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Run Away From The Past

Chapter One

Who's that Girl?

"Chase, who's that woman with House?" Cameron asked curiously. She had only been working for House for about two weeks but she already had a crush on him.

"Most likely one of his hookers, making a hospital visit," Foreman said before Chase could answer. While Foreman had been there even a shorter time then Cameron he had already developed a strong dislike for his boss.

"Actually that's Lisa, and she's House's wife," Chase said simply continuing with his cross word puzzle.

"Wife!" Foreman and Cameron yelled at the same time in surprise.

"What do you mean wife? He doesn't wear a ring," Cameron said disappointed she didn't even have a chance.

"So, not everyone does. Lisa wears hers on a necklace and when she's at work she doesn't wear them at all," Chase continued, already having had this conversation a few times before. Through out the course of the year he had worked with House five other ducklings had come and gone. Each time a new one came the first time Lise showed up the same questions were always asked.

"How do you know that?" Foreman asked interest peaked.

"Because I've seen her at her work, she said if I wanted to stare at her I should come see her show," Chase said with a shrug.

"Her show?"

"Is she an artist or something?" Cameron asked confused.

"Well it's definitely something." He responded with a grin.


"Your ducklings are staring at us," Lisa said stepping closer to her husband.

"Really, maybe you should do a trick," he said with a smile.

"Don't think so, that's just for you and work, but we could pull the blinds and make them think we're having sex. Actually, scratch that, let's just have sex." She said pulling him into a kiss and straddling his lap.

"As much as I would love that Dick wouldn't be happy about that and considering Ginger doesn't work at the club anymore we can't bribe him like we used to," He said wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Damn, I forgot about that. I guess we could mess with the two new ducklings then. Chase knows too much about me to really mess with him," she suggested with a shrug.

"Don't talk about Chase, you talk about him too much as it is and I'm still mad that you basically dragged him to a show," House said with a bit of bite in his tone.

"I did not drag him. I simply invited him and why do you have such a problem with me talking about him, hm? He's like a puppy," she smiled enjoying her husband's jealousy.

"What?" He asked in confusion.

"He's like a puppy," she said again. "He follows you around and he makes a mess but he can learn and he's adorable. Puppy, simple."

"Ok, you're allowed to talk about him." House said smiling at the description.

"Wonder if Shell and me could get him to do that?" she pondered with a cute frown on her face.

"Do what?" He asked smiling at her wondering what she had come up with this time.

"Dress up like a puppy." She said with a completely straight face causing him to laugh.

"Come on lets go talk to the ducklings I'm sure they're wondering who you are." Smiling he picked her up as he stood before setting her back on the ground. Walking in to the conference room House said, "Chase, my wife would like a word with you."

"Actually it would take several and I'm pretty sure a lot of alcohol would need to be consumed by Chase at least. Shell would probably get smashed too though," she laughed.

"What are you two talking about and what does Shell have to do with it?" Chase said perking up at the name.

"Nothing Floppy, I was just wanting to see you in a collar again," she said with a smirk as Chase turned pink.

"What do you mean again?" House questioned, eyebrows raised.

"Nothing I just saw him with Shell. You know how she is. And before you ask I was see if the room was free, a customer wanted it," she said quickly knowing how jealous he could get.

"Chase what's she talking about?" Cameron asked.

"Nothing," he said as his face went form pink to tomato red.

"Shell, has been missing you by the way. She wanted me to tell you the next time you come by is a freebee," she said with a suggestive smirk, "and she's working tonight."

"Ok," he said softly wanting the attention to leave him and move back to Lisa.

Tired of being ignored Cameron jumped up saying, "Hi, I'm Allison Cameron."

"Hi Cameron, I'm Elizabeth House but. . ." Lisa started to say.

"You can call her Mistress. . ." House said cutting her off.

"Gregory, we've been over this I'm not a Mistress unless someone calls in sick. I don't like being a Mistress," she told him. "Call me Lisa." She said continuing her sentence from earlier.

"What exactly do you do?" Foreman asked.

"Well I work at the club downtown," she said vaguely.

