It was as if I was floating on a cloud.

Those moments,

fleeting as they were,

were more powerful than any words.

The Tiger and the Chameleon

Chapter 9

The seven days are all done.

Roxas and I stood outside the repair shop - we had come here straight from school - and I held my glasses up in the afternoon light. I glanced once at Roxas. His blurry yet ever-encouraging grin gave me the little push I needed, and I slid them on.

The world jumped into focus. The headache I didn't realize I had disappeared, and I was left with clear and sweet relief. All the lines became finer; every detail of the very pavement we walked on was no longer a mess of colours.

"I can see!" I said, excitedly, clapping my hands. But as I automatically bent my gaze towards the ground, I felt a weight being dropped back onto my shoulders. The lenses had become a mask, and it felt like I had taken a step away from Roxas as I couldn't bring myself to meet his eyes.

Not noticing the stutter in my good mood, Roxas smiled upwards. "I'm so glad I completed my mission." He said, the self-satisfied expression on his face holding me back from explaining my worries. The sky was still light, and the falling sun outlined his form clearly.

He seemed so drawn in by the clouds; I slowly lifted my head, and let myself drink in the sight. His hair was shining in the light, and with his eyes steadily staring upwards, I felt unabashed as I took in every line and detail of his cheekbones, his jaw, the bridge of his nose, his soft lips and bright eyes.

The drumming in my chest sped up tenfold. I remembered how he had looked so deeply into my eyes in that moment in the hallway. How he had suddenly turned into so much more than just someone in my class. Someone I thought of constantly, and being around made me feel so light inside.

"Well, then..." He paused, before bowing his head. "Sorry for being such a pest." He said with yet another smile.

I tried to return it. "Thanks for all your help, Roxas. I-I'll make you lunch again sometime, you know."

"Thank you, Naminé. See you at school, tomorrow!" He called before turning away, down the street.

It was just one week...

but it felt like every day was meaningful.

I slowly took off my glasses, peering closely at their lenses. And without a second thought, I turned back around, into the store.

At school, the next day (Roxas didn't need to walk me anymore) – clouds loomed overhead. The air was humid, and I knew a good rain was on its way.

"Naminé!" I turned, and Kairi caught my arm, pulling me forward slightly as she came to a stop. Xion appeared on my other side, eyes widening. "I-I thought you got your glasses back, yesterday! Where's Oshiro?"

"He's not here. And I did get my glasses -" I nodded, hiding my grin. "but, I decided to give the contacts a test run."

Xion tilted her head. "You did? Not that that's bad – you look really nice, actually – but...why?"

I shrugged, "I think that I used my glasses as an excuse not to meet people's eyes. Maybe they separated me, in some way."

Xion and Kairi were quiet, before the latter spoke. "Well, as long as you don't go vain on us, I'm happy."

I laughed, throwing my arms around my two friends in a crushing hug.

I didn't see Roxas until the end of the day. Kairi and Xion had stayed behind, to attend a club meeting, and I stood under an awning outside one of the doors.

Well, I was right about the rain. I thought as I stared at the heavy sheet of rain slamming onto the pavement. I shrugged, reaching around to pull out my umbrella. At that moment, the door squeaked open behind me. I turned as Roxas poked his head outside.

"Naminé, can I share your umbrella-?" He paused, blinking. "You-...hey! Where are your glasses?" He cringed. "Don't tell me you broke them already."

I smiled, "Nope! I didn't break them. I don't need them."

He was quiet, glancing at my beaming face. "You got...contacts?"

When I nodded, his grin didn't waver. "Well, glasses or no glasses, I'm still sharing your umbrella with you."

I laughed, "Okay!"

I guess I've become great friends with Roxas. I really do like him. I thought as Roxas reached to take hold of the umbrella handle for me, holding it above the both of us.

...But I guess he's kind of dense when it comes to noticing people's feelings. Our feet splashed through the puddles, and his voice whispered softly in my ear. I jumped, my ears hot as Roxas leaned against my side.

"Naminé," He whined. "You didn't make me a lunch today."

I giggled, "Sorry – I can make you a snack at my house, if you want. You look hungry."

"Well," He paused, "The ketchup shumai and fish-egg rice-balls you made that one time were delicious."

"Really? Well, that's not too hard."

His tone was thoughtful. "I liked the chicken salad, too."

"Okay, I'll make that too." I nodded.

"Don't ever make lunch for anybody else, okay?" He said, without skipping a beat.

"No problem..." I stopped, and his leg bumped against mine. "Wait – what?"

I turned to face him, and he stared seriously down at me. "Don't make lunch for anyone else. Just me."

I blinked. "But – w-why?"

He grinned widely, leaning close. His fingers were cold as they touched my cheek. "Why do you think?"

Before I could answer, he had his free hand on the back of my neck, and he was kissing me. A very soft, very warm kiss.

Huddling closer under the umbrella, I held tightly onto his jacket, kissing him back.

The End

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