Chapter 1: Sonic's POV

I was never that good at relationships. For instance, I never confessed my feelings to the girl I love. I was sitting on the beach, thinking just that, when I saw her walking along the shoreline. I stood up and hit my chest.

"Alright, Sonic. This is the day. I will tell Amy how I feel right here and now." I said to myself. I looked around quickly to make sure nobody heard that. Then I walked over to Amy.

"Hi, Amy." I said, trying my hardest to keep my nerves back.

"Oh, hi Sonic." She said, with a hint of despair in her voice. I started to worry, so I forgot all about my confession and focused all attention onto her.

"Is something wrong?" I asked sympathetically.

"Well... It's just..." She started, "Screech told me that he can travel in time. He seems to be telling the truth. He told me that this morning, you would be here on the beach. He also told me that in the future, something awful happens to you. Something where we're forever separated."

Screech was a hedgehog that appeared out of nowhere two years ago and started saving people. He is sort of a mystery, but we all find it best not to question who he is. As long as he is saving people, how can it matter?

"Well then, lets change the future. Are you doing anything Friday night?" I asked, not thinking of what I was saying.

"Wait, really? No, I'm not doing anything..." She answer, the despair in her voice starting to fade.

"Then why don't you let me take you to dinner? I know a great lobster place." I asked another question. This is going easier then I thought it would...

"I would love to!" He squealed. A very cute on at that.

"Alright then, I'll see you then." I said, then ran off. Where was I going? Who knows! I didn't care. Although, I probably should have paid more attention. Be cause once I slowed down, I heard a certain someone talking.

In the center of a crossroad, stood a black hedgehog with red stripes on his quills. A hedgehog named Shadow. He was burying something that looked like a small tin. Wait a minute, I read a book about this once! A man summoned a demon by burying a tin that had a picture of him and a separate picture of his beloved in the middle of a crossroad. It says the demon then makes a deal with him to bring his beloved back you life, but then he will loose his life in a selected amount of time.

Shadow looked all four ways and then heard a voice from behind him.

"You rang?" The demon said, he had a deep voice and looked human. However, he looked like a ghost more than a live human man.

Shadow turned around quickly. He walked up to the demon and said, "Can you bring her back to life? Can you bring back Maria?"

The demon laughed. "Getting strait to the point, I see. Very well. Yes, I can bring Maria back to life. However," the demon paused and a knife appeared in his hand. "In order for me to do so, I will have to take away some of your life. Nothing personal."

"What do you mean?" Shadow asked.

"I can give you ten, long years with Maria. But as soon as those ten years end, my hell hound will be sent to take you to hell. Does that sound alright?" The demon explained.

"Make it fifteen years and we have a deal." Shadow negotiated.

"Very well then." He stabbed shadow with the knife and red electricity ran threw his body. Once the knife was pulled out, it was covered in blood. However there was no wound on shadow's body.

"There." The demon said, "The contract is signed. At twelve o'clock tomorrow morning, you will find Maria here, on these crossroads. She may not be in the same body as before, but it's her. It's a pleasure doing business with you. See you later." The place turned pitch black for only a second, but when it lit up again, the demon was gone.

Shadow ran off before I could approach him. I don't think he even saw me.

I started to shake. Then I figured out what I had to do. What I can do to save Shadow.

I have to know the future.