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The Voot began to slow down after it had entered the atmosphere of the planet. Dib watched outside the windows at the life that seemed to thrive. All the different spacecraft that moved and flowed reminding him much like rush hour traffic back home.

Buildings rose to astonishing heights, and Dib tried to look at the ground but found it almost impossible to see. Then the cruiser took a sharp twist and began to make a quick descent downwards. Dib tried swallowing, but his suddenly dry throat made it almost impossible. He looked at the control panel one last time and sighed. Even if he knew how to use it, it would be best not to contact Zim. His mom's life depended on it.

The ship swerved through the traffic and seemed to know where it was going, he hoped. The traffic seemed to get less and the buildings not as tall, or as reputable looking. The Voot neared an opening to a building and made its way inside. It slowed down and landed, the ship shut down leaving Dib to hear his harsh breathing. He slowly pushed the hatch open and made his way out. The hanger was large, but extremely crowded with other ships and parts, and various things that Dib had no idea what they were for exactly.

He began to walk, not really paying attention to where he was going. He figured it wasn't going to matter either way. It was the scream that made him run. It sent a dread chill down his spine and he ran towards where the sound came from.

"MOM!" he yelled as he turned a corner. There she was, in the center of the room. His heart hammered as he ran towards her. "Mom!" he yelled again as he reached her prone body. She was too quiet, too still. Panic began to swell up within him. "Please be alight, please be alright." He heard himself chanting. Dib skid to a stop and dropped down beside her. He gently turned her over. Her eyes were closed and Dib placed a hand on her check, then sliding down to her neck to feel her pulse.

The beat was there, but for some reason it felt off. Dib frowned.

"Mom?" He gently shook her and then her eyes flicked open. Dib sucked in his breath and yanked his hands back. Her eyes were a solid yellow color and he took a step back. Then she laughed. The sound sending chills through him.

"Come to help me son?" the voice taunted him. A voice that definitely was not his mom's. Then Tak's voice joined in as she walked towards him. Dib could only look back and forth between them, his heart hammering.

She had tricked him, had used the same ploy that they had used.

"Where's my mom?"

"She's right here human." Tak stopped next to the figure that looked like his mom.

Dib glanced over his shoulder and wondered if he would even make it back to the Voot. He took a small step backwards. The image of his mom seemed to shimmer and fade leaving the Vortian gloating back at him. Dib turned and ran. He figured he was about halfway there before she caught him. He was slammed into the ground, his glasses skittering across the surface.

"Oh no my little human, you can't get away that easily." Tak purred as she flipped him over. Her putrid breath wafted over his face as she leaned in close to him. "You have really made this far too easy for me." Tak rose up and Dib tried to scoot back from her. She reached out to grab him and he kicked, landing a good blow against her abdomen. Dib scrambled to his feet and tried to run, but the Vortian was there and his fist slammed into his face sending him flying backwards.

"Oh I really wish you hadn't done that." Tak purred at him. "I was debating on whether to keep you alive or not. What would hurt Zim the most?" One of Tak's spider legs came out and slammed into Dib's leg.

Dib screamed. The bad part was she left it there, making any kind of movement impossible and painful.

"You see, I had quite the operation going. Your kind brings such a good price on the market. Humans are very fragile creatures but so versatile." Tak raised her hand and ran it down along side Dib's face. He flinched and tried to move away but that only caused the pain to increase from his impaled leg. "You make very good pets for some, and for others you are very tasty."

Tak roughly pulled her spider limb out of his leg making him cry out. "But for you I think I will torture you and make you beg for death. Zim would appreciate that I'm sure. See if it will finally break him. And I guarantee that I will make you live for a long, long time."

No, he couldn't let her do that. That thought made him panic. He would have to get her to kill him now. Dib would rather die quickly then have to let Zim see this. He pulled in a stuttering breath and was about to launch himself at the female Irken when a blast hit into her and sent her tumbling backwards. More fire was exchanged between the Vort before he too fell back for cover.


Hands reached down and grabbed a hold of him and pulled him into an embrace.

"Zim?" Relief washed through him even though the pain from his leg was excruciating. He wrapped his arms around Zim who started hauling him back towards the hanger. Zim had come for him, his Zim. He clutched at him desperately.

