To whoever finds this,

There is a saying in the Inquisition, 'It does not matter who you are or where you came from. What is important is that you are here in service to the Emperor.' Likewise, it does not matter to me who you are or where you came from. What is important is that you are here and you are reading this. How you came across this I do not know – whether you found it adrift in space, buried in a pile of sand, at the bottom of a box of slates, or sealed away in the deepest pits of the Inquisitional archives. What is important, however, is that you are reading this.

Since it is unlikely you know my name, I am Inquisitor Ariel Abel of the Ordo Malleus, and if you are reading this, then it means that I am gone. I do not know how I will be remembered, if at all, and quite frankly I no longer care. All I have done has been done in His service and given the choice, I will do it again. I am long past the point of making excuses for my actions. Had I not done what I had done, billions of lives would have been lost.

In my lifetime I have been called a great many things – child, brat, student, trouble-maker, friend, Commissar, mentor, saviour, lover, mother, mentor, Inquisitor, radical…renegade…heretic…traitor…

But I have dedicated every second of my life to serving the God Emperor, protecting His realm from some of the most terrible horrors imaginable. But as Inquisitors we do not just serve the Emperor and protect His realm, we also search for the truth. I know that heresy is spread by lies and deceit. That evil reigns through deception, and nightmares are made flesh through the twisted wills of the misguided. I know this with the same absolute certainty that a mother know that her love for her newborn child is without limits.

There are only two things in the galaxy that matter – the Emperor and the Truth. Without them, there is no Imperium; there is no humanity; there is no future.

But what is truth? Throughout your life, you will come across people who will offer you truth. To the Priest, the truth is His Word. To the soldier, the truth is the weapon he holds in his hands and the enemy that stands before him. To the scholar, the truth is what we remember. To the Tech-Priest, the truth is what can be measured. To the Inquisitor, the truth is what remains when the dust finally settles…

I have exhausted every breath I possess in His service. All I have left is the truth…

And so to you do I leave it as my final gift. Read it. Learn from it. Guard it closely.

Because the truth is the most powerful weapon you can wield. It can crumble empires, defeat armies, and bring kings to their knees. And in your darkest hours, only the truth will save you.

However, if you're an idiot like me, then all the truth does is blindfold you, lead you behind the tool shed, and bludgeon you with a rusty pipe.

-final words of Inquisitor Ariel Abel, Ordo Malleus