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There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them." -Andre Gide

...Ah! So good to see you, Commander Kelp. It has been a while, hasn't it? I do wish I was able to keep better track of my fairy friends, but there hasn't been a great call to socialize since Koboi was caught. A true pity; I did enjoy my time in Haven, even if it was for psychiatric treatment. Your architecture is most—

...Well. No need to be rude. It is considered socially advantageous to engage in a certain level of—

Yes, fine, as you wish, Commander. Go ahead. I am a captive audience, as it were.

...Ha! Such a useless question! You know what I did, by now, I'm sure. Foaly still has surveillance on me, does he not? And the suit diagnostics gave you plenty of information, yes? Then why do you even bother asking? Details? Well, first I licked her—

Hmph. For being the head of LEP General, you are thin-skinned. Surely you should be more composed about these things, by now. But, then, you are rather young for this job, aren't you? I was honestly astonished when the Council appointed you, after Vinyáya's death.

Oh, yes, you are correct. Terribly off-topic. Let's get back to the interrogation, shall we? Do you want me to swear on a Bible or the Book? Maybe sign an affidavit?

...You must be joking. Those pathetic excuses for psychiatrists? Evaluating me for signs of a lie? Oh, no, no, if you want to trust them, after how it turned out the first time, be my guest. I'll even do you the favor of giving my word that I will speak nothing but the truth, if that helps.

Your first question?


Yes, years.

Oh...within a few months of my release from the Argon Clinic. I was a bit distressed, initially. I thought perhaps I was developing another complex. I even considered bringing it up with Foaly, to see if he knew of anything in particular that could help. I didn't, for obvious reasons. Just imagine the look on his face, if I had...


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