Another blast sent them flying across the floor. Dib's vision went black for a moment as he tried to hold onto consciousness. He could hear some more yelling and explosions and then he felt hands grabbing him and yanking him sharply. The entire area seemed to be filling up with smoke and Dib coughed as he turned blurry eyes towards his rescuer.

Tak's sneer turned his blood cold as she ruthlessly dragged him behind her. Dib began to struggle but it was no use. She was a lot stronger than he was and the pain in his leg wasn't helping.

A door slammed shut behind them and he was practically thrown onto a table where straps lashed out and immediately strapped him down. Dib struggled but it was no use. Tak loomed over him, a small trail of green blood snaked its way down her face from a head wound.

"You know he could have prevented this all from happening. All he had to do was assimilate you. But then that would change you, make you available to them. No, I suppose Zim liked you too much to do that hmmm?"

She pulled back and pressed information into the panel next to him. The machine gave a small purring sound and Dib could feel a slight vibration.

"Oh don't worry. This will hurt, a lot, but fortunately for you human, it won't kill you. Maybe. If you survive it will make you into the most obedient little pet." Tak patted his head as if he was some kind of dog that was there for her amusement. "Let's see what Zim thinks of you then. A mindless little drone." She began to laugh and Dib struggled even though he knew it was no use. A cold fear had washed through him.

Small tubes appeared reminding him briefly of snakes that had been charmed, swaying a moment before lashing out and sinking into his skin. Dib began to scream. It felt like acid was racing through his veins, making him aware of every part of his body as it spread. Dib felt like he was being eaten alive.

Zim was thrown back to the ground as the blast hit near them. Dib had been thrown down next to him and he went to pull him back towards him but the Vortian had jumped at him and it was all Zim could do to get the filthy vermin off of him. Yet as soon as their little scuffle had started it was over and Drie Ram leapt back laughing at him.

"You're still too late Irken Invader. Tak planned for every eventuality." He smirked as he leveled a laser weapon on him.

Zim glanced quickly next to him where Dib had fallen to find the boy gone. A small blood trail lead off towards another door and he hissed low. He narrowed his eyes at the Vort as he crouched, preparing for an attack.

"I am going to rip you apart." Zim growled.

Drie Ram just laughed as he began to back away from Zim.

"I don't think so Zim. Have fun with your new pet human."

Zim was torn with the rage to rip the Vortian apart or go after Dib. Thank the Tallest when Tenn showed up behind him and took a shot at the Vort. Drie Ram was taken by surprise as Tenn attacked him.

"Hurry Zim!" She yelled at him.

He didn't need to be told twice. Zim sped towards the door and practically ripped it off its mechanical hinges when he heard Dib's screams.

Dib was strapped down to a table. Varies tubes seemed to be attached to his arms legs and one in his head. But it was the screaming that sent horrible chills down his antennae. For once in his life, Zim was at a loss for what to do.

"Zim where are you?" Sporks voice came across the communication line. Zim ran to the machine that was attached to his Dib. He began pressing the control buttons but Tak must have locked them, none of them responded to him. "Zim!" Spork's voice came again.

Zim pulled out his blaster and fired at the console. It took a couple of hits before it began to fizzle and smoke as it shut down. Dib still continued to scream. Zim turned back towards him trying not to panic.

"Dib, Dib it's Zim can you hear me?" Dib's eyes were squeezed shut but his screaming changed to whimpering sounds and tears ran down the side of his face. Zim grabbed one the tubes and pulled it out of his arm. The tube slid out easily leaving a trail of blood and milky white fluid as it fell to the floor. Zim pulled out all the others but Dib just kept whimpering. Zim placed his hands on the side of Dib's face. "Dib please look at me."

"Zim?" Spork came into the room. Zim looked up at him; his antennae dropped along side his head.

"I-I don't know what to do."

A scanner appeared from Sprok's PAK and ran a diagnostic over Dib. He hissed and then looked at Zim.

"He's dying Zim."

Zim shook his head "NO! There had to be something to stop this." Dib's whimpers had quieted down and he looked so pale lying there.

"There is one way, but I don't know if it will be enough." Spork told him. Zim looked at him, hope flared through him. "But it would take longer than ten minutes." No, he didn't want to hear it, didn't want to contemplate it. He understood immediately what Spork was telling him. Could feel that Spork knew it was only a slim chance. Zim didn't want to change Dib, but he was going to die if he didn't try something.

He reached back and unlocked his PAK to remove it. Spork placed a hand on his shoulder. "Are you sure about this Zim? It could kill both of you."

