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"Why do ya think the adults always tell us to leave when they're talking?" Seven year old Leah asked six year old Jacob.

The two toddlers sat on the porch of the Clearwater home and they threw rocks at squirrels as they did so. The sun was drifting downward and the sky was turning a bright orange. The clouds were heading in the same direction and the bats were beginning to appear out of the La Push woods shadows.

"I dont know." He responded and shrugged his shoulders. Jacob aimed at a squirrel. It scurried away and Leah smirked at how much of a boy her best friend could be.

"It's not fair. Seth gets to stay in there and he's not even a year old yet. We probably know more about what they're talking about than he does!" the tiny Clearwater couldnt fathom it and secretely it made her mad.
Jacob looked at her and raised his eyebrows.

"Now thatcha mention it, what do ya think they're talking about?"
Leah snickered. "Kissing."
Jacob blushed and didnt wanna take the conversation any further. He just threw another rock and kept his mouth shut.

Leah nudged his shoulder and he turned towards her. "Do you like kissing?" she asked him, nonchalantly.

Jacob felt his face turn bright red and his ears burn. How could he respnd to that? Leah was his best friend and she was older. He didnt wanna sound...lame. Jacob said the first thing that popped in his head.

"Sure, sure." Ok, he thought. That sounded cool.

Lee scooted closer to him so there was no space. She whispered quietly into his ear. "Do you wanna kiss me?"

Jacob scooted away, not cus he didnt like her-he had a very huge crush on her-but because he didnt want Leah to know he was nervous!

By this time, the sun had set at the night was turning a navy blue. Jacob wondered when the grown-ups would let them come back inside. Leah frowned and arched her brow. Why did he move away?

"Um, er...ugh...well," he stumbled on an answer. Leah rolled her eyes and went at him with such force, he nearly fell off the stoop. The young girl's pink lips caught his and for about a second or two, the two youngings were...kissing.

Jacob didnt break away until he saw a flash and looked up.

At the door was, Leah's parents and Jacob's parents. Sue held a camera in her hand and she was...cooing.

Jacob's dad looked proud. Leah's dad looked flabbergasted.

"That's so cute," Jacob's mom, Sarah, said.

And thus Blackwater was born.

At least until Bella Swan moved into town.

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