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Jacob and Leah had finally found her shoe and just as they were ready to leave for a day out, they had gotten caught up in looking through the old photos that they had once lived through.

Leah had reminisced through these photos so many times, she knew every story behind everyone of them perfectly.

She would tear up and laugh and grimace at all of them until she came across one that would complete her. Leah blinked back the happy tears as she laid her eyes on the beautiful photo.

The photo was in vivid color.
It showed a fifteen year old Leah and a newly turned fifteen year old Jacob Black. They were dressed up, Leah in a short pink dress and Jacob in a fake-me-out tux.

They had their arms wrapped around each other, in a slow dance.
Leah hung tight to Jacob's neck and Jacob's shy hands were around Leah's waist. Her head was in the crook of his neck and Jacob's expression was shocked yet at ease. He looked happy.

Leah couldnt help but notice in the backround of the photo was nothing but trees and a light campire going strong. The two were right in the middle of the fire and it looked as if they were glowing. Jacob was holding Leah tight as if she were to drift away.
The two looked as if they were in love.

"Having fun?" Leah asked Jacob as he slumped on the wooden stump.

He snorted a laugh of sarcasm. "Sure, sure."

"Ha...same here." Leah sat beside him on the stump, not caring about the pretty pink dress she was wearing.

Boredom struck the two the minute they arrived at this campfire. Why would they wear such nice clothes to a campire? Well, this campfire was considered to be special since this was the first "family reunion" since Seth was born.
Everbody else seemed to be having a good time except for Leah and Jacob.

They would much rather be swimming in La Push or cliff diving.

Anywhere but here.

Jacob secretely wished he could be alone with Leah because lately hes been feeling this strange tingling in the pit of his stomach. He wanted to just be alone with her...tell her things he's never told any other girl. Leah has been his "girlfriend" since their tyke days and lately, he's obvously felt something more than a little crush on Leah.

Jacob got a tad excited and he stiffened up a little. His eyes widened and he sat up and put his arm around Leah's shoulder. She slouched back and rested her head on his shoulder.

The rest of their tribe seemed to be having a good time but for some reason Leah and Jacob couldnt adjust.

Then by the blazing fire, Jacob's father, Billy began to lightly strum his old guitar.
Jacob enjoyed the sound of his dad's music.

He thought of this as the perfect oppurtinity. The soft music, the twilight time, the roaring fire, the woods...

"Hey, Lee. You wanna dance?" He aksed her with every bit of courage he had.

Leah seemed shock and Jacob knew for certain she would shoot him down. But to his surprise, she had already stood up and was reaching for his hand. He took it and Leah led him to a darker spot in the dimlit forest.

Jacob placed his hands on her hips and she began to sway, offbeat. She hooked her arms around his shoulder and smiled at him.

Jacob blushed and his hands roamed lower down her hips. She didnt object.

"Is it okay...if I hold you like this?" He asked, nervously.

She nodded and looked away to the ground, obviously nervous as well. "No, it's fine." she continued.

The leaves crunched under her heels and a owl hooted in the distance. Leah jumped and held him tighter. Tighter than shes ever held anybody in her life. Jacob's hands went slightly lower and this moment was too perfect to get away from. Two youngings in almost-love holding each other tightly at a bon-fire neither wanted to go to.

They swayed in silence for a few more moments until Jacob's heart stopped beating just as Leah said something he yearned to hear her say.

"Im in love with you." she whispered and tore her eyes away from his. She placed her head in his neck and lightly purred.

Jacob smiled and sighed. "I love you," he gasped out.

Jacob nor Leah though that it was too early but Jacob's whole world would come crashing down when Leah met him...She met Sam.

Jacob remember that day vividly. It was the best day of his life.

Jacob & Leah, 2004 -Bonfire

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