I do not own twilight. this is fan fiction story only. Pure Christmas Fluff! Something really different. I hope you like it! Bella/Emmett, Rosalie/Edward, Alice/Jasper, Carilsle/Esme

Charlie had left Forks when Bella moved back. He didn't want her in his life, but Bella never told that to anyone. She didn't get along with mother and her step-dad either. Her mother just wanted to travel and didn't want to have any responsibilities. Bella had only been back in Forks a couple of weeks when Charlie packed up and left. He left her three days ago. He called one of his buddies at the department and told them to take over because he was leaving for a while. No one else knew. Bella was pretty upset and shook it off as she applied to get the nursing position at the hospital. It was either the hospital or the nursing home and preferred the hospital.

It had been a horrible couple of days, Christmas was just a week away and it was going to be lonely again. Christmas music played throughout the hospital in different nurses' work areas. The counters, doors and rooms where all decorated in the holiday spirit. Today was Bella's first day to work at this hospital, she hated all this christmas stuff which made everyone so happy and float around singing. She wasn't happy, hadn't been a happy person in a while. She heard nurses' whispers about this Dr. Cullen being so cute and all, Bella laughed to herself shaking her head. She was only interested in doing her job, a good one.

The ER was nuts today, she had helped so many people she lost count by now. The weather was cold and sleeting, ice in driveways and porches caused lots of people to fall breaking their ankles, legs and arms. Bella hadn't really paid attention to others around her working, only on what was going on with her patients. She had worked through her lunch break trying to keep busy to forget her home life. She had walked close to a window, eyes darted outside noticing it was getting darker then checking her wrist watch, it was time for her shift to end. Wow what a fast day she thought heading around the nurses station, her body met another hard body dropping a file that was in her hand "Oh geez. I'm so sorry."

A blond handsome Doctor bent down grabbing the scattered papers "I'm sorry Miss. I wasn't paying attention." She bit her lip as he stood back up handing her the papers, his golden eyes met her dark ones. "Um. Thank you Doctor..." searching for his name badge "Cullen."

He gave her a smile that made her feel at ease. "By the way, Nurse Swan, you have done a terriffic job today. I haven't met a nurse like you in a very long time. You're quick to react and the patients have given nothing but great comments to me about you." Carlisle could feel something different about her and wasn't quiet sure what it was. "Are you Chief Swan's daughter?"

"Just call me Bella please" getting nervous "Sorry Dr. Cullen I really have to go now" giving him a soft half smile she hurried out down the long white hall to the back of the hospital leaving Carlisle with his mouth open standing there. Most of the nurses would have just stood there drooling if he talked to them or stalked him around the hospital and she wasn't like that at all which made him more curious.

Bella grabbed her thick dark blue jacket, slipping it on then headed out the back entrance where her bike was parked chained to a tree. Charlie had flattened her tires and taken his truck with all the furniture when he left. Leaving her a empty old house. She would have to work more to buy a new car, her car wasn't worth buying tires for, the bike would do just fine. Bella got on the dark blue bike and headed to the grocery store to pick up a few little things. Christmas lights hung all outside the store, looked pretty but not interesting to her. "I'll be glad when this holiday is over with and everything is back to normal. A basket hung on the front of the bike, so it would hold a few bags of groceries. She wasn't much of a big eater so frozen dinners were fine with her. Probably why she only weighed barely a 100 pounds. Arriving at the store, she got her needed items and checked out. She placed the bags in the basket and got back on the bike, slowly heading down the street to her house.

Carlisle was heading home when he saw someone on a bike riding in the middle of winter. He was curious and his black mercedes slowed as he got closer. Once beside the person, he reconized who it was and let his window down "hey Bella it's freezing out there and it's getting dark, please let me give you a ride?"

"No thanks Dr. Cullen. I'm good. I don't live very far" she heard him sigh. Motioning with her hand "See, there's my house. See. I'm fine." She smiled to herself thinking she must look like a goob riding the bike, but oh well she didn't care. No one cared for her, the smile left her face.

