaned.

"Okay, okay, another time then Dib?" Mr. Booty asked.

"Sure, I got some great photos when I was camping with my Mom and Clint last month." Dib replied.

"I'd love to look at them. More bigfoot photos?"

"No, not this time." Dib grinned. "I think I got a spaceship."

"Really?" Mr. Booty seemed quite interested.

"Gramps!" Dwicky groaned. "You promised not today."

"Well what do you think?" Membrane asked as he cleared his throat.

"About what?" Dib asked.

Dwicky laughed and gave him a small punch in the arm.

"Your new car."

Dib looked at the car that sat before him, and his mouth dropped open. It wasn't new, it was an old mustang. Sure it was rusty, and worn, and needed some body work, but right then it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.


"You're sixteen right? And have your license?" he dad said.


"Then it's yours." Membrane told him.

"Wow, thanks Dad."

"Don't thank me. I got it for cheep from Mr. Booty."

"Come on, let's take her for a drive." Dwicky said as he went to get into the passenger seat. Dib looked at his Dad who just waved him off as he went and talked to Mr. Booty.

Dib slid in behind the wheel as Dwicky showed him the ins and outs. "It still needs a little body work, but the engine runs great. Figure you needed some wheels and you came come out on the weekends, we can work on her. Get her all cherried out."

Dib felt his face flush, "sounds like fun, but I really don't know anything about fixing or working on cars."

Dib started the car. It started right up, the engine purring ready to go. Dib pulled out of the driveway and took it a little faster then he should have down the street. It was exhilarating.

"Don't worry, I'll help you." Dwicky said. Dib's breath seemed to catch in his throat for a split moment as Dwicky's hand seemed to linger on his arm before pulling back and looking back out the window.

Dib pulled his car into the parking lot at school and as soon as he stopped Gaz jumped out and headed into the building. So much for sisterly help at the new school. Well, he really hadn't expected it anyways.

He got his new schedule from the office and trudged off through the hallways, looking for his class.

"Hey, you must be the new kid. I'm Keef, part of the welcoming committing." The red haired and pale green eyed kid said to him. Dib returned the smile.

"I'm Dib."

"Let me take a look at your schedule."

Keef looked it over and was able to direct Dib to most of his classes. He even intercepted Dib at lunch time and dragged him over to a table. Gaz was there, playing her game.

"Hey guys, this is Dib. Dib this is Gretchan, Zita and Torque. And Gaz of course." Gaz just grunted and the others said hello. It wasn't long before they were all laughing and joking. Dib just quietly ate as he watched them and would smile here and there. Movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention and he turned to look.

A group of students walked into the cafeteria and Dib's mouth dropped open. If the green skin wasn't a give away, then the lack of nose and ears sure was. Alien was the first thought that went through his head.

"Oh, I see you noticed the Irken's." Keef said.

"But th-their skin and face…"

"Ya, some kind of skin condition." Gretchen told him. "Their father Dr. Spork Irken is supposedly trying to find a cure for it. The short one is Skoodge, the girl is Tenn, and the one that just came in is Zim."

"Oh." Dib said a little disappointedly. He eyes went to Zim and he felt his heart beat speed up. He walked in as if he owned the place, hands behind him, his back straight as if everyone should be bowing down to him.

Zim stopped and turned and looked directly at him, his purple-blue eyes narrowed. In that moment it felt to Dib as if it were only he and Zim in the room. Then the moment was gone and sound rushed back around him. Dib turned back around at the table, his mouth dry, his breathing heavy. He took a quick glance over his shoulder at Zim who sat at the table with his siblings. Zim sat with his arms crossed in front of him and frowning. His eyes glared at Dib a moment before looking back down at his lunch. Dib swallowed and turned back around.

Zim was not in a good mood. That human bothered him for some reason. Stuupid humans and their feelings. They were starting to rub off on him. And of course for him it was so much harder to ignore. His antennae seemed to pick up on all their horrid moods, he could almost hear what they were thinking. Made him feel things he didn't want to feel. All except for that one. Which made him more irritated. Why was he so different? At least he didn't have any classes with him. He spoke too soon.

That insufferable human ran in just as the bell rang.

"Sorry, …got… lost." Dib panted

"Well, Dib." Mrs. Bitters growled, "please take a set over there with Zim."

Zim stiffened in his chair at this announcement. He looked around and noticed that his desk had the only other available chair. Dib sat down next to him, and Zim clenched his claws into fists. What was wrong with him? Zim's antennae twitched underneath his wig, but he couldn't sense what the human was feeling, which made him frown, but there was… something. Or was it a scent? He had begun to lean in towards the human.

"H-hello." Dib said to him.

Zim quickly straitened back up and slid away from him. He was just going to ignore the human and the sweet smell that seemed to be coming from him. Dib turned back towards the front of the room, his shoulders were a little slumped as he leaned forward on the desk to listen to the lecture on the universe and its eminent implosion.

He almost growled at the dejected look the human had. Zim resisted the urge to reach over and touch him, run his hands through that hair, grab that bit that stuck up and….Zim stopped where those thoughts were going which made him more furious. No human had ever made him feel like this. The class was taking forever and he swore the clocked ticked backwards a few times before going the right way. As soon as the bell rang, Zim jumped up and ran out of the room. Zim needed a vacation. Now.

Zim quickly made his way to the office. He was determined to at least get out of that class.

"I'm sorry Zim, but there is just no room in any of the other classes right now. You'll just have to keep the classes you have." Zim just scowled at the woman. How dare that horrid filthy woman refuse him. Zim was about to open his mouth and say so when the door opened and that sweet scent floated towards him.

Zim stiffened and snapped his mouth shut. He spun and sure enough there was the filthy Dib-human. Zim had had enough of this today. He stormed past the wide eyed Dib and headed home.

It didn't take him long to get home. He slammed the front door shut and just stood there, letting the silence drift over him, the familiar scent of home and of Irk. He hated this planet, all this filthy dirt, but he had no choice but to be here. He especially hated these humans!

"Zim? Why are you home so soon from school?" Myuki asked. Her deep blue eyes always seemed to know what was wrong.

"Nothing, everything." Zim muttered, "Zim just needs to recharge all these…feelings are irritating."

Myuki just nodded thoughtfully.

"Why don't you go to your room, I'll get a snack ready for you."

Zim sighed and nodded. Why could he still smell that horrid boy? As soon as he walked into his room he threw his wig off and took out the irritating contacts. He went into the bathroom and took a quick hot gel shower, hoping that would help get rid of the scent, which it did. Changing into a clean uniform, Zim made his way back into his room. Myuki had placed of tray of snacks on his desk for him. He smiled. She knew all his favorites.

Zim took a snack stick and sank down into the oversized pillow and turned on the TV where he found some horror movies which always made him laugh. Yes, he would just ignore that Dib. It shouldn't be too hard. He had learned to ignore the other icky feelings from the humans, he could ignore this as well.