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Kitsune Mask

In the ANBU ranks, everyone knew that the Kitsune mask was haunted. Since Kushina Uzumaki died, anyone who'd receive the mask was as good as dead in two days. The ANBU joked that Kushina wasn't ready to die yet and that she was still part of ANBU in her heart.

So, when the newest member of the ANBU ranks lasted more than a week in the mask, the others knew something was up.

Why was Kushina's mask accepting the boy?

Why did he have the mask in the first place?

Eventually, because of bad luck and wary ANBU, the third Hokage had retired the mask, something that only happened once in a while. So how did this new ANBU have it in the first place?

When asked, he stated that it had been saved for him and specifically him. That statement made people think.

ANBU masks were used to hide identities. Of course, if you're the only one in the village with bright, blond, spiky hair it doesn't really work, so Naruto's identity was figured out immediately. It didn't help how loud he was. He was the complete opposite of what an ideal ANBU should be— where an ANBU would be calm, cool, collected, and heartless, Naruto was loud, boisterous, scatter-brained, and full of emotions. It was a wonder that he'd been accepted into the ANBU ranks. Though everyone knew he wouldn't be there for long— Naruto would be in the Hokage's seat before he was twenty, everyone knew that. Because it takes a certain amount of skill to be Naruto's level of loud and still be one of the best ANBU in the ANBU ranks, even after only being in the elite group for less than a year.

Because everyone knew Naruto never went back on his word. He would be Hokage.