"Give it ten minutes." Zim whispered. Spork nodded and helped to turn Dib over. Zim removed his PAK and placed it against Dib's back. He opened and activated it, the PAK to begin hum as it assessed the new situation. Dib barely flinched as the PAK attached itself to his spine and human organs as it began the process, flooding his system with healing nanos. Zim held onto his hand as the clock ticked.

Whoever said death was easy, peaceful hadn't known Tak. It was the most painful thing ever, and far from peaceful. Dib hurt, not just physically but it even hurt to think. He just wanted to sink into the blackness just to get away from the pain. Yet even through all the pain Zim's face was there full of worry. It was almost as if he could hear him. He tried to reach for him but he wouldn't get any closer to him. So Dib kept trying. The more he tried the easier it seemed to get. The blackness slowly disappeared and a new tiredness filled him. One that promised only sleep. Dib finally allowed it to wrap around him, comforting him. The hurt was fading to a dull throb and he sighed with relief and let himself fall asleep as green arms wrapped around him and pulled him close.

"Dib?" The voice was insistent, filled with worry. "Dib can you hear me?"

Dib cracked his eyes open slightly and blinked. The light was bright and made his head hurt. He shifted a bit and decided that that was a bad idea. His whole body hurt. Dib looked at the person who had spoken to him.

"Dib, I'm so glad you're alright."

Everything was blurry and it took him a moment to remember who she was, and then all his memories seemed to slam into place.

"Mom?" He croaked out. Dib looked around at the hospital room he was in. How did he get here? "What happened? Where's Zim?"

"He's over there sleeping. He's been here the whole time."

Dib glanced over towards the Irken to find him curled up in the chair, his head resting on the chair arm, eyes closed. His wig was in place and Dib had no doubt his contacts must be back in as well. He wanted to reach out to him so badly but he knew he couldn't yet.

"What happened? I don't remember anything." He said as he looked back at his mom. She had reached for his glasses and placed them on his face and smoothed his hair back, making all the little gestures a mom does when they are worried about their children and tried to reassure them through touch.

"There seemed to be an explosion of some kind at the hotel you were staying at. They said there was a gas leak. Some of the ceiling collapsed and you were trapped underneath it, your leg was broken. But Zim and his father had gone after you and were able to get you out."

Dib licked his lips not knowing quite what to say. "Oh, ya I think I remember some kind of explosion."

"Clint and I have found a fabulous place in Florida Dib. You'll have your own room and bathroom all to yourself when you move in."

"What? I-I don't want to leave. I want to stay with Dad. Where is he? I really need to talk to him and apologize."

"Oh, alright honey if that's what you want."

"It is Mom, sorry but I really want to stay here. The place has grown on me."

His mom smiled at him knowingly. "I understand Dib. Your father is here, he's in the cafeteria at the moment with Dr. Irken."

"Can you go get him? I really need to talk to him."

"Sure, I'll go get him." She leaned over and kissed him on his forehead and left the room.

Dib looked back over at Zim whose eyes were now opened and looking at him. He got up and walked over towards him. Dib reached for him as soon as he got near enough and Zim leaned down and pressed his forehead against his.

"What happened Zim? Where's Tak and the others?"

Zim pulled back and sat down on the bed next to him. "The Vortian is dead and so is Crystal, but Tak got away. I'm sorry Dib-human, this is all Zim's fault."

"No, no don't say that, it isn't your fault."

Zim sighed "Maybe it is for the best that Zim leave for a while…"

"NO! Don't say that, don't leave me." Dib was starting to feel panicked. How could Zim say that? How could he just up and leave him when Dib loved him? "Please Zim please don't leave me." He could feel stupid tears in his eyes and he fought them from falling as he clutched at Zim.

"Dib, Zim is not going anywhere." Then Zim leaned forwards and inhaled deeply. "Zim is going to stay right here with you."

Dib exhaled shakily and closed his eyes as he let his alien enfold him in an embrace and hold him close. He didn't know what he would do if Zim left him.

It was awkward walking down the stairs with the cast on his leg. At least walking down was slightly easier then making his way up them. Zim stood in the living room his father not far from him. Gaz still sat on the couch absorbed in her new Gamslave. She wasn't as upset with him since he bought her the newest release. Well, almost not as upset. When he had returned home he had handed her the gift before she could say anything. She gave him a sisterly punch in the gut which hurt more than she probably intended, but he thought it was fair payment for what he had done. Besides his pain meds made it all better. And Zim's growls and hissing noises about her soothed him.

