Deep breathe, Ginny. You can do this. You walk through the Great Hall every morning this year, how would today be different?

Oh. Yeah.

Because, finally, the Boy Who Lived decided that I was suitable dating material.

We had finally gotten together on Saturday, after the game. And sure, we went to the Great Hall together yesterday, but today is Monday. Everyone would be down there at the approximately same time. Today, everyone would find out that the creepy stalker Gin-Gin had finally bagged her dream man, Harry Potter. Yes, gossip was already forming, but it was held mostly in the Gryffindor tower.

Breathe Ginny. Everything will be fine. Hopefully.

I dressed quickly, not bothering with a shower and using a quick scourgify charm. Hermione was already in the doorway of the 5th year dorm, looking at me, knowingly.

"Nervous?" She asked, smirking.

"No." I lied quickly, smoothing my hair, and walking out of the dormitory and down the stairs. She followed behind, tut-ing her tongue.

We entered the common room, scanning for Ron and Harry. It was still early, and not many people were down yet, so finding them was easy.

They were sitting on the sofa by the fire, both scribbling on a parchment, doing potions homework. I rolled my eyes. Harry neglected to do it yesterday, much to my disapproval, so he could spend time with me. I'm not sure why Ron didn't do it yet; probably due to his constant laziness.

Harry turned slightly at the sound of our footsteps, and grinned when he saw us. He got off the sofa, abandoning his homework to engulf me in a hug.

You'd never really expect The Chosen One to be a hugger, but by God he was, and a good one, too.

"Hi." He whispered into my ear. He hugged me tighter. I could get used to this. I finally let go of him when Ron's grunts of annoyance became distinctively louder.

"Oh sod off, you prat." I told Ron, before kissing Harry enthusiastically, to make Ron mad.

There was nothing in the world that felt better than kissing Harry. It was better than the feeling of riding a broom at high speeds, and even better than the Firewhiskey I stole from Mum's cupboard last New Years. His lips were so inexperienced that it made me feel special, like I was somehow helping him learn something new. I loved it.

After our longer-than-Ron-wanted snog, we exited the common room, and walked to the Great Hall for breakfast. Harry's hand encased mine and fit perfectly. I turned my head to smile at him, and he smiled back goofily, and ran a hand through his hair, making it stick up.

God, this boy will be the death of me.

We stopped right outside the Great Hall doors. They were open, and Ron and Hermione walked right on in. Harry and I just stood there. I could feel his tentativeness. I let go of his hand and snaked my arms around his waist.

"What's, er… What's wrong?" He asked. I smiled into his robes. He could never deal with emotional girls.

"Nerves." I said, before kissing his cheek, grabbing his hand, and marching into the Great Hall, ready to show the world that I was Harry Potter's girlfriend, and I was not afraid.