Carlisle shook his head "okay Bella, well, I'll follow you home." He did. She wasn't too thrilled, not wanting him to try to come in and seeing there were no furniture, no bed. Just a bathroom and a stove that worked, not heat that worked. Soon it would be fixed, once she got a couple more checks. She was saving up, the job was nice paying. Carlisle pulled the car to a stop in her drive watching her hurry to the door "thanks Dr. Cullen." Carlisle slid of out his seat and was walking towards her when she propped the bike against the house and grabbed her bags "Bella. Are you okay?"

"Yes Sir. Just tired and I don't want to be a bother to anyone."

His eyes noticing through the light curtains that the house was completely vacant, her hands nervously turned the key in the lock but wouldn't open the door yet. Where was Charlie? His golden eyes looked around seeing her tires flattened. Damn. What the hell? "Call me Carlisle, please. Look, do you need help with your tires? I can have my sons come over and..."

"No. It's fine. seriously. I have to be at work extremely early in the morning. I told Nurse Dixon I would cover for her and then do my shift. I like helping people and I don't have anything else to do too, so I'm about to go to eat and go to bed. Thank you so much Carlisle."

No one ever had said no to Carlisle or try to make him leave. What was wrong with him? Losing his smooth vampire skills? He nodded in confusion "Okay Bella. Well, here is my number, call me if you need anything" he walked closer writing a number on the back of a card, handing her a white business card with his phone number on it. "This is my wife Esme's number on the back too incase you can't get me. I'm sure she will be thrilled to meet you and my 5 children."

"Thrilled to meet me? No one wants me around" she mumbled under her breath lightly but of course Carlisle could hear every word. She smiled "that would be nice Dr. Cullen" she figured that was just something he said to try to make her feel welcomed in Forks. Oh well. It wasn't working. She had to get her life together and quick. Her mind flashed back to the abuse she had taking from her mother and her step dad and she winced, Carlisle noticed "Bella?" she shook the memory "oh sorry. Good night Dr. Cullen" she shut and locked the door behind her quickly. Keeping her back to the door listening as his car door shut and he back out of the drive leaving. She wanted to cry but took several deep breaths. Oh how I hate Christmas. Looking around the room at the empty house before heading to te kitchen to heat up a tv dinner in the oven.

Carlisle drove home calling Esme, telling her he needed a family meeting as soon as he got there. They were all waiting in the kitchen when Carlisle arrived. "Hey guys" he walked on in and began explaining what had happened. Emmett looked up "wait. Is she dark brown hair and really tiny? I saw her walking from the store two days ago." Alice nodded "I'm saw her too! There is something different about her. I want to meet her." Emmett smiled "She is beautiful! I'll help her with her tires, no on can resist my charms." Rosalie laughed giving Edward a quick kiss to his cheek "go for it Emmett!"

Carlisle paced "something is not right about her situation. I mean, it's Christmas, she has no family and seems lonely. Looks like Charlie left and took everything, leaving her with nothing at all, just a vacant house."

Emmett smiled "I'll change that. Let me sneak over and see what I can find out about her." With a flash he was out to the door running fast to a peak in on Bella to make sure she was really okay. What he found distrubed him.

Emmett snuck around the back of Bella's house, peaking through the windows seeing no furniture anywhere, house looked cold and fridged inside. "what the hell? You got to be kidding me." golden eyes hadn't spotted Bella yet so he climbed a tree by the house and got up to a window on the second floor. He looked in quietly seeing a Bella shivering on the bedroom floor with only her clothes and a jacket covering her. Panic hit Emmett hard, "no one should live like this." He didn't know what to do, eyes looked from one corner of the room to the other. There was nothing. Jumping down, taking a check of the outside heater unit, finding it was broken he proceeded and fixed it quickly, seeing only a part was loose. Smilimg to himself "now she would at least stay warm." Muscular legs carried him back up the tree , tricky fingers got open her bedroom window sneaking in to find the heater controls and turned it on as she slept, warming the house.

He walked back over to where she was laying on the cold hard floor, watching her carefully before leaning down catching her sweet scent which set a small smile on his face. She was so tempting even sleeping. Boy was he in trouble. Emmett wanted to touch her so bad, let her know he was there wanting to help her, to be her hero. He always wanted to save the day, make someone happy, someone that was his mate. Tomorrow he would make a call, buying her furniture for the house and having it delivered since she would be at work most of the day like Carlisle said he mentioned to him. He was going to take care of her.