"Hey Gaz are you ready?" Dib asked her.

She flicked her eyes at him briefly and rolled them as she turned back to her game. She stood and headed out the door. Oh yea, he was really not looking forward to prom tonight. How in the world did he let Zim talk him into this? And then his Dad just had to insist that they take Gaz along. How humiliating was that going to be?

"Don't worry Mister Membrane Sir, Zim will have them back in at an early time tonight."

"Hmm, I heard that one before." Membrane muttered.

"Dad…" Dib said pleadingly.

Membrane sighed. "Have a good time tonight boys, and make sure your sister stays out of trouble."

Dib smiled at him. "We will Dad. Thanks." Dib gave his Dad a quick hug before he could say anything and pulled back and wobbled over to Zim. Dib felt Zim's strong arms wrap around his waist to help him out the door at a more steadier pace.

Dib was a little worried about Zim driving, but he shouldn't have been. It seemed he could drive a car as well as a spaceship and they were at the school in no time at all. He hopped out of the car and helped Gaz out who immediately merged into the crowd, lost from sight. Dib sighed, so much for keeping an eye on her. He sat down near the entrance to wait for Zim as he parked the car.

"Hey Dib."

"Dwicky, what are you doing here? You crashing?" Dib grinned at him.

Dwicky just smiled back at him. "Naaa. Gramps paid me fifty bucks to come see you."

"Really? And why did he do that?" Dib felt a bit of panic settle in his stomach.

He just shrugged. "He wanted me to ask you to break off your relationship with Zim. You know him, always thinking about conspiracies. I don't think he likes the Irkens all that much. He also said they would be watching."

Dib couldn't help but grin. "Well I'll take it into consideration; just make sure he gives you the fifty bucks." He would have to watch himself around Mr. Booty. He thought he would miss that contact with someone who loved the paranormal like he did. But then he saw Zim approaching them and he knew without a doubt that what he found was a million times better. Dib couldn't stop the grin on his face.

Dwicky glanced to where he was looking. "Well, looks like that my cue to move on. See ya Dib."

"Bye Dwicky."

Dib heard Zim growl low in his throat as he wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Dwicky only smirked at Zim as he left. Zim helped him towards the skool.

"Dib-thing, I leave you alone for two Earth minutes and you let the Swollen Eye Balls swoop in."

Dib chuckled and squeezed one of Zim's hands. "You know I'm yours Zim." Zim just grinned back at him and leaned in for a quick kiss.

The rest of the night passed in a blur. His friends were ecstatic that he was still alive and wanted to sign his cast. Music blared and loud talk and laughter soon had its toll on him. His leg was beginning to throb slightly and Zim helped him out towards the bleachers. The night was clear and the stars shone brilliantly.

Zim sat on an angle to allow Dib to lean back on him, his arms wrapped around him. Zim nuzzled the top of his head.

"Zim? What did Tak mean when she said you could change me?"

Zim stilled a moment before he sighed and sat back, keeping Dib flush against him.

"In Irken society there have always been a few chosen from conquered planets that were given special privileges. They are assimilated and given an equivalent of a PAK. It…changes the being, making them more Irken then anything else. And it lets them have access to you, your thoughts, a way to control you."


Zim sighed. "Later Dib, I don't want to talk about this right now."

Dib frowned and he pulled away from Zim so he could turn around and look at him.

"I love you Zim. And I want to be with you. I survived your PAK which would mean I would have a greater chance at surviving a…mphhff" Zim had leaned forward and pressed his lips to Dib's preventing him from speaking further, running his tongue against his. Dib shivered and just let Zim kiss him.

Dib leaned back against Zim and sighed. Zim ran his hands through Dib's hair. Then he heard Zim's voice quiet for a change, soft.

"Later we will discuss this Dib. Not now when I almost lost you. I do not want to chance that again. Not so soon."

Dib shifted his head so that he was looking up at the Invader. He reached his hand up and ran it over his check before sliding it behind his head and pulling him in for a kiss.

"Okay." He managed to get out between those kisses. But he would talk to Zim about it. For now all seemed right in the Universe. Dib couldn't have been happier then where he was at the moment, or who he was with for that matter. His Irken Invader.

The end

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