I always look down.

I don't want anybody to notice me.

I hate attention.

I don't dare to look up.

So I stare at my feet,

and hope the world just passes me by.

The Tiger and the Chameleon

Based on the short story by Masami Tsuda

"Xion! We're in the same class – again!" I watched from a few feet away as Kairi, a long-legged girl with brilliant wine-coloured hair, hugged the shorter female, with choppy black hair.

Xion looked over, spotting me approaching. "Naminé! You're with us again, too." She smiled. "It wouldn't be the same without you."

Kairi nodded. "Besides, I'd worry if you were on your own." Out of the three of us, Kairi always drew the most attention, with her bright smile and attitude. Yet, she really never had broken away from me and Xion, which I'll admit – I was grateful for.

I lifted my eyes, my large glasses bringing her cheerful smile into clear focus. "That's great – I'm actually kind of excited." I said before looking back to the ground, playing with a chunk of my hair. The sun was shining down brightly, but despite the good weather, I could feel myself panicking on the inside.

Another class change. I thought nervously as we slowly entered the building. Why do we have to do this? It's such a pain! I hate it. I bent my head lower; the last thing I wanted was either of the girls' asking what was wrong.

I followed Kairi through the halls, Xion close behind. The chatter among everyone grew as we neared our room. Then again...I suppose there is something I hate even more.

The classroom was only half-full by the time by the time we go there, and we managed to find seats together. I gripped the edges of my desk as everyone else settled down. As the moments passed, my breath grew more uneven. Our teacher entered, and after a brief introduction, began calling off the boy's names. One-by-one, they stood in front of the class, telling us their name, and something about them.

Butterflies rose in my stomach. I couldn't stand this part of changing classes.

The boy at the front introduced himself, saying his hobbies were kendo, and the arts. Soon we had gone through every male in the class, and the teacher cleared his throat.

"Now, for the girls'." He announced, a rather bored expression on his face. I held my hand to my cheek. I'm getting all nervous! A few girls in front of me were looking uneasy as well, fiddling with their bags or giggling nervously with their friends.

I clenched my teeth, flushing red as I felt my stomach drop. I don't want to talk in front of everyone! Not all these kids...

I'm losing blood pressure. I've got the cold sweats! I'm gonna faint!

I inhaled sharply. Why do we even have to do this? I-

"Next- Komatsu."

I jumped up when I heard my name, startled. "Y-Yes!" I said, standing abruptly; I bumped my chair backward, before catching my foot on the leg of my desk. To my horror, I ended up hitting the ground hard, my bottom aching; my fallen chair beside me, my hair hanging over my face.

Kairi watched with a hand over her mouth, while Xion whispered, "Are...are you okay?"

I barely nodded, my humiliation growing as I picked myself off up the floor. I can't believe myself. As I stood in front of the classroom, I kept my eyes trained on my school shoes. "My name is Naminé Komatsu." My voice was quiet, and someone giggled. "It's very nice to meet you all."

I breathed a sigh of relief as I dropped back into my seat. It's over. I wiped my palm against my skirt. Kairi leaned over, giving me a thumbs up. "Good job!" She cheered quietly.

I gave a small smile. "T-Thank you." The teacher shushed us as the next girl stood at the front. I let my thoughts wander.

If I just stay quiet - blend in...

everyone will forget I'm even here.

To be continued...

I'm basing this loosely off the 'Promise for One Week' story.
I'm going to take it off in a different direction as we go along. I just wanted to post something a bit...happier xD

Personally, I don't really like AU high-school fics. I think this is the only chapter where the whole thing takes place in the school itself.

This is a light and non-dramatic story :D so just relax, read, and enjoy, okay? Forget school for a few minutes!