"Which club?" Cameron asked.

"The Inferno," Lisa said with a bashful smile. It doesn't matter how much she likes her job or how much Greg loves the perks she gets for working there, she still hates the reaction she gets from most people when they find out.

"I don't know that club." Cameron said in confusion.

"Wait, The Inferno, as in the sex club," Foreman said in surprise.

"Sex club? Does that mean you're a hooker?" Cameron asked like in shock.

"What? NO! The only man I've ever slept with is my husband," Lisa said taken aback. Most people knew what the club was, so they knew no actual sex happened. Apparently, this girl was greener then green.

Before Lisa could say anymore House said, "No and it's not technically a sex club, idiot, no one actually has sex there unless they just pay for the room. It's basically a place for people who have fetishes or are into S&M. They can go more extreme and still be safe when they are there."

"I'm gonna let you get back to work now. I have to check on Charlie anyway, I think he might be sick," Lisa said, shifting uncomfortably before heading towards the door.

"I'll walk out with you," House said following her.

"You don't have to," she stopped half way out the door.

"I know I don't have to, I want to besides no one can say anything if I'm making out with you in the parking lot but they can if we're in my office," she gave him a small smile.

"Do they have a kid?" Cameron asked Chase after House and Lisa were out the door.

"No, Charlie is their dog. House bought him for her for one of there anniversaries. He's a really good dog," Chase said, not really knowing how to let Cameron know she's gonna be on thin ice for a long time.


"Are you ok?" He asked once they were in the elevator.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she said.

"You sure? Because I really don't want you to be by yourself if there's even a small chance you aren't."

"You're being overprotective again," she said with a small smile. "If it will make you feel better I'll call Shell and have her come over until we have to be at work."

"It will," he said leaning down to kiss her. She quickly kissed back only to pull away a few seconds later.

"Now get back to work. I don't want Richard to call me complaining that you aren't doing your job yet again," she said stepping out of the elevator and out of the hospital.


"How does she have a show at a place like that? Is there an area that's like a strip club or something?" Foreman asked in confusion.

"A few of the rooms have poles but that's not what Lise does." Chase said vaguely.

"Lise? You seem to know her really well for being her husband's employee." Foreman said with suspicion.

"We're friends and I'm also friends with some of her friends. We had similar childhoods and she made House let me stay at their place for about a week when my apartment flooded so I wouldn't have to pay for a hotel. She's really sweet." He responded used to people thinking that he and Lisa were having an affair.

"He let you stay?" Foreman asked in disbelief.

"I'm pretty sure she promised him something in return but like I said we're friends," Chase said shrugging. He wasn't surprised with how Foreman and Cameron were reacting. When you first met House and Lisa they seem a little off putting (mostly House) but once you get to know them a little better you find out that they are just trying to protect themselves.

"House didn't care?"

"No actually I think he's happy we're friends," He said shrugging again.

"Why?" Cameron asked.

"Because he knows he has help when he needs it," he said simply.

"What do you mean by that?" Foreman asked.

"Look, I'm not telling you guys anything else."

"You haven't told us anything," Cameron whined, still having tons of unasked questions.

"Exactly, I'm not breaking their trust once you do you never get it back. Just a piece of advice, don't bug House about her or you'll be fired before you can say sorry." Chase said simply.

"How do you know that?" Cameron asked unwilling to let the conversation go.

"The girl that was here before you had a major crush on him and once she found out about Lise it wasn't pretty," he told her frowning at the memories, House missed a week of work after he fired her.

"What did she do?" Foreman asked.

"She found out something she wasn't supposed to know and used it against Lisa. Look can we talk about something else if you want to know more about Lise either become friends with her or go to the show," Chase said clearly ending the conversation.

"You never told us what type of show it is," Cameron whined still knowing nothing about Houses wife.

"Then I guess you're just gonna have to go." He responded with a smirk.

"When?" Foreman and Cameron asked together.

"Tonight at 9, meet me at my place and we can all go together." he said with a smirk. If either of them showed up they would definitely be in for a surprise.

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